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Huawei Phone of Choice for Chinese Communists

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 18, 2014

It is official, Huawei is the forced phone of choice for China’s modern mandarins. Combining protectionism with stupidity, I mean security, the communist party has mandated that all of its officials use Huawei phones. This makes sense, after all; Huawei is run by communist faithful and supposedly uses his gear to spy for Beijing. This makes it much easier for CCP Xi to keep tabs on his frenemies from afar. Instead of tapping, LG’s Samsung’s and Apples, he only needs to tell Ren Zhingfei to keep track of what is going on. Based on his track record, Ren will have no ethical problem with doing just that.

Excerpt from wantchinatimes.com

Huawei and their smartphone business have not exactly garnered good press in the past – especially when there were allegations of Huawei churning out spyphones for the China government, which the company vehemently denied. Subsequently, it is said that Huawei themselves decided to pull out from the U.S. market, where we then learned that the tables were turned afterwards with the NSA being accused of spying on Huawei instead. Having said that, it seems as though officials over in China will have a spanking new smartphone soon – and it will not hail from the likes of Samsung, LG, HTC or other big name players, but from Huawei themselves.

It seems that Samsung smartphones have made it to the list of banned mobile devices in which Chinese officials are unable to use. As for the reason given behind such a ban? The answer is pretty simple – due to security issues, not to mention the possibility of the Chinese government working to boost the development of local manufacturers.

Huawei, being one of the largest smartphone makers in China, will hopefully be able to offer decent powered smartphones to the Chinese officials, since the officials themselves will not be able to get their hands on anything Samsung, Apple, or the other more established brand names anytime soon when it comes to the official work phone.

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