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Marketing Fail in China – De ‘Rong’ Company??

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 2, 2014

Check out this picture and tell me what you think. I really don’t know where to start. Chinese ‘learn’ English for at least years but treat it like embryos and or religion, it massacres them.

What is this idiotic Chinese company trying to say and sell?


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China Exports Fake Dental Equipment?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 28, 2014

When will the world figure out that china is only good at autogenocide, misery and deceit.

Check this:
The products, ranging from drills to X-rays, were counterfeit copies of major brands or sub-standard with fake documentation.

Some products appeared to have official safety CE marks, but importers said it meant “Chinese export”.

The regulator said that dentists could be prosecuted if they knowingly bought equipment that put patients at risk.

The items were discovered during an investigation by the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA), which is responsible for making sure that dental equipment in the UK meets safety standards.

Among the items seized on arrival in the UK were poorly made dentist power drills and handheld X-ray machines with dangerous wiring.

‘Serious damage’
Danny Lee-Frost, from the MHRA enforcement team, said there was a real risk to patients from equipment that does not meet strict European safety standards.

He said: “We don’t need to stretch your imagination too far to think if you’ve got a high-speed drill, operating at 30,000 revs per minute in close proximity to your teeth, and the end falls off, it’s going to do some pretty serious damage inside your mouth. ”
Link http://flip.it/XxByT

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Hacking Huawei Meet Xeroxing Xiaomi, Battle of Chinese Thieves

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 28, 2014

Move over Hacking Huawei, there is a new thief in town! Say hello to my little Xiaomi.

For those of you who live in civilized countries with real humans, you probably never heard of Xiaomi. So here is a rundown:

From this site we see that Xiaomi is an Apple clone.

The creeper in charge of Xiaomi is named Lei Jun and he is a pathological Apple fan. A few years back he said he was waiting for Jobs to die so Xiaomi could take Apple’s place.




In any event, Xiaomi has come out of nowhere to be a major cellphone company in China. Not surpringly, such firms usually have communist party backing and of course, Xiaomi’s boss is not only a communist but a member of its legislature as well.

One does not have to tax their mind to figure who Lei Jun is backing. But if you are too dumb to figure it out then let me help you. Take a look at the Xiaomi company mascot, a communist soldier-themed rabbit.



If you look closely at the box the commie bunny is in front of you will see that he represents a pilot from 1921, the year the communist party was founded. Lei’s Red cred could hardly be less inconspicuous.

What has governments concerned is why Xiaomi is stealing customer data and shipping it off to Beijing even as we speak. This has been going on for months now and even in light of all the bad press, Xiaomi phines are still stealing.

Excerpt here

China has a company called Xiaomi which has lit up the cell phone industry. Its business model is to sell cheap smart phones with good specs to select groups at a time. Rather than selling vis traditional means, Xiaomi only sells online. Of course they cribbed this from Dell who had some it decades before, but Xiaomi adds a twist. In order to buy a phone one has to preregister. Yeah, you heard me right, and we are not talking iphones here. This Chinese startup has people convinced that their gear is so good that people in China prepaid just to be put on a waiting list to buy one. They now use this model, called ‘Hunger Marketing’ in southeast Asia as well.

The problem is that Xiaomi has only been selling internationally for less than one year and already Singapore, Taiwan, India, Hong Kong and Vietnam are upset about Xiaomi phones and data theft. F Secure proved that the Xiaomi ‘Red’Mi1S was copying the cyber sitters in Beijing on user data, notes, photos and more. Rather than cease and desist, Xiaomi sat on their hands,

This only served to anger those countries more and now Taiwan, Vietnam and India are considering bans of one kind or the other. The article below speaks to the threat that companies such as Xiaomi pose.

Excerpt from here

Informative eight minute video here. The two speakers discuss the dangers of The Indian Airforce using Xiaomi phones. Obviously It is not in India’s best interest to have data of their airforce personnel owned by Xiaomi, a Chinese firm. This danger is compounded by the fact that China has been increasingly pugnacious with all of its neighbors, including India. Aside from this, Lei Jun, Xiaomi’s founder, sits on the communist National People’s Congress. It takes little mental math to figure out where his loyalties lay.

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Deceit, Fraud and Theft- The China Business Guide

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 26, 2014

Here is a funny quote from the China Daily, aka least reputable ‘news source’ on the planet. ‘”More and more companies are not necessarily worried about moving into China, but how to manage to work with the Chinese,” said Greg Marchi, chief representative of CKGSB-Americas.

“That’s the reason we named our program ‘Doing Business With A Changing China’.”

CKGSB is hosting the program jointly with Columbia Business School next month in New York.’

Ok so let me get this straight. Some US ‘experts’ aka sellouts are setting up a program to help Americans, aka suckers to do business in China, aka hell?

Wtf? Do you really need a training course for that? Save your self the tuition and listen up. In order to do business in China you must
1- leave your wife and morals home
2- have no conscience
3- bring unmarked bills to pay
The local police
Their bosses
The local communists
Their bosses
Crooked ‘inspectors’
Their bosses
And so much more
4- leave your manners and etiquette back home
5- bring lots of bags because your Chinese hosts will want to take you ‘KTV’ing’ aka whoring
6- leave your loyalty to anything of ethical value back home for if you are in China, you will not use them

The simple fact is that businesses got to China because it is so corrupt. Grease the palms of a communist and you can have his kid if you would like. I am not kidding. When I was there I had doctor’s offer me the child of migrant laborers for less than $2000.

In China everything is for sale. All that gray you see encircling China’s big cities is merely proof of how bad corruption is in China. After all, they do have anti-pollution laws, which are obviously as vigorously enforced as their anti-corruption ones are. In China the air is not the only thing that is filthy.

What all this means is that there are a lot of people who make a lot of cash teaching you how to do business in China, but trust me, what you have read here will serve you far better than anything you are paying thousands of dollars for.


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Huawei Hacks Indian Cell Phone Company? Data Security and Chinese Firms

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 25, 2014

The following describes how China’s Huawei and others are causing concern love India. Chinese companies have a spotty history when it comes to data security. This was proven by Washington before they banned both Huawei and ZTE kit from being used by the US government.

More recently, Bill Gertz reported that Huawei treid to infiltrate and hack the NSA via a third party contarctor; I wonder if Snowden taught them that?

By Bill Gertz – The Washington Times – Wednesday, October 15, 2014
Chinese telecommunications equipment giant Huawei Technologies sought to gain access to National Security Agency computer networks this year in a failed cyberespionage attack, U.S. officials said.

The company, which the U.S. government has linked to China’s military, sought to penetrate NSA networks through a U.S. defense contractor, officials familiar with intelligence reports said of the attempted cyberattack.

The attempted network penetration was discussed in mid-August during a meeting of an interagency security group called G-FIRST, for Government Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams.

The identity of the defense contractor could not be learned.

A Department of Homeland Security official declined to comment, citing a policy of not discussing defense contractor issues. He referred questions to the Pentagon. The Homeland Security Department coordinates the G-FIRST group.’
Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/oct/15/inside-the-ring-chinese-tried-to-hack-nsa-using-us/#ixzz3HDbqvzSP

It would seem odd that a ‘normal commercial company’ such as Huawei would try and penetrate a US spy agency. But then again, Huawei is not normal. As is shown below, they also used ‘ huawei engineers’ to hack into an Indian telco network. An interesting aside is that Huawei allegedly allows Chinese soldiers to dress up as Huawei employees and then infiltrate and presumably hack client networks. Such seems to be what happened in the case below.

‘Concerns among Indian authorities on the safety of the smartphone users’ data made by Xiaomi are the latest in a string of security issues related to Chinese firms that are active in the Indian market.
Chinese companies and consortiums with Chinese links have already been barred from bidding for contracts to build Indian ports and in February this year, the previous UPA government had accused Chinese telecom equipment maker Huawei of allegedly hacking state-owned BSNL’s network.
Heavy engineering and technology firms, especially those with connections with China’s military establishment, have always been viewed with suspicion in India. Chinese firms like Huawei, ZTE, Cosco and ZPMC have all been the subject of security concerns. ZPMC was one of the firms affected by India’s rules barring Chinese companies for port projects.
In February, former minister of state for communications and IT Killi Kruparani informed the Lok Sabha that an incident of alleged hacking of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited’s network by the Chinese telecom company Huawei had come to the government’s notice.
“The government has constituted an interministerial team to investigate the matter,” Kruparani said in a written reply in parliament without giving details. In 2013, reports had suggested that a BSNL mobile tower in Andhra Pradesh had been hacked by engineers of a Chinese firm. Concerns had also been expressed when BSNL awarded a major part of its network expansion tender, covering 10.15 million lines to ZTE, another Chinese company, in 2012.
Huawei was also a contender for this tender. With Chinese companies emerging as the biggest suppliers of hardware and software to Indian telecom firms, a parliamentary panel had recommended in 2012 that the government should test the telecom equipment for security. The committee also suggested that India should consider the US model of auditing telecom equipments that can have serious security implications.’

In many ways China is not communist. The vast number of billionaires who are party members proves this. In other ways, however, they truly are. Beijing’s obsessive need for control over commercial assets proves this beyond a shadow of a doubt.


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Why Chinese Expect War With America

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 17, 2014

Here is a great article with insight into the minds of Chinese. They are not our friend, nor do they want to be. They expect that we two countries will wage within a decade or less. Think about this when you consider hiring that Chinese national or selling them your house.

China has us in its ginsights.

Why do so many Chinese expect war?
Lowy Interpreter

A professor of classical music in Beijing startled me in 2010 when he said, ‘when I look at my students, I fear we are headed for war within five years.’

‘War with whom?’, I enquired.

‘With anyone.’

His students don’t seem like fenqing (‘angry youth’). They are in a musical conservatory, after all, not a military academy. Many have overseas connections. But they are also ambitious, emotional, fiercely nationalist and for them war – any war – would be a gratifying affirmation of their country’s ascendance. Like the 2008 Olympic Games but with real explosions, not fireworks. These kids lap up PLA propaganda films like Silent Contest even as they dream of Juilliard. My professor friend worries they just haven’t thought things through, that their various aspirations are totally misaligned.

A similar message comes from a recent essay in The Economist. ‘What does China want?’ it asks, and it concludes China may not get all it seeks. Understandably, China wants wealth and power. It also wants respect. Yet respect is love as much as fear. The Economist wonders if the Chinese state, with its heavy hand at home and blaring ‘cold-war, Manichean imagery’, will achieve this aim.

What do the Chinese people themselves want? As patriots, they want wealth, power and respect for their country.

They also want out. Of those who can afford to, 64 per cent wish to leave, an extraordinary figure. At the same time however, most Chinese are nationalistic, so perhaps Beijing merely reflects their mood. As Jessica Chen Weiss argues, nationalism is not new. The only thing that varies is the Government’s ‘green light/red light’ indulgence of nationalistic public protest. Most alarming is the high level of anticipation for war among the Chinese public. And thanks in part to an endless parade of World War II television dramas, the target is clear: Japan. In a recent survey, only one-quarter of Chinese do not foresee future military conflict with Japan.

The ‘strange revival of nationalism’ is a paradox of our age. War worship should totally contradict materialist aspirations, yet the two often go together. Perhaps some new citizens want the goodies of Western life without the full package of liberal rights and responsibilities. In the words of philosopher John Gray they ‘don’t much care about getting to Denmark’, the supposed nirvana of Francis Fukuyama’s modernity. Or they might, but they don’t become Danes when they do.

Historically, the morphing of prosperity into nationalism has been a powerful trend. The ‘strange revival’ may be exactly that: an atavistic reversion to type. In 1841, a Prussian aristocrat proclaimed the great virtue of economic progress over warfare:

Under a good and wise administration…are not (our) inhabitants better fed, clothed and schooled? Are not such results equal to a victorious campaign…with the great difference that they are not gained at the expense of other nations, nor the sacrifice of the enormous number of victims that a war demands?

Azar Gat’s magisterial War in Human Civilization identifies that aristocrat as Field Marshal Helmuth von Moltke, the German Chief of General Staff, who 50 years later would blame the ‘passion of the populace’ for warmongering: ‘Today, war and peace (are) no longer cabinet questions…Public opinion (may) prove stronger than the will of those who rule.’ By the 1890s, Bismark’s restrained Prussian growth machine had become unified Germany, now under the bombastic Wilhelm, who would later ‘roll the iron dice’ for the honour of his Reich. Germany’s economic success led to an expanded sense of diplomatic entitlement.

On the other side of the world, the New York Times (30 July 1894) fretted:

Japan is panting for a fight. She has, at great cost, reorganized her army and founded a fleet, and would…readily avail herself of any opportunity of proving their value and showing to an admiring world what she can do with them. Of all possible opponents, China would be the most preferred, for the Japanese regard (the) mainland with a most holy hatred, mixed with a great deal of contempt.

Those same words are depressingly imaginable today, with the roles reversed. Xi Jinping commands the PLA to be battle-ready. The state media uses harsh words like ‘unswerving’, ‘unflinching’ and ‘uncompromising’. A defence academic warns the nation to prepare for World War III. An active-duty PLA major general scoffs that Japan can be ‘taught a lesson’ with a third of his forces. No wonder 64% of Chinese surveyed think ‘hardening our position’ is the way to resolve territorial disputes.

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Rent Increases in Hell- aka China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 8, 2012

China has a lot of people. actually this is an understatement its like saying ‘rotten eggs smell bad’. Sure they do, but the word ‘bad’ cannot fully comprehend what their odor does to one’s senses.

In any event, the rent in hell aka China, has gone up dramatically. In some areas of hell, notably Beijing Shanghai and Guangzhou, rent has gone up over 10% in one month alone.

I guess I should look at the bright side. For this ten percent increase in housing price, one is guaranteed of living in a beaten down, dilapidated death trap which will crumble at the  mere signs of an earthquake. Setting this aside, one can also be assured that, absent a slight tremor, the little hunk of fecal matter that we call homes will be in a horrible state of disrepair within months of moving in.

In your typical Chinese gulag, the water pipes are the first thing to give up the ghost and then its the walls, followed by plumbing in general. All this is the China price, that cost we all pay for the privilege of living in one of the most repressive regimes on the planet….


“Prices rose most in Beijing, where prices rose by 13.86% from May, followed by Shenzhen, 7.56%; Guangzhou, 6.84%; and Shanghai, 6.48%, according to data released by real estate market researcher the China Index Academy.”

From here


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Psst….China’s Economy is Collapsing, But Don’t Tell Anyone

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 27, 2012

The King nailed this summary. It would make sense to check out each url in detail.

From the point of view of an insider, things are looking bleak in China. I do not mean that people are dying in the streets, but there is a marked downturn in the economy- imho.

For countries like the US or those in Europe, a downturn, but they have social security measures to ameliorate this effect. China, however, does not. This does not portend well for the people nor the chicoms in charge

The chicoms have no legitimacy, by this I mean they are not voted into power. Each generation of communist either purchases their positions or obtains them due to bloodlines. Consequently, the chicoms have to find a way to justify their rule and existence. Thus far the chinese have tolerated communist rule for two main reasons. 1- The chicoms have them convinced that if the commies uwere not in power this place would be utter chaos, just like it was in 1966-76, oh but wait, weren’t the chicoms in charge then? But I digress.

The chicoms chiefs have brainwashed the ignorant into believing no Mao no China and no communism no China. The communists play up the fear of foreign evil doers and how the communists have kept them at bay. Secondly the chicoms claim that due to communist mastery of business, this place went from a Fred Flinstone era shithole, to a modern day shihole. Most chines would say ‘yeah china is a shithole, but at least we now have private toilets.” Thus uncle chicom claims that he should maintain his reign due to the economic benefits he brings.

But now things do not look so good. According to the chicoms inflation is under control, maybe its 2-3%. But just today, for instance, I bought some things at the store and low and behold, foodstuffs costing 6 RMB just a week ago, are now 6.8. Aside from this fruits and veggies are up to. If its true that the typical Chinese consumer spends half of his income on food, then this place is really screwed.

Aside from this, each year ten million chinese graduate from colleges, granted, those colleges suck and thus the chinese have learned nothing over the four years, but that is beside the point. Those Chinese, who have invested four years in boredom at the hands of ignorant profs want jobs, and not $100 month jobs. But only those are available to them. In the near term this may not be a big problem, after all, the one child duds can go to grad school and such. But eventually when you get a build up of masters degreed one child duds chasing so few jobs, things are goring to get ugly.

The result will be mass dissent. Throw on top of this hundreds of millions of villagers with no cash and only time on their hands, and you can see what will happen in China. My prediction is that the chicoms will keep a tight lid on things till after the leadership chinage in october. they will beg borrow and steal, but after that, imho all hell is going to break lose.

From the Kingest of them all


In the political warning “1984” Winston Smith, a party drone (much not unlike most .. All Chinese males), Works a shitty job with the minstry of truth, aka CCTV here in China. Until he grows a braincell, and rationals, that 2+2=4 or freedom is the freedom to say 2+2=4. Which in in language of the party it doesn’t it could mean 5 but in science and physics it must adhere to this law of reality….

now then, taken the reality of China’s economic Woes, Since the party established, or even contemporary 2008-now. China has been on a slipper slide made of poo juice, into the Hades well of souls, into a river made of poo juice (aka Pudong river, or the River Styx). Numerically the party pulls a winston smith and says the GDP was at 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7. %GDP, when it in reality has contracted to 6% China is now forced to not play these torturous games and torture people to say 2+2=5, but now must face reality and realise that 2 squared= fuck you stinky. Drat… looks like Wtd’s prediction of 5 years, is more real.

People are jaded, youths write very dirty stuff cynical stuff, against the Red nobility. Hong Kong’s “Locust World” describes China perfectly. Even the MARKET numbers conspire against China, with an errie reminder of that which must not be named. Fuck you China….. fuck you PS
Chinese gold is really Tungsten. Most definatly some other material that’s not gold. Have fun China. Enjoy the less that 100 that your boys took from me, when being pressed for defending myself. I’m off to watch Hunger Games for some Jail bait chick with red hair.

PPS What then is REALLY keeping China alive? Japan’s 52 Billion dollar (in total), humanitarianism, that’s what. They honestly are humane and civilized enough, to actually ah fuck it. fuck you China. Japan honestly, stop giving China aid. *looks at Hong Kong*.


http://barnabyisright.com/2011/08/17/how-china-will-crash-explained-in-700-words/How China will collapse in 700 words. Well here goes…. pooo poooo peee peee shit shit fuck fuck cum cum, piss piss, jizz jizz, chode chode, herpes herpes, steamer steamer (pooing on chest), Dirty Sanchez (smearing poo under nose so it resembles a mostach), blue waffle (very very infected love nest). Jail bait jail bait, Empire of dirt empire of dirt (a lyric from Johnny Cash’s song hurt, a remake of a Nine inch nail song),Shit sandwhich shit sandwhich. PS China Fuck you
Gaga stocks and bonds and other securities as China enters end game mode ( the Bank Run one of the terminal stages of the terminal stages anyways) . Bye bye China
Democracy grows as Coke investes 3B US. Fuck you China…. goooooo stability gooooo.
Wow just wow! the parents of the one child disappointments, sues the fuck you china fuck you… because… they want PENSION.  claiming that they face a big stinky death of poverty, because their little princes and princesses didn’t live to adult hood to support them… That’s all you’re suing them for? not for the pain the grunts caused you for killling your flesh and blood child? What the holy fuck is this. …., the HUNGER GAMES? (there are you happy China? I broke a commandment, and blasphemed)
Child loses 3 fingers one a mechical ride.  That’s 3 less fingers for him to pick his split pants bum bum with.
UNLESS they lose a front tooth, about 80 percent of local Chinese never go to a dentist to repair a broken or a rotten tooth, an international symposium on dental implant surgery was told today in Shanghai.”People only go to a dentist after noticing changes in adjacent teeth or in the structure of their oral cavity,” said Dr Zheng Jiawei, vice president of Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s School of Dentistry. “They always miss the best time for dental implant and the delay seriously impairs their dental health.””Everyone should take a dental examination at least once a year,” said Dr Li Yulin from Shanghai Ren’ai Hospital. “Very few Shanghai residents come to see a dentist voluntarily and people will come when their tooth ache becomes unbearable. As a result, many teeth that can be repaired have to be pulled out.”


NOOOOOO it’s because the Chinese don’t brush, they don’t floss! and they smoke and do all manners of gross shit with their mouths.

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New High Tech Tank Part of China’s Peaceful Rise- Top Secret Photo

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 25, 2012

According to this site, China will have a new high tech tank in a few years. I drug my fat ass all over this shit stain looking for it and as you can see I was successful.

This is a photo of China’s high tech weapon of destruction during maneuvers. As you can see, they are stress testing the frame…

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Most Popular Posts of All Times

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 5, 2012

I have been blogging/complaining about China for a bit. And in the name of keeping score, here are the all time most visited posts


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