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China Begins Another Cultural Revolution

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 28, 2014

Here is what Xi the ‘Mad man’ Jinping is doing to China. He is aping Mao by selling hate and isolationism. Funny how only the dumbass communists would call crowing about Marxism anything close to ‘civilized’ behavior. The sad thing is that these apes are now relocating to a city near you and me….

From the Global Times
“Wuhan rolls out ‘socialist core values’ recitation campaign

By Cao Siqi

The city of Wuhan, in Central China’s Hubei Province, is calling upon all its residents to internalize core socialist values through mandatory recitation sessions around the city, as a part of the efforts to bid for the title of “national civilized city.”

After the city kicked off its campaign on October 14, some 400 officials were brought together to recite core socialist values at a conference hall where cell phone signals were blocked, aiming to urge city leaders to set an example for the public, reported the Hubei Daily”

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