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Secret Underbelly of all That is wrong – Piracy in China…

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 28, 2009

It is now official, I have just added Hong Kong to the list of places (countries?) that I do not like…

Yeah, Hong Kong, that seemingly innocent little hunk of land that drives on the wrong side of the road, was colonized by the Brits and has a shitload of BMW’s Mercedes etc.

Why you may ask, is it that I have had this change of heart? Well, last night i watched a killer expose on nat geo, it was about piracy in the world today, and focusd moslty on China, Russia and India. What I learned was, well I didn’t learn anything, see I am a China expert, been here two years and all. Well ok, I did learn things but what I found out to be interesting was :

1-they made it as if there is this dark underbelly of smuggling and counterfeit goods in china. To prove their point, they made clandestine purchases, went to these secret markets of fake goods. Entered   with hidden cameras and all, negotiated with the people for fake watches and LV bags. Made it as if there is this secret society of passwords and handshakes in this ‘underworld of everything counterfeit’.

Funny thing is, you don’t need the hidden camera, the secret handshakes and passwords, just come here, its open for all. The guy made is seem like part of some mafia triad, entry to which was for a select few. For effect, the reporter cut deals with these pirates,  while talking, he lowered his voice, talked in hushed tone as he exposed these hucksters and their wares- made it seem like he had entered the ground of the Gambino family.

Funny thing is the dude could have saved himself and his company the airfare of the expose, just done it from the net. Here is a link of google images to the ‘silk market’ one of Beijings worst offenders. Here you can find the same images that this hard hitting reporter found, without the presumed risk of being exposed as a man trying to enter this dark underbelly.

The humorous part is that doing this in China, (buying illegal goods) is quite safe, no dodgy buildings, passwords and private meetings to avoid the ‘man’, just pay and get your stuff. this apparently was not news worthy for this reporter, he alos could have done his work or exposed this fraud by directing us here. this is a website with a ton of international providers, surprisingly enough, many of whom are Chinese. On this site you can buy fake watches, bags, probably kindness, nicotine anything. These people are the same suppliers to this ‘underbelly’ of which the man spoke. ( be advised however, if you decide to use the site I mentioned. They are scammers, in China you will have not rights if you purchase from them, so if you lose thousands of dollars in goods that don’t arrive, it is your fault, your loss, no compensation, much easier to just come.)There is a caveat, however,  buyer be ware.

The point of this argument is that piracy is so rampant that it si basically beyond the comprehension of anyone, until you come. maybe the guy built-up the tension so it would seem more news worthy, but to anyone living here, it must have seemed a little overdone.

But what does this have to do with Hong Kong and my new found hatred for her? See, the way i figure it, is that China is really a pawn in all  this and it is the Hong Kong ese who are the bad ones. The Chinese for the most part have been so isolated that they have no clue as to the lucrative markets in the west, that is until the Hong Kongese taught them. Even today, much of the illegal trade is under the watch of the Hong kong ese and their ports. So, my friends our anger towards the mainland is unfounded, it is the dreaded HK-ese who are the evil barbarians supplying us with deadly toys!

Or maybe it is just an issue of supply and demand, and when we the people stop the demand, the supply will trickle off.

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WTF? – Slow Down Cowboy- Another Gripping Tale from China Daily

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 15, 2009

The author of this story is a real cowboy, check out the link. basically this is an article from the China Daily ( I am a masochist so I looked for new articles), whereby the author is talking about registering ‘famous brands’ in China. My only comment is wtf… I mean I have read the article 3 times and cannot make heads or tails of it. Apparently in China you can register a ‘famous brand’ and then sue if someone infringes that. First off, we must remember where we are and suing for such an event seems to me to be somewhat humorous. But the author in all his p and v (piss and vinegar- and I do admire his spunk), seems to be taking some companies to task for allegedly setting up fake famous brands upon which to sue. Confused, I am too , so lets look at the article. Snippets of his article are in italics, my comments in bold.

He starts off:

“Since local governments have to certify “famous” trademarks, they have carved out short-cuts to becoming famous.”

comment-by not being produced here? Wait, certified famous, wtf

“Of the only two ways of being officially acknowledged as “famous”, court rulings cost less time and money than certification by industry and commerce administration authorities, so they swarm to the courts.”

-comment, ah it is clear now, rather than seeing if you sell many things (thus presumably being famous), in China, you go to the court house to be certifiably famous, that makes ummm sense?

“And thanks to some judges’ greed, some courts have been easy to be bought out.”

-comment, go get ’em tiger

“We now have to wait for the outcome … see exactly how dirty things have gotten.”

comment – I like his gritty no holds barred attitude

“Previously, we were only astonished by corporate entities fabricating non-existent “violators” to create “lawsuits” so as to get a verdict against the unreal “damage” infringed upon a “famous brand”.

comment- wtf, creating violators to show  a damage,  excuse my ignorance, but don’t you have to sue the violator, and thus if he/she doesn’t exist, from whom do you obtain retribution?

“But we dared not suspect that justices had a role in the antics, which now appears to be the sad truth.”

-comment, yeah, bribery, corruption, here, what is the world coming to

“We do not want to add fuel to the public’s disbelief in our judiciary’s claim of loyalty to justice and are willing to refrain from making negative comments until the truth is ultimately out. But let us be frank – once the suspected collusion does prove to exist, the damage to its credibility would be beyond repair. Especially if such fraudulence is not limited to Liaoning.”

-comment, I love his Geraldo hard-hitting style, you can just feel his passion, but as for content, uh, ‘once suspected collusion does prove to exits then I guess the locals will grab another beer, wont even register on their radars, they are immune

“And it further erodes popular confidence in the already notorious practice of naming “famous brands”.

comment-excuse me but confidence in local brands, uh I just threw up in my mouth

“Given that there are too many nameless “famous brands” in this country,few of us actually care who says what is “famous”.

-comment, I need a valium or librium, nameless famous brands, umm ok

“That various authorities, and fake authorities,continue to be enthusiastic about concocting “famous brands”

-comment, WAIT, are they FAKING AUTHORITIES in China too?

“…is but a race for dirty money. Only that it gets even more disgraceful with the courts getting involved.”

-comment, yeah again I am floored by the gall of it…

“But this will definitely end up being detrimental to the all-out efforts to promote the made-in-China label.”

-comment, yeah because no one knows about all the goods produced in China.

“Official seals of recognition on inferior or shoddy products can only denigrate the collective image of Chinese goods.”

comment, OMG!! gotta say that again!

“Official seals of recognition on inferior or shoddy products can only denigrate the collective image of Chinese goods.”

-comment, did he say denigrate the image of Chinese goods, this is too easy

“That “famous brands” are more or less a meaningless, if not deceptive, label of self-pity is at this point a mere family secret among ourselves.”

-comment, yeah but due to this timely expose, now we all know, that is if we can figure out just wtf you are jabbering about!

“If such a pattern is allowed to persist, our best hope will be that others never see through it.”

comment- ok got you, so you say somehow the Chinese are copying those famous local brands, which will hurt images of Chinese product quality. ? Then, I guess, you say that it can be our dirty little secret if we don’t tell anyone… which implies that the quality of the knock off high quality goods must be similar to the original, for, if it weren’t, hen we would all know after purchasing one!

whew I am tired! China is a great place but somebody has to send this news article to the Daily Show- imagine what he could do with it. Actually kudos to the author, he is trying and his passion comes through, maybe it was just a translation thing.

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Another Product Quality Issue or Just Bad Luck- Problem With Chinese Fireworks

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 15, 2009

A novel approach to handle quality issues, ban the product. Here is an article from the Chinese news, the title is something like preserving a Chinese tradition- fireworks. The article is sad, as a truck carrying powder for fireworks just blew up while the guys were driving it, unfortunately four people were killed. The author tires to tug at our heartstrings, focusing on the fact that fireworks are a Chinese tradition and due to this event and others like it (the new hotel by the CCTV building (see avatar) was destroyed by fireworks) the Chinese love for fireworks could be in danger (article here).
Ok so let me see if I understand this. We have some guys driving firework powder in a truck. Now remember, this stuff is highly combustible and dangerous. So these guys are driving, probably smoking or what have you, and poof the truck goes up in smoke, leaves a 100 meter crater. From this the lady wonders if the time honored tradition of fireworks is in danger of being banned.
How about the time honored issue of product quality. I don’t mean to minimize the loss of life, but it seems to me that countries haul weapons-even nukes and this type of mishap is way out of the norm. It would seem to me that rather than banning fireworks, they try to implement 1)product quality standards, 2)governmental oversight to ensure #1 is followed. Anyone who has been here has seen how they pack trucks in such a manner that would make degrees architects proud. Couple this with the fact that there are no trucking regulations (or poorly enforced) and the typical driver knows about as much as hauling goods in China as I do. When taken into account, this is an obvious recipe for disaster.
How about this… Forget banning fireworks, take that cash plus a little that the Shanghai guy allegedly siphoned off (see below), and educate these folks, the streets will be safer for us all.

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Uh, Did he Really Say That?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 13, 2009

hilarious story from the UK. Check out the article and the video, a ‘cheap’ Chinese toy mouse comes with a steep price. This toy manufactured in China is purported to sound like it is saying Pedophile pedophile, instead of Jingle bells  (Story here). It is hilarious, to me it sounds like the mouse if saying gums of bile gums of bile, but wtf , I wouldn’t pay to hear that either.

Funny thing is that the distributor of the things is Humatt, who said, “Distributors of the £2.99 novelty toy, the man who provided the singing voice could not pronounce certain sounds.”- now that is laughable. With 1.3 billion people, many of whom can speak English beautifully, why hire the one dunce who sings gummy bile!! Check out the video, hilarious.

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