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Metal Cutlery Banned on Flight Due to Chinese Passengers

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 13, 2014

This is how Chinese are changing the world.
‘Are metal utensils dangerous? Thai Airways thinks so. The airline is removing metal forks and knives from its service.
Whatever happened to table manners? Tourists leaving the Land of Smiles weren’t all smiles during a Thai Airways flight to Beijing last Thursday, when three Chinese passengers got into a brawl with stainless steel flatware. The in-flight battle resulted in a bloody gash and the end of the Metal Age: The Asian flag carrier announced today that it will trial plastic cutlery to prevent future incidents. The official explanation is that the airline wants to prevent terrorist acts, though no yogurt spoon or bread knife has been used by potential hijackers in the history of aviation.

So goodbye, classy tableware, and hello, tacky (not to mention environmentally damaging) plastic—all this, allegedly because one passenger was eating too loudly.’

2 Responses to “Metal Cutlery Banned on Flight Due to Chinese Passengers”

  1. Mig21 said

    Thai flight forced to return by unruly Chinese passengers:

    Thai AirAsia Flight FD9101 departed Bangkok’s northern airport Don Mueang for Nanjing at 5:55 pm on Thursday with 174 passengers and six crew on board but was forced to turn back after one of the passengers attacked a steward.

    “During the flight a Chinese female passenger was not satisfied with the service and when the cabin attendant came she threw hot water at the cabin attendant,” the airline said in statement.

    An official said the woman and her travelling companion were initially angered at not being seated together. Other passengers moved seats allowing them to sit side by side but the pair started to argue with each other before the attack took place…



    Article from WantChinaTimes:

    Soon after the plane took off, the man sitting in the front of the plane asked for water, saying his girlfriend needed airsickness medicine. The flight attendant declined on the grounds that the seatbelt light was still on from take off. The man threw nuts and fruits on the floor in indignation. After surrounding passengers told him to stop, the man became more aggravated.

    While flight attendants were distributing meals, the woman seated near the front asked for hot water because she wanted to eat the instant noodles she had brought with her. However, she threw the bowl of hot water on the flight attendant who brought it…



  2. ... said

    Why not just ban Chinese instead?

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