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China Blocks Websites at World Internet Congerence

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 20, 2014

China held a world internet conference which is like Adrian Peterson holding a child therapy session.

My only question is how long it will take until those Chinese thugs overstep their bounds and somebody drips a bomb down their pipes.

1voYVw6Z_normal.jpeg Paul Carsten (@PaulCarsten)
11/19/14, 15:31
China’s internet conference does indeed block Twitter, Google, etc inside the conference venue. Not even bothering to feign for foreigners.

Download the official Twitter app here

2 Responses to “China Blocks Websites at World Internet Congerence”

  1. Duke Nukem said

    can you fucking believe it? the chinks, CHINA, the CHINESE thieves held the world internet conference. SICK! THE CHINKS? THE CHINKS? it is like the chinese held the world human rights conference. SICK! what the fuck is going on? I tell you what. this is a pretext to world war 3. china will be totally eradicated and reformed.

  2. ... said

    And they said that they wanted to protect a free and open internet…

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