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London Olympics 2012- Results for Team China

This is a page dedicated to communist China and what they have brought to the world vz sports and the London 2012 olympics.

China nails the forst gold of the Olympics

The chinese gold medal winner, named itchy scratchy, claimed that shooting at stationary targets is simple after leading a life dedicated to shooting harmless people groveling for their lives.

China Scores a Double Gold in Swimming

Secret photo of team chinas elite womans gymnastics team resting before their meet.

They are all 16, just ask uncle chicom.

China runs the Gold Silver and Bronze in Newest Olympic Event

China lobbied long and hard, but was able to get a new sport introduced into the London Olympics. Of course the communists came out and showed their mettle by wining gold , silver and bronze in the newest olympic event- “Kick a Tibetan Child in the Nuts”

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