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Credibility Crisis in China- Sex Slaves

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 15, 2010

Firstly, to give this article context, the Chinese hate the Japanese, I mean it is like a mania. Irrespective of the age of the Chinese, they have an intense hatred for the country and its people. So, Japan is trying to get a seat on the UN security council, and China doesn’t like this, they point to Japans history with China ( with China’s dismal human rights record, it is amazing that they do!) China points out the atrocities committed by Japan in the rape of Nanjing, and one of these was sex slavery of Chinese women. The Chinese state that the proof of this slavery should preclude the Japanese from being on the council (funny digression is that apparently the historical atrocities and those still committed by China were overlooked.

So some guy in some province finds some ‘proof’ of a ticket for sex slaves during WW@ and wants to use this against Japan. Call me skeptical, but China’s record of credibility when it comes to reporting anything is abysmal, so I wouldn’t put it past them to have fabricated it themselves, all in the name of stopping Japan.


A tiny piece of paper is the latest evidence in the battle for truth over Sino-Japanese history. Japanese soldiers have allegedly used the small voucher, found in China’s Hebei province, as a “sex-ticket” during World War II. The recent discovery comes in good time to support China’s efforts to expose atrocities committed by the Japanese Imperial army during the war, and prevent Japan from scoring a permanent seat in the United Nation’s Security Council. According to Xinhua, the Chinese Government’s official news agency, the voucher would be “hard evidence rebutting Japanese government’s claim of the absence of sex slaves during World War II”.

A Hebei resident found the voucher inside a box of Japanese-made fragrant powder while going through a collection of wartime items left to him by his father. According to Xinhua, the Imperial Japanese army flag and the characters for “The Sixth Sex Slave Centre” and “Yinglou Building” are still visible on the 60-year-old voucher.

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