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Deceit, Fraud and Theft- The China Business Guide

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 26, 2014

Here is a funny quote from the China Daily, aka least reputable ‘news source’ on the planet. ‘”More and more companies are not necessarily worried about moving into China, but how to manage to work with the Chinese,” said Greg Marchi, chief representative of CKGSB-Americas.

“That’s the reason we named our program ‘Doing Business With A Changing China’.”

CKGSB is hosting the program jointly with Columbia Business School next month in New York.’

Ok so let me get this straight. Some US ‘experts’ aka sellouts are setting up a program to help Americans, aka suckers to do business in China, aka hell?

Wtf? Do you really need a training course for that? Save your self the tuition and listen up. In order to do business in China you must
1- leave your wife and morals home
2- have no conscience
3- bring unmarked bills to pay
The local police
Their bosses
The local communists
Their bosses
Crooked ‘inspectors’
Their bosses
And so much more
4- leave your manners and etiquette back home
5- bring lots of bags because your Chinese hosts will want to take you ‘KTV’ing’ aka whoring
6- leave your loyalty to anything of ethical value back home for if you are in China, you will not use them

The simple fact is that businesses got to China because it is so corrupt. Grease the palms of a communist and you can have his kid if you would like. I am not kidding. When I was there I had doctor’s offer me the child of migrant laborers for less than $2000.

In China everything is for sale. All that gray you see encircling China’s big cities is merely proof of how bad corruption is in China. After all, they do have anti-pollution laws, which are obviously as vigorously enforced as their anti-corruption ones are. In China the air is not the only thing that is filthy.

What all this means is that there are a lot of people who make a lot of cash teaching you how to do business in China, but trust me, what you have read here will serve you far better than anything you are paying thousands of dollars for.


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Baidu, Wife Beaters and China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 29, 2011

A little bit ago I blogged that Chinese search firm Baidu was fined for ipr violations. I was kind of harsh and maybe I should have been a little more positive about this. Maybe I should have joined the bandwagon and began to applaud China for all of the dramatic changes she has made and how she is getting her act together. I guess I am in a quandry, to me its kind of like this:
Consider the case of a fictional character called Tom Burlingaime from Racine Wisconsin. Tom’s a good ol boy with a taste for sour mash whiskey. The problem is that when Tommy boy, as his friends like to call hiim, gets a litttle too much of that good ol’ firewater in his system something changes in him, he gets a bit violent. While most townsfolk have learned about this, they tend to shy away from him at such times. The problem is that Peggy, the long-legged love of his wife cannot get away. After fifteen years of marriage and four kids her lack of education and work skills marginalizes her in the work force, so no matter what happens, Peggy stays with this man Tom.

Now Tom, being an alcoholic, has a problem controlling his actions at times and when the demon rum gets the better of him, he takes it out on Peggy. Giving her a taste of the ol’ long knuckle (his fist), he claims is more about his addiction and less about the real Tom. Peggy, ever so hopeful decides to agree and so life proceeds.

Then one day Tom has an epiphany, he makes a decision to enjoy life and he changes, he only drinks every other day. Peggy sees this as an improvement, as she now only lives 50% of her life in fear. While some may say ‘good job tommy boy! You are kicking your habit and Peg sure seems a lot happier!”, I would sadly shake my head in disagreement. Each day that Peg lives in fear is 24 hours too many, and some things are absolutes, like laws and physical abuse…
So while the talking heads may praise china for this act vz ‘enforcing ipr violations’, all i can do is shake my head sadly. 24, x 7 you can go to ecplaza.net and order a host of copyright infringing medicines and goods, 7 days a week you can go to the silk market and buy your ‘Rolex’ for 25 U$, 7 days a week you can buy pirated DVD’s. I guess if the govt here decided to marshall a few of those folks they’ve got chasing church parishoners, then they could make a dent in the real problems of china, but then again life is about decisions, china is making theirs. China is tom, we are peggy…

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Chongqing to Kill Ex-Police Chief

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 17, 2010

That is some pissed of Chinese people, and they want the guy’s head on a platter. Funny thing is that killing him is morally wrong, and useless, it is like putting a cube of sugar in the ocean as you believe it tastes too salty.


Municipality’s ex-police chief convicted of protecting gangs, rape and property scams

CHONGQING – Wen Qiang, former deputy police chief of Southwest China’s Chongqing municipality, was sentenced to death on Wednesday after being found guilty of protecting five organized gangs, accepting bribes, rape and property scams.

As former deputy director of Chongqing public security bureau from 1997 to 2008, following which he was appointed the director of the municipality’s justice bureau, Wen, 55, is the most senior official convicted in the gang-crushing operation that began last June.

Though Wen can appeal the sentence, about 200 local residents waiting outside the Chongqing No 5 Intermediate People’s Court rejoiced as they heard news of the verdict. “I’m so happy,” screamed 36-year-old Wang Meng after a man rushed out of the courtroom and announced the court’s verdict. “Death for Wen is justice served. We are satisfied,” Wang added.

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Doing Time in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 17, 2010

From the chinadialy.

All of these people will go to jail. It really shows the hypocrisy of the country. When over 90% of all billionaires and 91% of all millionaires are the children of government workers (who presumably got rich off corruption as the typical governmental employee earns less than U$3000 per month and even the Chinese are not frugal enough to parlay that into hundreds of millions.),  who, as anyone can tell, got their riches in the most unsavory of manners, go free and run the country, these people do time. It really seems odd that the president’s son is investigated for bribery to the tune of tens of millions of dollars and yet still has the run of the country. This is the China effect.

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Climbing the Ladder Chinese Style- Forgery and Corrpution

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 11, 2010

Chinese official forged all of her credentials and even ID, was promoted within the communist party.  Climbing the ladder Chinese style.

“SHIJIAZHUANG, April 11 (Xinhua) — Two high-ranking officials of Shijiazhuang city, capital of north China’s Hebei Province, had been given administrative penalties over involvement with a woman politician who forged identity documents to gain rapid promotions.

Zhang Zhenjiang, then deputy Party head of Shijiazhuang City and Li Jianhua, head of Shijiazhuang’s publicity department were given administrative warnings, according to a statement from Hebei’s discipline inspection commission Sunday.

On March 12, Wang Yali, a member of the Shijiazhuang municipal committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, was arrested for forging documents to obtain government jobs and claim inheritance that did not belong to her.

Wang allegedly faked all her personal information, including name, age, education and work experience, except her gender.

Internet postings ridiculed Wang’s resume, which showed that she was a pharmacist in an army hospital at the age of 12. Despite the obviously problematic forgery, Wang had been rapidly promoted from 1998 to 2007.

Editor: Mu Xuequan

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China so Enamored with Corruption, They Will Creat a Corruption Museum

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 4, 2010

This is odd, China is proposing to make a museum of corruption,

from yahoo news

“BEIJING (AFP) – A planned anti-graft museum in southwest China is asking the public to nominate the 100 most corrupt officials of the past century, state media reported Saturday.

Fan Jianchuan, who operates a private museum in Chengdu, said he started collecting artifacts for his “Traitors Museum” after Internet users suggested the idea, Xinhua news agency said, citing a local newspaper.

“Starting now, the museum will accept nominations from the masses who can then vote on the museum’s web site,” Fan was quoted as saying.

His biggest concern is that he will be overwhelmed by too many suggestions.

“Of course places are limited, we must consider the level (of corruption),” he said.

Criteria for deciding the top 100 will include the official’s position, how much they stole, by what means, the circumstances and the impact of their corruption, he said.

The museum would provide cautionary tales and help deter future corruption, he said.

Fan said he would ask the Communist Party’s disciplinary committee for support and envisions the museum as an anti-corruption education centre, possibly even providing tours for criminals serving prison sentences

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How to Be an Official in China- Straight from The Horses Mouth

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 3, 2010

This comes from foolsmountain.com, it is a good site, has good info,. Anyway, this supposedly a letter from a corrupt Chinese Communist (redundant) Official to his son.

“Nine years ago, the director of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Construction, Xu Qiyao (徐其耀), was arrested  for taking bribes of over 20 million yuan. He also distinguished  himself among other corrupted officials by having extramarital affairs with 146 women,  including a mother and her daughter. Recently, a letter to his son, allegedly found in his diary during the investigation, is circulating on the internet.  In that letter, he demonstrated his theoretic superiority in the application of “thick face, black heart.”

Here is a translation for your enlightenment.

Dear son,

I received your letter. I am really proud of your achievement in the university. Keep it up!

As you have chosen to join politics, you must bear in mind the following advice:

1. Don’t seek truth, and don’t search for the essence of things.

Leave these tasks to intellectuals. The credo you have to firmly keep in mind: “as long as it is advantageous to oneself, it is correct.” If you have difficulty to grasp this, then follow this simplified principle: “whatever the higher-ups promoting is correct.”

2. Not only you have to be a liar, but also you have to be a virtuoso liar.

You should build a habit of telling lies. No, actually you should treat it as a mission with the goal that you are able to believe your own lies. Prostitution and politicians are very similar professions. The difference is that being an official is to sell one’s mouth. Remember, your mouth does not belong to you anymore once you become an official. You have to say according to what you need, not what you think.

3. Get diplomas, but not knowledge, which is detrimental to your career.

With knowledge you will be able to think independently, and independent thinking is the death knell in politics. Do not be fooled that there are so many officials with master’s, or even doctoral degrees. Some people immediately enter the public service after earning their degrees. It is apparent that the true purpose of their education is not to study, but to use it as a stepping stone. They are frauds. Remember, a real doctor and an official is not truly compatible.

4, What is the purpose of becoming an official? To gain interests.

You have to work tirelessly to grab all the interests you can get. It is called corruption by some people. You must be clear that gaining interests is not “a” purpose, but “the” purpose for being an official. Your boss promote you because you can serve his interests. Your subordinates obey you because you can bring interests to them. Your colleagues and friends take care of you because you can exchange interests with them. You may forfeit your own interests, but you are useless unless others can benefit from you. Remember, once you lose focus on gaining interests, you are just one step away from failure.

5. Conduct yourself before conduct business.

Please don’t get confused and think I want you to be a mensch. What I mean is to conduct yourself in networking (guanxi). To conduct business, or to get things done, is not really important. Weave a comprehensive network and make yourself a node of this network. You see, nowadays when we say somebody is capable, we actually mean he is capable of networking. LOL. And if someone thinks otherwise and concentrates his energy on getting things done, I will be dumbfounded if his life is not miserable.

6. Our society is always a peasants’ society in essence no matter what has transpired on the outside.

Whoever caters the interests of peasants will be successful. Regardless of the appearance of the people around us, deep down, they are peasants. Peasants are characterized by their short-sightedness and the thirst for immediate benefits. Therefore, you have to do things in ways that share the characteristics of peasants, to pursue short-term benefits and to be short-sighted. If you have a long term vision, you will isolate yourself and the consequence is obvious. Learn some medieval practices, such as the ritual of pledging brotherhood.

7. Currying favor is a form of high art.

Don’t mistake blandishment simply as shameless. There are a lot of women who degrade themselves  but few of them get rich or find their sugar daddies by doing so. Most of them are stuck as low-paying sexual workers. To apply the same underlying principle, a sycophant has to be a master at pleasing his most important client, his boss. In a society without the rule of law, the only way to go “up” is via the appreciation from your superiors. All other factors are peripheral. You must be cognizant of this.

8.  All the laws and regulations, policies and protocols should not be strictly observed; or more precisely, they should be implemented flexibly.

The makers of laws and regulations, policies and protocols are intent to control others, not themselves. What you have to know is, however, the rules cannot be randomly breached. You have to know when to adhere them firmly, when to violate them secretly and who can violate them. Gauge carefully, or you’ll be in trouble.

These are the principles of being an official. Think carefully now, if you can do all of these, your will have a smooth sailing career. Not up to the task? It’s high time to switch to another profession.
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Now Bankers and Actresses Implicated in Bribery

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 3, 2010

BEIJING: Two female celebrities and a large amount of money were the star attractions in Tuesday’s bribery trial of Wang Yi, former vice-president of State-run China Development Bank.

Wang, who stood trial at the Beijing No 1 Intermediate People’s Court, pleaded guilty to the charge of accepting bribes of more than 11.96 million yuan ($1.76 million), and confessed that he “used his power and his influence to make profit for others and himself”.

Li, who has also been arrested, said that years ago he invited Wang to attend an opening ceremony for his company in Shenzhen in South China. Zhao arrived with Wang and was later given a 300,000 yuan ($43,944) “appearance fee”, the report said.

Li said Wang also asked him to give Liu 2 million yuan ($292,960) so that Liu could pay off her housing loan. In 2008, Wang then asked Liu to give the money back to Li when the police started to investigate his case, according to the report.

Liu could not be reached for comment on Tuesday because her mobile phone was switched off.

According to charges brought by the No 1 branch of the Beijing Municipal People’s Procuratorate, Wang received all of his bribes by helping others to get loans. He helped Li get a loan for a highway construction project and received about 5 million yuan ($732,402) in return. Wang also allegedly took advantage of his post to help Zhou Hong, chief executive of a steel slag company in Southwest China’s Yunnan province, with business operations and loan applications, in which he received bribes of 6.3 million yuan.

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Getting Rich in China the Easy Way- Corruption

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 20, 2010

This is from the China Daily. There is a scandal in a southern province about land being sold to governmental officials for deep discounts which enabled them to get rich just buying and selling a property. For instance, the officials buy a piece of land for U$ 3000 in an initial offering only to them, and then in the 2nd round the land is sold to some other select folks for say, U$3500, and then a third round for U$5000 and then opened to the public. By the time the public sees the property, the value has doubled or tripled.

The government has denied it, but I have it on very very very good account that this happened in another hot property area now. I am no longer surprised.


Wenzhou officials claim data on website forum ‘totally unreliable’

SHANGHAI: Local authorities in Wenzhou of East China’s Zhejiang province are trying hard to calm public anger over what might be another housing scandal involving local government officials.

At a hastily-called press conference on Wednesday morning, officials from the commission for disciplinary inspection of the Wenzhou committee of the Communist Party of China denied an online posting that local government officials bought upper-class properties at preferential prices.

On Saturday, a netizen with the registered ID “wzjdc818” posted an article on a popular online forum in Wenzhou exposing the hidden rules in real estate, as well as the illegal dealings between Golden City estate agency and government officials in Dongzhou, which apparently alluded to Wenzhou.

The article said that the involved officials could easily obtain profits of up to 1 million yuan because of the preferential selling prices offered to them.

Golden City estate agency has sold 1,333 commercial apartments in three phases.

The article said that the involved officials could easily obtain profits of up to 1 million yuan because of the preferential selling prices offered to them.

Golden City estate agency has sold 1,333 commercial apartments in three phases.

In the first phase, 345 blocks were sold and 52 were reserved with an average price of 22,000 yuan per square meter.

In the second phase, 635 blocks were sold and 108 were reserved with an average price of 24,000 yuan.

In the third phase, 353 blocks were sold and 72 were reserved with an average price of 28,000 yuan.

The netizen suggested that the reserved blocks were primarily sold to 32 local officials.

The netizen suggested that the reserved blocks were primarily sold to 32 local officials.

A list of 32 government officers, giving their surnames and job positions, who have reportedly bought the apartments at far below than the market value, was attached with the online article.

The officials include senior officers of city departments of construction, urban planning and housing.

The Wenzhou commission for disciplinary inspection, however, declared on Wednesday that the facts given on the forum are totally unreliable and that the Golden City real estate agency had followed the regulation on the prices with a 2 percent pre-order discount.

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1984 is Everyday in China- China Deleting the News

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 18, 2010

About a week ago I blogged about an old lady who stood her ground a la Avatar, and wouldnt let her house be demolished. The poor old soul wound up dead, there was an investigation. This thing happens a lot in China and it is very sad.

Whats more sad, is that that event has been removed from the Chinese searches, there is no more proof online that it has occurred.That is truly scary, imagine in the 21 st century the government is doing this, can you imagine what they pulled and got away with before the advent of the ‘net.

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