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China and Russia Agree to Hack Together? WTF?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 22, 2014

Russia and China deserve each other. A communist country and its ex-pimp, together form an integral component in the demise of the world as we know it. Russia is broke and terror attacks are up in China. The last time the head CCP thug Xi went to Xinjiang, there were multiple bombings nearby.

The APEC summit will be held in hell/Beijing this year and it is being locked down. I heard all businesses were told to shutter their doors for that week. I guess the communists are really really worried about violent protests.

A sign of the times in terms of Russia and China is that they are signing a cyber-security agreement. I guess thus means they will share all the stuff they steal. Not long ago the Russian mafia mob into China to teach the communist klutzes how to do it properly.

An unprecedented treaty on cybersecurity cooperation could be signed during Vladimir Putin’s state visit to China in November, a Russian business daily reports.

Popular newspaper Kommersant quoted unnamed sources “close to the Kremlin” as saying that the final text of the “two-sided agreement on cooperation in the field of information security” was not ready yet, but officials hope the document will be signed on November 10.

The draft treaty states the two countries oppose the use of information technology to meddle in the internal affairs of independent states, to undermine national sovereignty as well as political, economic and social stability and public order, Kommersant reported.

The daily’s sources also added that Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping were expected to deliver a joint address on cybersecurity in the course of Putin’s visit to China.

According to Kommersant the Russian-Chinese treaty will be much greater in scale than a similar agreement signed between Russia and the United States in 2013. The Russia-US pact only worked at getting out of acute crises through measures like creating dedicated hotlines between national authorities for quick problem-solving. The treaty with China would allow the development of joint projects and conducting joint cybersecurity operations.


Are their members touching?

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