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Communist Death Count, From The King et.al.

This page is dedicated to the work of The King. When he’s not helping disabled children and such, The King is trying to keep uncle chicom honest by seeing just how many deaths he is responsible for. This page is dedicated to that effort.

Latest from The King…April 27

Chinese student is poisoned by a classmate.

My death rolls keep on climbing. since I reopened the case.
So I go give blood, and return home to find….. some crazy fuck fuck blew up a crowd of PEACEFUL FUND RASING marathon runners. Who only wanted to use their bodies to do what Allah wanted, beautiful peaceful productive things. And some crazy fuck off, blows up two bombs. Like WHAT DO THE MUSLIMS WANT? First Allah us humans to build Earth up peacefully,  then when fellow humans who DON’T have affiliation with war, and is using their talents and minds to fund raise to make America a less war like country (peaceful progress)… Ah fuck it. Once I get my BA I’m heading to a nice quite city in Japan to teach English and help children feel good about themselves (ie. Peacefully persuade healthy angry bully students to mend their way so they can use their young brains and talents to make the community a richer more awesome place to live). Aka groom them so that we can retire. ahahahahahahahahahahaah. hey if I have to do it for Canmerican elders. So do they. Besides, any generation who gave us video games, and internet nudey stuff (hey I’m a boy… I needs my boy needs). Cars, chicks, and pizza. Then that generation Should get free shit when they’re elders… Like this is all these runners wanted to do, use their bodies in artistic ways. And Sports is artistic…  Just like Allah intended. Allah, intended us to use our bodies, to be beautiful and make the world beautiful.


Crazy nut with a shot gun shoots 6 people and kills 3, in a money related rampage!


Pretty Chinese Prince nymph, runs over American citizen, safely in China, after 2 Million Dollar Bail. (Honestly American bounty Hunters why didn’t you go off this boy? I saw the movie Domino Harvey.. I know you people are out there). Just fucking go up to the mom and unload bullets into them..
Note death list rules state I can’t record these 188 deaths, because it’s not definitive that the deaths were caused by shitty tofu construction. (HOWEVER, once the protests start to hit…. When the people are up in arms, or when the party is doing dickhead moves (like not repatriating the cremated remains of the Shichuan Children (2008s earthquake), THEN then the government is MY BITCH. The ultimate intention for death list is to shame face the CCP, not the people.  (However the frequency of floods ARE being caused by the many Hydrodam projects, oh say the biggest Hydro dam in the WORLD? (3 Gorges Dam), sadly my ghoulish “Dark passenger” (as Dexter Morgan show puts it, you know your bad self), will be fed once the 3 Gorges Dam breaks down). Meanwhile all the OTHER smaller dams ARE causing geological instability. (Think of it as sleeping on a water bed, full of lava and hellfire). But again since this earthquake is still in act of God mode. To honour and show the purity of Democracy, such as “benifit of the doubt” (the thing OJ Simpson got away with, the glove didn’t fit). Same rule applies. I’ll use the SMALLER statistic, and from China’s source (in the case of medical data released by the government).


BEIJING – China mobilized thousands of soldiers and rescuers Sunday, a day after a powerful quake struck Sichuan province killing at least 188 people and injuring more than 11,000. Among the deadliest quake the country has seen in the past three years, more than 2,000 aftershocks have rattled the area, The China Earthquake Administration said.

Mountain roads blocked by rocks and landslides hampered rescue efforts to reach every village and household affected by the quake — measured at magnitude-6.6 by the U.S. Geological Survey — that struck Saturday morning in the same region where a 2008 quake took nearly 90,000 lives. The quake’s shallow depth, less than 8 miles, likely magnified the impact

Some 18,000 soldiers and armed police were sent to the disaster zone in sourthwestern China, and 10,000 had already reached seriously affected areas, the Chengdu Military Area Command said Sunday, according to state news agency Xinhua.

The Chengdu Military Area Command also said it would send 23 helicopters. As of 4:30 p.m. local time Sunday, the Chinese air force had sent 106 planes for rescue missions, including personnel and material transportation, Xinhua said.

An emergency rescue team with 200 workers organized by the China Earthquake Administration (CEA), joined their provincial counterparts in the quake zone Sunday afternoon, but bad weather delayed plans to reach hard-hit Baoxing County, which has had little contact with the outside world, according to the CEA.

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang visited injured survivors Sunday before returning to Beijing, where Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said China does not currently need foreign rescue teams or medical and relief supplies. Qin said the country has guaranteed rescue and medical treatment capability and sufficient rescue materials.

Luo Shiqiang sat near chunks of concrete, bricks and a ripped orange sofa and told the Associated Press how his grandfather was just returning from feeding chickens when their house collapsed and crushed him to death in the earthquake.

“We lost everything in such a short time,” the 20-year-old college student said Sunday. He said his cousin also was injured in the collapse, but that other members of his family were spared because they were out working in the fields of hard-hit Longmen village in Lushan County.

Two soldiers assisting in the rescue efforts died after their vehicle slid off a road and rolled down a cliff, state media reported.

The Chinese Red Cross said it had deployed relief teams with supplies of food, water, medicine and rescue equipment to the disaster areas.

However, many residents complained that although emergency teams were quick to carry away bodies and search for survivors, they had so far done little to distribute aid. “No water, no shelter,” read a hand-written sign held up by children on a roadside in Longmen, according to the AP.

On Saturday, state media showed images of collapsed buildings, roads blocked by fallen rocks and hundreds of people seeking medical attention at a makeshift triage center outside the county hospital in Lushan, located at the edge of the Tibetan plateau.

Premier Li flew by helicopter to the quake zone in Lushan on Saturday afternoon, where he met survivors and local government and army leaders.

Authorities’ quick response will likely win popular support in China, where many citizens consider government officials corrupt and self-serving. However, the quake may also serve as a test of transparency for the new regime especially if evidence is uncovered that shoddy construction contributed to deaths and injuries.

After the 2008 quake, authorities went to great lengths to bury bad news about the high number of schools that collapsed, killing thousands of children. It also jailed people who gathered information on the issue or tried to expose the corrupt practices that had led to the poorly built schools.

In the immediate aftermath of Saturday’s quake, Chinese Internet users focused on trying to help. Bloggers in the quake zone turned Saturday to Sina Weibo, a Twitter-like service, to call for assistance.

Organizations and individuals quickly responded with volunteer action, including Li Chengpeng, a Sichuan-based writer and former soccer commentator, whose profile as a social critic rose after the 2008 disaster when he joined rescue efforts and saw the schools firsthand. On his Sina Weibo account, which has millions of followers, Li posted Saturday that he had organized an expert rescue team to send to Ya’an, and welcomed donations of money or manpower.

Other volunteer efforts also spread via Weibo. Inspirational stories emerged, including one about local Ya’an television anchorwoman Chen Ying, who rushed to file reports while dressed in her wedding gown on her wedding day. And Chinese Central Television reported that the giant pandas were safe in the country’s biggest panda research center in Ya’an, located about 26 miles from the epicenter.



That boy who was crushed by the screen. It wasn’t the crush that killed him, it was waiting for medical attention… that never came…. now his ghost is forever trapped in a time warp that is the hell dimension that is the Big Stinky.


YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! one of the Big Stinky’s turds is flushed…. Fuck you overlord. Fuck you. Banker hangs himself as Gold stabalizes.



Total of Chicken Flu now 20..

Dear Readers,

I can’t take this shit anymore…. and I know that I was never designed to be a great leader in Canada, as I wanted. I just don’t have the necessary Guangxi…. God intended me to be out there in the world. (Although I do believe America deserves me. If I ever survive my Tintin (Adventures of Tintin), adventures of doing good deeds. I’d defiantly like to settle in American metropolises, and help youths disarm. No offence to Canada….. It’s been good to me, what with all the bullies kicking my teeth in, the traffic tickets from traffic cops (AS I’M COMING HOME FROM SERVING THE HOMELESS)… I’m just can’t find a niche here. The bullies (teachers and peers alike), can have this country….. I seek better ambitions….

Calgary is just too toxic….. Too much homophobia, too much ignorance, too much 1st world problems. But Americans…. Americans keep it real. Liberal Americans think we’re some kind of Mecca of intellectualism  (like the legions of Aboriginal children dying in mass graves over the past 150 years?). Oh tee hee, Liberals, I’m a member of the Liberal Party of Canada. lol I’m certainly no Tory. and neither are you Americans. Why? Do Tories rebel against the crown? 1775…….
Canada is a great country, remember I lived in hell, I should be more grateful  but in Canada, comparably if you’re not an oiler. (Roughneck), there is no jobs up here. All the manufacturing ironically is in…… America… Canadian professionals leave Canada, for the States, lured by benefits … I myself would like to settle in Montana. In a small place, or Utah. As a Ex Mormon, found many contacts who post photos of their paradises. No offense intended to Southeners, my body morphed into a frozen rock man…. Canada just doesn’t have the same opportunities, not even for little engine like stories (context: american children’s fable about a little train engine overlooked (underdog), who was able to pull great freights).  oh and before Canadian readers blast me for being a ungrateful coward… I donated 6 times my body (10 pints/body)… Sadly I won’t even reach my ideal goal of 100 donations… and will start over in America at zero! and never reach this amount….
That is after I do my soljourn into the world……. I go where the hurt is, and America is hurting…. (too many humans does that)….
Anyways, more death in China… on Wtd, the report is coming….. You know… I’ve been having wonderful peaceful dreams again, I’d like to think the spirits of those are at peace knowing that they are remembered. Perhaps, on some alternate plane they are… and they’re just beaming me in these wonderful dreams. then M.F. telemarketers ruin it by phoning me in the mornings…. Lol….. I’d like to think that as the world continues to evolve and America, and yes even Canada, hell the world evolves into what these countries intend to be, a paradise. That the creators recreate them. Perhaps evil dooers are recreated however with the eternal shame of being douche bags. Well anyways there goes my goal of being a soldier. I rather try and help people not hurt. Being bullied and being kicked around…. sucks….. not to knock out defenders…. they defend us as we go about and try to live our lives and make progress….. And China….. you keep on fucking things up. Can’t you just give up this magical warrior pokemon, Naruto bullshit already, and just enjoy life? Besides I’m too fat and old to join the army, and I have shitty aim (I’m a shitty gambler, gamer, worker), but I seem to have a high degree of success doing good deeds. Soooo why not get a job as a peace keeper. I’d like to think that God is trying to say I made you suck at life, so you can serve and shit…. Anyways. I’m sick of living in my own shit, ignorance and fear.. my stupid rich bullies and teacher want to live in this world, all the power to them. Such a shame Calgary I had high dreams for you… (establishing a Golden Key chapter at the UofC, or even a chapter of the Commonwealth Society of Canada, but since I’m not some ancient rich Oil baron (like GOOD luck with that Calgary. lol) I’m just invisible… Even as a Mormon priest….
death in china…..
http://www.rfa.org/english/news/uyghur/maralbeshi-04242013190839.html (21 people die, in uprising (a mob sacks a police station, most are dead Chinese cops). (this was all because of a crazy Han man hacking a small child!
China blows a huge deathly fart and Chinese trees die…..
3 Tibean monks die. :_C This is why I volunteer so hard. I want the world of peace for people to reincarnate into.
Chicken flu at 22 deaths… :_C
Shucks it wasn’t a serial killer. boy friend kills girl friend and leaves cards behind accidently or something….
THE mystery over the “poker card” murder that had netizens playing Sherlock Holmes has been unraveled by the police, nearly 40 days after the discovery of the crime.A 24-year-old Anhui Province native was arrested from a garment factory in Jianggan District in Hangzhou on Tuesday. The suspect, surnamed He, admitted killing his 19-year-old girlfriend, surnamed Cheng, in a fit of jealousy and dumped the body in Yuhang District in Hangzhou.The murder became an online sensation after three poker cards were found from the crime scene.The suspect met Cheng, who is also from Anhui, last December when they were playing the same game online. They became lovers in February after He invited Cheng to Hangzhou, police said.

But He was bothered that Cheng kept in contact with another man despite asking her not to. A jealous He murdered her on March 10.

To cover up his crime, He hid the body in a paper carton box and sealed it with gummed tapes. He said he had no idea that the poker cards would make the headlines.

“I saw the media reports after the discovery of the body. I remembered that the poker cards were in the drawer. Since I hit her with the drawer, the cards must have fallen at that time or she grabbed them during our fight,” he said.

“I was nervous after I killed her. I wrapped her in a quilt and put her in the box.”

An elderly woman found a box stained with blood at the roadside on March 15. Police were informed who discovered the three cards.

The case went viral on the Internet and netizens tried to figure out the relevance of the poker cards.

Some suspected it could be a serial killer while others insisted that the victim left the cards behind deliberately.

Few others offered clues to the police.

Police traced the suspect after a supermarket owner said that a 1.7-meter-high man had bought the gummed tapes from his shop.

June 14

May 28, 2012


Stupid grandparents playing Majong left toxic goo with in reach of their one child investment plan disapointment.


Father of a dead Tiananmen square protestor hangs himself. Good going China.


Monk dead as two immolate….. :_( more death.


Bu Yao Death!!!!! a Birdy electric car explodes, killing 3 people. (wow 5 deaths so far today).


We BLOW, message board is restricted to types of messages.


Convicted…. a lonely elderly man kills 11 kids. (note he was convicted in the 70’s of manslaughter, and second degree murder but was released in the 90’s).


Doctors working with underground gangsters for body parts.


Migrant farmer worker, drowns his kid with cerbral palsy as China does not have competent doctors for service. Fuck you Big Stinky Fuck you.


See China when you coat kid’s clothes in toxic goo dyes, the goo goes throught their sweaty teenage bodies (puberty teenagers smell funny zits, etc), and thus mingles in with their budding growing bodies and hormones, and these hormones now contaminate turns Chinese boy into pretty nosed freaks.




SHANGHAI police are investigating the case in which a premature baby was found in a roadside flower bed on Tuesday and later died in a local hospital.

The abandoned girl, less than a month old, was in a coma and had an oxygen tube in her nose when she was found by a passer-by on Xiangyin Road, Yangpu District around 8:30pm Tuesday.

The baby was inside a plastic bag with a sign of Shanghai First People’s Hospital and two oxygen bags by her side, witnesses said. Her feet had turned blue and she was rushed to a nearby hospital.

Police urged her parents to claim their child as soon as possible to avoid criminal charges.

The baby’s condition deteriorated yesterday and she died of complications due to premature delivery, said doctors of the Xinhua Hospital.

SHANGHAI police are investigating the case in which a premature baby was found in a roadside flower bed on Tuesday and later died in a local hospital.

The abandoned girl, less than a month old, was in a coma and had an oxygen tube in her nose when she was found by a passer-by on Xiangyin Road, Yangpu District around 8:30pm Tuesday.

The baby was inside a plastic bag with a sign of Shanghai First People’s Hospital and two oxygen bags by her side, witnesses said. Her feet had turned blue and she was rushed to a nearby hospital.

Police urged her parents to claim their child as soon as possible to avoid criminal charges.

The baby’s condition deteriorated yesterday and she died of complications due to premature delivery, said doctors of the Xinhua Hospital.

6 Responses to “Communist Death Count, From The King et.al.”

  1. vanoc1 said

    Holy fuck… I really shouldn’t have revised my 2013 death list…. to (I looked up AIDS, infectious diseases), that’s a good 20K people right there. It’s as if the dead KNOW I’m back to record their fate, and they’re making zombie pleading sounds. I’m going to be here for a very very long time. But it must be done. I am now officially a cursed scribe. My report keeps on demanding more and more blood (I actually get all hot and bothered each time I come across a massive hit)…….. I though I could escape to the Wikipedia world. but nope….

  2. vanoc1 said

    Holy fucko….. That killer of 11 boys. He sold the boy’s flesh to markets to make extra bling, and was dubbed the “Cannabal Monster of Yunnan”. He’s excuted…That’s fucked up. And I owe it all to this report, I would have easily by passed him, and not wrote up the wiki on him.

  3. vanoc1 said

    note to self, all recorded in my report updated April 10, 2013.

  4. vanoc1 said

    Death count for imported products roughly 200. (I couldn’t find any about the epidemic of Popping tires (Good years), TRUCK tires, that caused many deaths. (But we all know where they’re from)… However (this includes the Toothpaste deaths, (panama and Haiti (88 children).

    I’m tempted to however, included our pets (Hartz Flea meds, tainted dog food)…. Thankfully the poisoned lead toys didn’t kill our children… Just their livers brains and future. FUCK YOU CHINA.

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