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Beijing Says Vaccines Not to Blame for 100 Deaths

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 9, 2010

Beijing has said that toxic vaccines, vaccines that the company who made them, has admitted to mishandling, is not the cause of the deaths of over 100 children in China. But then again, when the first toxic milk scandal broke in ’08, it was just an isolated incident, till over 200,000 were sickened and many died, and then again it happened in 2010, same pattern. Basically 80% of the Chinese don’t believe the chicoms and why should we.

“BEIJING – Faulty vaccines did not cause the deaths and illnesses of nearly 100 children in Shanxi province, the Ministry of Health (MOH) said on Tuesday.

Citing the results of a 15-day official investigation, the ministry said the children were never injected with vaccines that were allegedly mishandled.

The 15 child victims who were identified did not receive vaccines that had been exposed to high temperatures for five months since April 2007, as reported by media, MOH spokesman Deng Haihua said.

Only three of the children suffered adverse reactions to the vaccines they received, Deng said. “Local health authorities will compensate them for their suffering, even though some children’s conditions were not related to vaccine quality,” he said.

The father of one of the children surnamed Wang told China Daily he was not contacted for any compensation for his son’s death. Wang said he still believed faulty vaccines killed his son.

On March 17, the Beijing-based China Economic Times reported that nearly 100 children died or fell ill after receiving improperly stored vaccines supplied by the Beijing Huawei Company, who had a monopoly on vaccine distribution and supply after allegedly bribing health officials. The report cited Chen Tao’an, a whistleblower who worked with the Shanxi center for disease control and prevention in 2007.

“Vaccines in the province including those supplied by Huawei, as investigations showed, were all up to national standards in terms of safety and efficacy,” Deng said.

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