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Poll, Americans Don’t Like China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 8, 2014

Below are results of a poll showing why I love America. It took us merely a decade to realize just how bad China is. As a consequence, Americans do not like the PRC, nor do they want to engage it.

In all honesty, if we polled Chinese we would see that they hate the PRC more than we do…

In a recent poll by The Chicago Council on Global Affairs (disclosure: I work at the Council, but am not involved in polling), Americans rated China just behind the U.S. as the most influential country in the world, ahead of the EU as a whole. But as China’s influence grows, the Council’s polling shows that Americans have less interest in engaging China. Only 33 percent of Americans encourage developing stronger ties with China – down from 40 percent in 2012. And the majority of Americans are willing to risk relations with China for developing stronger relations with regional allies. Finally, a large majority, 77 percent, propose spying on China.

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