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Toxic China, Molten Iron Death and Nukes

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 6, 2011

China had another boo boo where molten lead spilled from its cauldron- how the fk does this happen? Eleven Chinese lost their lives in the accident. China will not care, however as it means one fewer person to fight for a space on the subway with.
My question is if they cannot eve make iron then how the fk can we trust them with nuclear materials?


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Reality of Chinese Construction- Video Banned in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 6, 2011

Check out the horrible construction, the bricks the ‘steel rods; etc.

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Good Post About China Construction

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 6, 2011

Good post from http://www.puddingandchopsticks.com


September 29th, 2011 § 0
Alright. Chinese construction techniques are a tad bit different than my home country of America’s was of building things. Roads, sidewalks, etc are all flat and level. Well, in China they are to.. kind of. So what happens is that mostly they have sink holes of uneven surfaces that then pool water when it rains. Which when a car drives through it nails people with water.
Photo of such a place.

continue herehttp://www.puddingandchopsticks.com/2011/09/29/puddles/

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China’s Newly Built Opera House Already in Ruins- Poor Chinese Quality

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 5, 2011

Chinese try to build stuff and beautify their country, the problem is that they use shoddy construction practices, poorly educated and untrained workers and corruption all topped off with greed. It should thus not come as a surprise to see that Chinese buildings suck and oftentimes need to be torn down just as soon as they are completed.
An opera house in Guangzhou is one example. The building took five years to complete and now the walls are cracked and the place needs to be repaired. (thanks for the artie Brewskie!)
from here:

“But just a year after the south China opera house opened to the public, large cracks have appeared in the walls and ceilings, glass panels have fallen from its windows, and rain has seeped relentlessly into the building…..
The rapid construction schedules of many Chinese buildings, coupled with rampant corruption and the expectation that they will only stand for an average of 25 years before being torn down and rebuilt, has repeatedly caused concerns about building standards.”

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Noxious Chinese Food- Do not Eat in China- Oysters Have 740 Times Acceptable Level of Copper

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 4, 2011

Do not eat in China….
From here:
” Oysters, for instance, have been detected to contain levels of copper 740 times the acceptable standard.

The Local Yangcheng Evening News reported that in 2010 the Pearl River and a number of other rivers including the Jung River, Shenzhen River and Tong River discharged 1.08 million metric tons of petrochemical pollutants, arsenic and other heavy metals into the sea off the coast of Guangdong, with the Pearl River accounting for 70% of the total amount.
Huang Xiaoping, a researcher at the South China Sea Institute of Oceanology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, pointed out that among the sea fish caught off Guangdong, Jitoumeitong fish contained levels of chromium and lead 24 and 48 times acceptable level. Another popular fish, the Shetzi, has been found to contain amounts of lead 53 times the permissible level. Oysters, a favorite food among local diners, contains copper and cadmium levels 740 and 90 times the acceptable standards, respectively.

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Surviving Chinese Vehicles of Doom, I Survivor- Chinese Subways

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 27, 2011

Today I arrived in one piece and feel somewhat happy. Not happy as in ‘hip hip hooray!” But more like ‘damn I am so happy this huge hunk of tin built with knockoff tech and substandard parts actually made it to its destination’.

And as I reflect on life in China this seems to be a prevalent theme. For instance I thank the heavens for surviving:

– subway rides
-high speed rail rides
-a glass of milk with “chinese characteristics”
-a meal with “chinese characteristics”
-day glo pork
-fake pork which is really bleached beef
-cancer rice
-cardboard jao zi
-fake steamed buns
-drinking the water
-breathing the air with “chinese characteristics”

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Consultant’s Observations on China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 27, 2011

Interesting comment from Brewskie here

“Interesting thing I saw a while back: some consultant chap remarked about establishing outsourced manufacturing (from guess who? The US) to China in the ’90s, where labor was cheap, and so was construction. But, “You practically had to sleep in bed with the contractors,” he said, referring to overseeing the shops’ construction, “for the moment you took your eye off, they’d slip in cheap material you didn’t want.”

Another interesting comment from the yoke: apparently, he’s still a consultant, he’s in the same business, only this time he’s trying to move factories in China back to the US.

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Chinese Electric Death Car Coming to USA-Zotey Banned in China Sold in USA

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 19, 2011

This fancy ‘auto’ will soon be coming to the USA. It looks so shiny and sparkly and safe. But this pos is made in China  so I really should not need to explain, but still I feel I must. This car is a dangerous piece of shit and if you but it you are a fool.

Ok now let me explain. Not all things made in China suck, after all many multinationals work there and force a level of quality, but this car is made in China by a chinese company so you do the math. More money was probably spent by the ‘execs’ on ktv kooze and bribes in the first few days of its manufacture than in all of the combined R and D of its soon to be ill fated lifespan.

Chinese death electric car


The photo above is what you will see at the dealership but the photo below is the Zotye in its natural habitat…


That is right. This car caught fire in southern China and ALL taxis from this manufacturer are being banned from use in CHINA.

Hmmm if the Chinese are banning it then it must really suck. But rest assured in our ignorance and with a little help from big business who will assure us the Chinese quality is sparkling, then we as a country will buy. And probably we as a country will fry.

But then maybe I am being hasty or cynical. But my recommendation is that if you are considering purchasing one of these stellar feats of Chinese engineering that  you consider buying  this below…





Or maybe not. After all, if you are dumb enough to buy a car made in China then you deserve what you get and its time to ‘thin the herd’ anyway…

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Great Video of Chinese Vehicle in Crash- Utter Devastation

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 18, 2011

Buy one of these and you are a fool….This is a Chinese made vehicle, similar to all the rest.

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Truth of Chinese Manufacturing Quality in Pictures

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 15, 2011

Welding is a process of joining metals by introducing a ‘filler metal’. This filler is electrically charged becomes molten and bonds the two pieces one wishes to join. Welding is an integral part of most manufacturing process and if you look at any building and or product containing metal, you will probably find welds. (riveting or bolting is also an option)
Welders in the USA are pretty well trained for much is riding on their ability. Build practically anything with metal and you need capable welders-cars trains, bridges, bikes, motorcycles, planes, buses, boats, machinery, etc.
In order to perform their jobs safely, welders typically need these things. (photo from Miller welding gear)

Not only does the welder need to protect himself as a tremendous amount of current is flowing through the welding rig, but he also needs to shield his eyes and skin from molten metal that sparks from the welds he is making. In addition, it is imperative to see the ‘bead’ or the line of molten metal that he is drawing to ensure a quality weld.

in the USA we have various agencies in charge of testing, qualifying and certifying welders and they typically do a pretty good job.

These, however, are welders in China 

Yes this man who seems to be snoozing rather than joining two hunks of metal upon which the lives of many will depend, but then again this is China.

Aside from their weld positions, other concerns come to mind


Do they look safe? Can we assume that a man who is


hanging on for dear life has a sufficient level of concentration to make  a weld with enough structural integrity upon which we  may trust our lives?

What will his work product be like?


And even if we ignore the big picture, how about his equipment. What does a professional Chinese welder don before undertaking his tasks? lets see, Chinese are nice so I will befriend him and learn about his secrets.

Here he comes. His protective shield and goggles seem odd, but maybe I am being ethnocentric or a snob.


Here he comes, a real Chinese professional ….And now lets meet my new friend

Hmm that is odd, he does not look much like a  professional welder. So I decided to go investigate and found out that


his weld ‘hood’ was a piece of cardboard and his ‘goggles’ were nothing more than sunglasses. But rest assured because the boss man was on the scene to ensure a quality product


This photo series if nothing else should serve to warn people about the realities of China. The people are great but communism, greed and corruption have left their work product to be a thing of scorn. While it is politically correct to not call them ‘reds’ chicoms and the like, it should not be politically correct to ignore obvious signs of malfeasance. This photo spread shows the reality of China and should not be ignored.

The Chinese made the statue of Martin Luther King, they have manufactured a bridge for us in San francisco and many other things and we, like idiotic sheep continue to trust big business both in China and the states as they proclaim the Chinese miracle.

Who could not build hundreds of thousands of apartments with this of quality and workmanship. The problem is that business does not want us to know about this stuff for if we did we’d shit in our collective pants and demand change. So its much easier to disqualify such pics as an outlier. My response to that would be, this is China.

Believe what you will, but next time someone tells you about the China miracle and quality please feel free to send them this link or download the pics and send them around. The more we know the better off we are. Maybe these photos show why a typical Chinese building lasts 30 years while ours last 90.

Just remember both of these guys are paid what they are worth. The question is to whom shall you give your money?

  who do you trust ?   

photos from millerwelds-com nasdonline-org thefabricator-com
also posted here

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