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Why Chinese Tourists Act Like Pigs

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 2, 2014

Below my remarks are comments regarding why Chinese tourists were scolded by CCP Xi, China’s head skull crusher. Of course, anyone who has been to hell has seen how the Chinese behave. Public urination is a spectator sport and public defecation is how children are indoctrinated. Once while at the Hilton I saw a guy take his one-child burden out of his room and walk him to the kiddie pool. The future drain on society then stood and pissed into the pool as his badger-faced dad looked on. This is China.

Comments from here

-I’m no expert on the Chinese but I think the main reason people see their behaviour as rude or complain that they act like pigs is because of where they’re from. They have forever been living in a completely closed country. Because of this they know virtually nothing about the habits and customs outside of China. The way they behave when they travel is the way they behave when they’re at home. They have no idea that the way they live is totally unacceptable in most Western countries. In China, if someone has to have a dump they head for the nearest alley, even in big cities. Most city dwellers are new to the experience and bring their rural habits to town when they come. As for cooking in hotel rooms, maybe it’s price shock. Remember, they’ve lived, worked and been paid in China, with a currency that’s virtually worthless in Western countries. Unless you have a suitcase full of it, you’re not going to buy much with Chinese money in the West. When you’re asked to pay for a hamburger, as much as you pay for a weeks food for the family at home, instant noodles would seem like the wise alternative.

There could of course be some doing their very best to take home video they can send to their commie thug leaders and get a cheque in the mail for. Some of what I’ve in videos is pretty bad.

9/18/2014 8:49 AM CST
Of more concern is Xi Jinping’s defacing of China’s economy.

Tony Manero
9/18/2014 3:58 AM CST
Tennis shoes and baseball caps while strolling Champ-Elysees are next for Chinese Tourists.

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