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About My Site

Hi, you can call me the anonymous blogger who wants to share stories, news, photos and cultural oddities from China. I’m from the USA and currently find myself in the People’s Republic of China so I thought I would share this experience with you. This blog is meant to educate and entertain you, if you like it great! If not, then find another, that is the beauty of the ‘net..

I had posted my blog rules a while ago and decided to change them. The old ones can be found here. Now, for the new and improved version…

This site gives and irreverent and sometimes crude view of living and working in China. It is not one of those ‘yippe yippe, look at how great China is’ sites. If you want that go here or here.

In this site for the low low price of nothing, you get to hear me use potty mouth words and denigrate China, or treat it with the respect it deserves. For this same price, you get to hear Gowron, aka The King, share his China insights and use the politically incorrect term for coitus quite often. You will also hear the words of the ‘soothsayer of the midwest’ aka Brewskie, who manages to comment on China without being nearly as crude as the other two humble authors.

You will read and see things that you never thought were possible in civilization, because they are not. China, as it stands today, does not, for the most part meet that definition-imho. If any of this is disconcerting to you then please stick your head back in the sand and run from this blog….

Warren.t.deitrich at hotmail.com

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Old Blog Rules- v 4.0

My last rules were a little lengthy so I decided to be more direct. about my site which I humbly submit is chock full of cultural oddities, news and wisdom…Most people who have never been to China have no idea of what this place is all about so I have taken it upon myself to enlighten them as to what I have seen, lived, heard and read.I enjoy blogging and one of the reasons I do so is that I can eschew political correctness for pointed observations. Some of what I say may seem one-sided, and it may well be. Were I to do this professionally I would be paid to think for the readers and walk them to a conclusion, but alas I am not and so I wont. If you would like to put forth an idea, by all means do so, but do not expect it of me…Another interesting part of blogging is learning from the feedback provided so if you agree, you want to rant or you want to say dirty words you cannot utter at work, then by all means give it a shot here.I really enjoy my time in China but believe to blog each day about the delicious Kung Pao chicken would be tedious so I do not do so. I like to think of this site as bringing on the ‘ha-ha’ while exposing a bit of China to you. If you want to give me some love then you can email me at  Braiseg8s  at gmail.comI am pretty direct and this is VERY POLITICALLY INCORRECT, so be forewarned Oh yeah click here to go to a site where you can buy goods not made in China….or you can search to buy here too




92 Responses to “About My Site”

  1. Dalena said

    Hi There,

    I just read your recent post on China 2000 women’s gymnastics team of being stripped of its bronze medal.

    I think that you may be interested in this video: http://www.newsy.com/videos/ioc-strips-china-s-2000-gymnastics-medal

    The short video discusses a variety of things related to to the incident, such as how attention should be focused on the American team, and how the Chinese govt. claimed that the young gymnast tricked the Olympic committee.

    I hope you have a minute to take a look.

    Thanks for your time


    • wtdevflnt said

      Thanks will check it out. As far as personal experience, my best friend here easily changed her birthdate on her Chinese identification. In her town, it was only a question of talking to the authorities. Funny thing is that it is China, it is corrupt and in the ’08 games the Chinese feigned anger over the fact we questioned the age of the gymnasts, they said the girls had official documents. In China, official really means little to nothing…

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  3. Julie said

    I enjoy reading many of your posts because I can laugh along with them after having lived in Beijing myself for three years. So many of those things are true and funny.

    I guess my question is… why are you in China if you find the culture and country so corrupt and uncivilized? I often feel like you do your best to demonize it and elevate the West as having the “right” way to do things. Finding the most obscure stories (often uncited from other sites that I read and not from personal experience) and presenting them as normative easily gives the wrong impression of what things are really like.

    – a curious reader

    • wtdevflnt said

      Hi Julie and thanks for reading. You have a nice blog juliekirsten.wordpress.com that has some great info!
      Your question is a good one and to answer as succinctly as possible, I love it here. What I mean is that China or more specifically Beijing has a lot to offer, and quite honestly I think its a great city. As for the corruption and uncivilized behavior, my leaving will not make it go away, thus by staying and blogging about it, I hope that I am a part of the cure. I mean that if more people would shed light on such things maybe they would go away or diminish greatly.
      Imho in living in many places, it seems they all have good and bad. For instance Brazil is a great place, but Rio (near Copa) is a pit imho. Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, great places, but also have some severe issues. I would hope that I am not demonizing China but some of the behaviors that I find pretty upsetting and prevalent. I hope that people understand that I am taking a provocative stance to make them think and question. I have received some negative comments about my site and can understand how some may feel. I guess to me part of the learning process is introspection, feeling and then understanding. Maybe we are all just part of the bigger picture and all have a role to play. BTW what is your new blog and BJ is now turning to fall, the weather is great!
      (and out of curiosity what obscure stories are you referring to?)Thanks

      • jules said

        Maybe you could strike a balance between negative and positive commentary, then? I do understand the feeling of being drawn toward writing about the not-so-nice stuff, though! The story about the corpse on the motobike comes to mind. I taught at Ren Da Fu Zhong in Haidian for three years, Beijing’s best high school, and I think my students and their families would be just as horrified as you are about some of the things going on in China. A lot of those issues are class-related. An upper-class person, for example, would never spit on the sidewalk, yet you see it all the time. That’s the stuff that gets your ire up and it’s plentiful in Beijing, for sure. I’d like to go back and visit in 8-10 years and see the changes, I think that would be super interesting.

        My new blog is zhulik.wordpress.com. It’s quite different from my other site.

      • wtdevflnt said

        Hey, cool blog, zhulik.wordpress.com, pretty deep, I bet you miss that from here. But I respect what you have to say and can agree with it, actually just got another comment that was similar…. Will have to bear it in mind. The place is great, the govt.. actually all govt imho suck, but I guess I cant hold it against the whole country. Thanks again for your comment…

      • Jackie B said

        Jules I think you may have that wrong about the uncouth behavior being a class thing. I llved many cities across China and found the ‘rich’ or ‘monied’ to be some of the biggest pigs. For instance, in Beijing I lived in Pingguo apartments which are a bit pricey and they acted like full on Okies.

  4. living in HK said

    Had a great laugh with your site, all your stories ring so very true. HK can be better or worse than inner China depending on which part of it you are in and who you encounter. Infuriating and humorous. Thank you for making me not feel so alone!

    • wtdevflnt said

      Hey thanks for replying. Yeah, its good to hear from you also, its like a reality check that what I am posting is being ‘felt’ or understand by us all. I’m surprised by HK though, I didnt think it was as bad. Do you have a blog?

  5. Imelda Rubio said

    Profesor Bill???!!!! Primero que nada felicitarlo por su pagina tiene informacion muy interesante… y despues pues saludarlo … sabe me habia estado acordando de usted y de todo lo que aprendimos en su clase… yo estudie y usted me dio varias materias …. estudie la carrera de comercio internacional . en mi salon estaba adriana, nora, miriam y tambien algunos compañeros como ivan, pedro, alex… y hasta algunas veces fuimos en grupo a comer a un restaurant japones de una compañera y bueno pues trate de encontrarlo en facebook pero no lo localize hasta que di con esta pagina de usted…. espero que este de maravilla… y solo recordandole que lo que usted sembro en sus alumnos hasta el dia de hoy lo recordamos… que este muy bien!!!!

    • wtdevflnt said

      Hola!!! Claro que recuerdo de Ti!! Donde andas? Como has estado Imelda??

      • Imelda Rubio said

        Q bueno que se acuerde de mi profesor… yo estoy actualmente en tamazunchale el municipio de san luis potosi tal vez alguna vez le conte que no era de san luis sino de un pueblo a seis horas de ahi… pues me gradue y despues estudie en USA un año ingles tambien trabaje en guadalajara pero ahora ya estoy de regreso en mi tierra y muy feliz con mi familia… y usted como ha estado… ahora vive en china???…. profesor… usted no tiene facebook?? o alguna otra red…asi podriamos estar en contacto… que este muy bien.. Dios lo bendiga!!!

      • wtdevflnt said

        Imelda claro, yo recuerdo que eres bastante intelligente y que bueno que regresaste a tu ciudad. Donde fuiste en los EEU y tienes empleo en tu tierra? Yo recuerdo que me dijiste que es un lugar linda…Lastima que no tengo Facebook, los malditos Chinos (communistas del gobierno ) no lo permiten. Pero tengo tu email , nos podemos poner en contacto por lo mail y messenger!

  6. astonished said

    First, i hope your lungs and bunny are ok. I live in San Francisco, so I have an idea of mainlanders, they are insular and in their own space, without a feeling or care for anyone out of their circle, which makes an empathetic person like me sad… This blog is fascinating, i’m super interested in China, although i think you should TRY to report a little more of the bright spots that make you want to be there and the good feelings you have for her. I would love to hear some other reasons you love China. Is it really a lost cause? Will they ever have empathy?

    • wtdevflnt said

      Thanks lungs are working like a charm and the rabbit is fat but alive, thanks for asking!! Yeah I been tired, but will do some more positive blogging in a bit. Its a pretty cool place but the lack of empathy or God to me can be a real drag. I think there is always hope, but you can see a huge difference absent His presence.

      • jules said

        So very true. People say that the West is turning away from God, but you can only put that in perspective when you’ve lived in a culture completely void of Judeo-Christian ethics. That influence on culture is huge in the realms of honesty, integrity, the value of human life, etc.

      • wtdevflnt said

        Yeah, its so true. I had previously been to Christian countries (South America) and really didnt realize the impact on His life till coming here. I truly think there is a plan, and that is a big part of why I am still here. But you know (or I am guessing) that you know how hard it is here due to the generations of damaged souls. Anyway, your blog is cool and if you taught at Renmin Daxue, kudos, my colleagues tell me its the best in BJ. Right now the weather is great, and the sky is blue, but crowded as ever. ps. will you return?

      • Hoopda said

        Excellent blog – I like how you touch of all aspects of China. Society, Politics, History, Food. And with tons of pics to boot. Plus you have a straightforward writing style that keeps it interesting. However i’m not to sure about the causality between a lack of God and a lack of empathy in China.

        I’ve been to Japan, which lacks a Judeo-Christian tradition, and met some of the most selfless and generous people.

        IMO it’s part recent history – the legacy of the Cultural Revolution – and part culture – The inner circle paradigm you sometimes blog about.
        Also there’s something I see in Chinese friends that I don’t see in my other East Asian friends, the tendency to judge based on wealth. To use a sweeping generalization, Chinese people appear more shallow. This I like to believe is due to the stage of economic development and thus will change over time.

        Anyway, food for thought. Keep doing what you’re doing. Look forward to more great posts.

      • wtdevflnt said

        Hey thanks for the comments and thanks for reading. I’d love to hear more about Japan, do you have a blog? Ok, you sound deep so I’ll give you my 2 cents on the God thing. I can agree about the trans-generational damage caused by the cultural revolution and all, and its horrendous impact. This is a point in favor of your comment about them being shallow and money orientated. I really question the whole ‘economic development ‘ thing. The reason is that I feel they too often lean on it as a crutch, I can see the point of it, but have lived in Brazil and other poor countries and have met the most beautiful and giving people, so believe it can work.. (I can also see the counterpoint about them needing resources and at times being what we may term as users- maybe we are all doomed by our lot in life, be it being born to an affluent or poor country) ..my two cents..
        Now about God… I guess my point is that I believe God is Love and thus if you have love then imho you have God, or have that potential. So instead of getting too far out, what I mean is that if you believe in something greater than yourself, then you are willing to put up with more and offer things to those around you who are less fortunate- maybe be more giving to all, not only to those from whom you can benefit. I have family members, one actually who is Buddhist, and talks about empathy etc. and tangentially I can see the relationship with God. I guess, to me I just believe in God , but dont mean to sound like a holy roller and preach. So in essence, the message would be that if we truly believe that we are here for a purpose other than to consume resources, be it empathy, self discovery or love, then we are willing to subjugate our desires for the good of the clan, so the beauty is to find something bigger than oneself and try to live a giving life, the face of that being and its name to me is less important…
        Again, I respect your comment and would love to hear about Japan, if you have a blog, let me know. B

  7. astonished said

    i think the thing that is most shocking is the story of the lady on the tricycle who hit someone and being completely her fault, tried to extort money from everyone in her path!! I mean, its not the most shocking, the whole blog is shocking, but i can see why people don’t want to help anyone!! Who wants to get blamed?? I guess the business thing fascinates me too, How do you meet people? From work? the whole “what can you do for me” way of making friends is scary too, but i guess to an extent that is human nature. I am glad your lungs are doing better, you should get a really good air cleaner for your apartment. Like an industrial one. Did you find out if the baby soup is real?>?? Those are the kind of stories that make the rest of the world go WTF!!! I must say, you sound like a great guy and we would be friends definitely. big hugs the sentimental bleeding heart american

    • wtdevflnt said

      Yeah, the whole trike thing has me a bit skittish as well. The place desensitize you at time. Friends, here its no problem, Chinese are pretty cool about talking to you, they dont allow you into their inner circle very easily, but it is ok in its own way. Re the lungs, yeah, I will go home for a few weeks and get them checked. Baby soup, I know people who swear its true and some say its an urban legend. I dont know, I know during the great leap forward many people starved so they actually traded kids and then ate them…there are documented cases, I guess its easier to eat a neighbors kid- so re the soup thing, it would not surprise me.!

  8. Astonished said

    Hey its me again, I wanted you to know that they released test scores worldwide of math, science, and i forgot the other, and the top 2 cities in test scores were Beijing and Shanghai!!! Sounds fishy to me….. Hope all is well

  9. I was suggested this blog by my cousin. I am not sure whether this post is written by him as nobody else know such detailed about my problem. You are wonderful! Thanks!

  10. Jackser said

    Hi wtdevflnt,
    Interesting blog! A Chinese mainlander myself(and forgive my occasional Chinglish), I find many of your entries interesting, though I have been familiar with those news/events.
    As Julie commented, you seemed to have a grim view on what’s going on in China, but if I were to blog about China, I could have been more muckraking.
    Being a “grass-mud horse”, I’ve been trying to understand China–its political and social state–either from domestic or foreign sources. The funny thing is that I found this country utterly strange when I turned 16, realizing our history textbooks full of lies. What really interests me in this blog is your extensive reading and brief yet insightful analysis (well, some complaints too). I daresay your understanding is more profound than many Chinese who have been misled by the gov-controlled media and ever-lasting propaganda.
    Your entries reminds me of danwei.org, which I frequented 1 or 2 years ago until it was blocked (now unblocked). I have subscribed this blog in my Google reader.
    Btw, I am also living in Beijing, take care of your lungs~

    Happy Chinese New Year.

  11. I like your writing style, and I’m hoping for more stories like this one.

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  53. Margaret Mak said

    Really like your blog. Great job – I became interested in your website when I saw your piece on Cancer Cabbage.
    Look forward to reading more
    – margaret

    • wtdevflnt said

      Thanks . I checked out your site and love the URL as well as content.
      China smog.wordpress.com
      If you need smog pics I’ve got assloads of them going back three years.

      • Assloads? Are we talking American sized asses or Chinese ones? Quite a drastic difference there. Heading to China on June 3 for a study abroad trip with NYU, hopefully I’ll get a lot of pollution pics then. If not, I’ll have to take you up on the offer. Thank you btw.

      • wtdevflnt said

        Big fat American asses in tight fitting designer jeans they have no right to wear. I been in the big stinky for a while and take pollution shots from my window. The changes are dramatic.
        When you coming and for how long?
        Is it study abroad, or your turn in purgatory?

      • I’ll be there on June 2 to about the 16th. We’re going to Shanghai, Zuzhou, Hangzhou and Beijing. I’ll also spend some time in Hong Kong to see family. It’s for my study abroad. Not purgatory! I’ll also spend some time seeing my big bro, his wife and my nephew.

      • wtdevflnt said

        If you have time here in BJ we can meet, if I too, am free. I may have info in the areas of interest to you. Don’t want to get into it here. I think you have my mail, let me know if you will be free.

      • Yes, that would be great to meet up. I’ll be in BJ from June 9 to 17. Will you be around then? I don’t think I have your email addy. Forward it to me, so we can hopefully coordinate.

      • wtdevflnt said

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      • wtdevflnt said

        BTW Ms. Mak, all trips to China are purgatory, it gets u one way or the other….have fun in HK?

        Interesting time to come to China, June The frth, Beijing will be quiet as a mouse. I understand our friends in HK get a little emotional on that day, however.

      • That would be awesome if you could. I’m working on something for my thesis and def need some advice from green suppliers in China – I’ve already got some, but the more the merrier. You have my email address, right? If not, you can also get me on fb or twitter.

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    • I’d be happy to give you my email address there, just not here

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