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Jasper Schuringa Never Happen in China- Cultural Differences in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 27, 2009

Had an interesting conversation about American movies, Spiderman and such. The conversation turned to ‘western hero’ mentality in American movies and America. The idea was that in American movies one man or woman usually saves the day or the planet, oftentimes to his own detriment or death. My friend looked at me stone-faced, rolled her eyes and said" yeah that is uh typically American."

I was like yeah, we do that a lot. She said that wouldn’t fly in Asia, her friends agreed, they attribute it to some crazy help the world mentality. i probed, asked what a Chinese would do. They all just rolled their eyes, looked at me, they said. " if you had to risk death to save another, it is uhmm, well maybe not the smartest thing." So I asked for more asked what they would do, the answer apparently is that in their culture, this is not a noble task. apparently it is not bright ot risk or lose one’s life so that another can enjoy his/hers. I attribute this to the difference in Christian and non-Christian countries, but need to probe more.

Oh yeah, kick ass job by Jasper Schuringa!! Crazy thing is that the freaking terrorist is being brought up on charges of trying to blow up or harm an airplane which carries a max of 20 years-wtf??? Is this all this guy can get? If so, we are really losing the war….

Merry after Christmas Day!!

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