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Problems When Dealing With Chinese Suppliers

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 15, 2014

If you are going to dance with the devil, you will get burnt. Read the following in order to minimize your ‘China stupidity’ exposure, or better yet, just go elsewhere with your production.


If you have experience in importing from Chinese suppliers, you know it’s very common that quotes are not handled with precision.
There are some basic yet deep-rooted reasons why suppliers in China quote incorrectly.
Precision: Suppliers in China do not quote with precision. The mindset is that the initial quote is not something that is going to make or break the project. The quote is viewed as sort of the starting point of discussion.
Details and specifications are not something firm that can readily be concreted and confirmed. Facts are “loose” and require back-and-forth.
Western buyer thinks: the quote needs to be as exact as possible so I can quote my buyer or rock n’ roll on these numbers so that we can close the job. Let’s get this right and get moving!
Chinese supplier thinks: here’s the quote and if it’s not exact or if you find any mistakes, holler back at me and we’ll get you fixed up.
From the suppliers’ mindset, nothing rides on that first quote. Whether or not you come back isn’t based on their quoting method.
The concept of going through an inquiry “with a fine-tooth comb” is not a common practice with suppliers in China.
The salesperson you work with from the supply company or factory doesn’t spend much time proofreading the quote or assuring they are quoting as per your specifications.
Continue here

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Tales from the Crypt- Mao’s Rotting Corpse and Soul-less Chinese, Working in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 2, 2014

I read some book by a lady with a name too long to pronounce and hard-coded with far too many consonants to remember, but that book is a primer on China. In a while I will dig up her name but lets talk about the PRC first.

I never wanted to go to China, Asia was not my thing. My uni had a few China-philes but we didn’t run together. My preference was for all things Spanish. Their zest for life, the colors, the language, music, their inner being.

It was with not a little sadness that I flew the coop on a supposed one-year stint in China, which was to be capped off with a thorough body wash and then return to all things civil. One thing lead to another and Days turned to weeks and suddenly the calendar was replacing ‘0’s with 1’s and my 365 year gig had septupled.

The words ‘love’ and ‘passion’ were not associated with my stay there. In fact, ‘morbid curiosity’ and ‘masochism’ are more likely candidates for anything I felt. The simple fact is that China has a tar black hole in its inner-most being which most people associate with the complete and utter absence of good and humanity. Perhaps I should explain…

Headings go here..
To keep myself from wandering, I will slap headings before my rant. These will also let you keep track of which path my ADD enhanced mind currently rambles down.

Chinese are soulless
Referring back to the book whose name I cannot recall, I would like to say that Chinese are cruel. No, not in that ‘fat school kid who always got picked on’ way, but that deep down cruelty exposing an excess of depravity that only thousands of years of hatred and grief could create. The People in China are the most soulless i have ever met.

Lets reflect on that sentiment for a moment.

My job has taken me to some pretty rough places and my natural charm and endearing way has put me in the path of some very strange people. I’ve guns pulled on me by Mexican cops, been robbed by the law in Brazil too. Those men were tender compared to the Rio mulatto who tried to separate my internal organs for me just to get at the coin in my pocket.

What all those people had in commom, for the most part, was a sense of humanity. Sure that guy in Rio did not look like a saint as he gashed at my innards so I would stop pummeling him with blows, but before it all went down, his eyes flashed human. He was merely a homeless person with friends and family to feed. Had I given him cash he would have had no reason to attack me. I did not and he did. Lucky for me it ended in a draw. He and his buddies got the equivalent of $0.50 and I got away unharmed. But as I said, inside he was human

Chinese are cruel
It may sound a little less than politically correct to say this, but Chinese are inhumanly cruel. As you may have figured out, ‘trouble’ and ‘your humble author’ are pretty good friends. It does not follow me, but for some reason I pursue it with a vigor. My day job taxes my boredom bone which leaves me empty. Chasing danger fills a need which sitting on my ass for eight hours at a time cannot. The benefit of this hobby is that it has enabled me to peer into the souls of the most depraved people one could meet. But almost without exception, in all that depravity I saw a spark, a smidgeon of goodness. That quick glimpse of humanity quickly covered over by grief, greed or madness. Nonetheless, inside there was something human with which I could relate.

And then came China
China is famous for its ‘kill all but one child’ policy, but to those people it is nothing new. In fact, baby killing or infanticide is as old as China. A couple thousand years ago some pig-faced emperor declared that starving families could dine on their child, as long as it was a girl.

When these people were not noshing on female femurs, they were tossing them off cliffs. The Chinese had a custom of discarding unwanted baby girls into a pile on the outskirts of town. This started before China proper itself, and is still happening today.

The Chinese are inhumanly cruel

But what does this have to do with working in China?
Dragging my liberated brain back to the subject matter, I contend that thousands of years of inhumanity have deformed the mainland DNA. Sure, there are great people in China, but that layer of sickness pervades. You see it in the way they treat each other, their kids, animals and especially you. The Chinese are inhumanly cruel.

The book written by the woman whose name has too many consonants spoke about this, tangentially at least. She writes about a Canadian woman who came to China not long after I did. That woman was looking to be a model and lit in Shanghai. After doing bar gigs she found herself on the wrong end of some steel and was filleted by some local. The poor woman never even saw it coming.

Chinese will lie
This woman, like most of us, probably thought China was no different than anyplace else. Of course it may be rough, but the Chinese were human, right?

Her innocence lead her into the steaming bowels of inhumanity that typifies Chinese business today. In a country which predicates the permitted murder of infants on their perceived ability to generate wealth, civility is stuffed in the trunk. China is to society what ‘Oz’ was to prisons, a perfect storm of neurosis, predation and opportunity which lead to the dehumanization of everyone. In China it is truly a dog-eat-dog world.

Just the facts sir
Back to the woman and the book with a name. I now recall, ‘the City Swallowed Them’. The author describes this poor Canadian who was brought to China under false pretenses, which aptly describes just about anyone who has worked there.

Jobs in China and people pimping them abound, and they all share one common theme. If you work in China, you are going to get fuked. It is the nature of the beast.

Chinese worship cash
Perhaps its the thousand year history of monetizing the suffering of others or some latent gene sprung to the fore by a controlled gene pool, but the Chinese often lack that which the rest of the world would call humanity. They think nothing of twisting truths and luring people from 6000 miles away and then abusing them as if they were chattle. Lies, treachery, manipulation, the grease enabling China’s economic rise.

In my life I have never been cheated out of a day’s wage, with the exception of China. In that country I have never not been cheated, with the exception of helping friends, there were no exceptions.

The difference between the Canadian woman who was killed in Shanghai and so many gullible westerners and me is that I came prepared. I’ve danced with the darkness, and knew what to expect. In China its every man for himself, a thing which is readily apparent. You pick up quickly on that and up your game, or you bitch and leave. China leaves no middle ground, you either attack or become tomorrow’s lunch.

This trait seemed to be common in the foreigners I met there. They were either ‘deer in headlights’ townies whose frustration had them calling daddy within months or those who merely rode the wave. They sealed themselves off from the subhuman vacuum and minimized contact with China. They stuck to their clique, worked gigs recommended by friends and saw China for what it is.

China is a swamp
Which brings me to the conclusion of this rant. China’s spiritual pestilence has a stultifying effect on one’s soul. In a country where random acts of ‘kindness’ are replaced with ‘treachery’ hardens one’s heart. Like I said above, this means you either get with it or get out, the thing to remember is that in China nothing is for free. Think about it like this…

If you are truly thinking of going to China, read a book or two. Try anything from the mid 19th century and you will have a good idea of what the. PRC is all about. Any country which condones the consumption of its children is not a good place. Remember I said that this was a holdover from antiquity, well I failed to state that it is still alive and well. In fact, there are still Chinese padding the streets with infant blood on their hands, during the late 1950’s and up the the late 60’s, Mao’s madness threw China into chaos and famine. In order to survive, the Chinese literally ate their youth. Jasper Becker can tell you all about it, just run an Amazon search on his name.

Now consider, if a people will go so far as to feast on the flesh of their own, what will they do to you?

Think about that as you consider that fantastic Teaching job in China or guided tour there. The Chinese are inhumanly cruel. Why else would the face of the world’s most prolific murderer adorn each and every banknote they have?

China should be treated with the same pestilence that it treats its youth and its livestock. Consider it the Ebola of humanity and cordon it off from your life.

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Stupid People Doing Stupid Things- Fight Videos from China and More

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 28, 2012

The King, aka Gowron, has a nose for the news and here are some vids he’s found about China. This has given me an idea, why don’t we bring the real life China experience to your doorstep. Forgo the thousand dollar ticket, you can experience China from home.

First have someone shit on your door step then don’t clean your restroom for a month, the pungent odor you smell is a good start for your china experience. Bathing is verboten and don’t even think of brushing your teeth.

Now park a two stroke lawnmower in your living room and let it run for a few days; you can consider the air you now breathe what beijing calls a blue sky day.

Lastly, punch your wife in the nose, after all, she’s only a woman and you have some ktv tramps you pay on the side anyway. Now hike your dirty tshirt over your fat gut and up around your nipples, and enjoy the videos

From The King:
Wt, I sent you this ironically when you were blocked, around early last year. then the irony is on me, when you got a VPN, and now I can’t see your wonderful therapudic videos. You have no idea how much blood letting poison seeps out of my body when I read your posts, Brewski’s posts about the implosion of the big stinky (I still stand by my 10 year prediction. reason being the Chinese are simply too cowardly to stand up for their rights).

Here is some healing balm videos your way…..VPNs are fun.


Old Hong Kong bitch goes crazy and flips out. Had I rode the sky train, I would have just hit the emergency button, after of course repeated attempts to defuse the problem. The last thing I need are Chinese warrior’s, reenacting the Son Wuhong (Monkey King), scenes. This shit may fly in Kung Fu Fighting China, where all problems are solved with Dirks (those pointed throwing knives, not throwing stars though) and ancient warrior shit. The Chinese have to learn to be civilized.

Anyways, though this video Choy Full (take of pants), Chicken (Cantonese for whore, or Gai, love those multiple meaning for same sounding words). As part of my therapy I’m going to make a “Sparta” video of this old ugly granny say Chicken and take off paints…. She dares to disturb the peace in my country. my Canada, especially if I’m coming home from a hard day of work (paying tax money, to support my dearly retired elders like a good little Chinese “retirement” plan, middle class hard working and volunteering. I honestly want Canamerica to work, to run well (this is my Canmerican dream. I don’t dream of yaughts, cars, (when I’m in mexcio for retirement, I’ll still be fighting against evil through the church, until evil doers snuff my old man body). Where as CHINESE elders, feel it’s their privildge to flip out cause a scene and disrupt the rest commuters are trying to get while riding home after being ridden by the powers that be on Earth all day at work). No old lady YOU go back to China. It’s your natural habitat! Chinese just love to fight plain and simple. We believe the world owes us something. We believe we’re the center of the universe like some valley girl that everyone just loves to shit on, on teen movies. Chinese are incapable of living in civilized society. (remember this honourable elder was from HONG KONG, the “civilized” China).

As for the poor young girl (probably a UBC student…just wanting to come home). You shouldn’t have provoked her like that, just ignore her.

Chinese in a internet cafe…… he was powned….. personally I think he was just craving a smoke lol. Fucking internet bars full of smoke. Jesus what a fucking pussy they are, gang up on one little pussy. A division of lightly armed National Guardsmen MP’s can defeat the PLA easily.

Chinese youths say….. Fuck you China….. fuck you very very much. (Fingering Chinese landmarks and other Commie). I love the music….. (not), That’s the thing about the Chinese. Always melodramatic. Warrior music, heavenly choirs, warrior princes from heaven, maidens gliding on some river, and 3 magical heavenly brothers making Klingon blood pacts of heroism under a full moon in the shadow of some mountain. and other phomphous unbelievable “Jump the couch” extravagance. That describes the central race, at the center of the world, in the center of God’s Universe….. the immature 12 year old girl the motherland is.

Well as these kids in this video say. Fuck you China. Fuck you very much.

Manager and customer beats on pregnant worker in a fast food over a fucking ICE CREAM…. I can’t take this anymore Wtd. But I must go on…. I must show you people the abomination that is China.

Chinese being Chinese………………………………. in their natural habitat.

Hong Konger woman misses her flight…….the staff was even suggesting that she gets on the NEXT plane.. This is why I go to job appointments and stuff at least half an hour (for airports a hour and a half).

Cars in showrooms have gasoline in them?!?!?!!??!

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Video of Chinese Lady Freaking When Confronted with Civilized Beings

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 21, 2012

Great video that The King Found…
From The King

On and on she goes blaming laowai oppressor… nah, it’s not the fact she has frightened patrons who just want to go there for a relaxing evening or doing lunch, after a really stressful day in Asian office…..


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Video of a Chinese Subway

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 29, 2012

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Swarm of Chinese “locusts”

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 29, 2012

The Hong Kongers call mainland Chinese locusts who use up resources and despoil their land. Here is what a swarm of Chines locusts looks like….

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How Many Chinese Does it Take to Give Directions?- China Video

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 28, 2012

Here is another example of why I am so glad I am from ABC, anywhere but China. By the time the Chinese were done giving directions to some old man my nerves where shot and my eardrums had burst

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Chinese Locusts- anti China Video From Hong Kong

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 13, 2012

Here is a video that Hong Kongers have made about mainland Chinese. It is pretty telling and shows you guys what to watch out for. As they leave this dump and mingle with humans, you will get a sampling of life in hell.
Welcome to china, reverse Darwinism in action…


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Video of What is To Fear From the Chinese Army

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 5, 2012

Check out this video of a chicom almost blowing himself up with his own grenade…do we realy need to fear these guys?


1-he should be blown up for he throws like a sissy, come on , the guy cant get the grande over the wall

2-he’s an idiot for not rolling into the protective ditch

3- arm 1,340,000,000 just like him and they will make their own ‘hamburger hill’

4- They are more a danger to themselves then to us

5- on the bright side, the grenade was made in China so probably blew out little more than smoke

6- the guy does now have real combat experience

All in all, I would ask why we fear the soldiers of a nation who have not grasped the concept of moving objects, or automatic doors, let alone the intricacies of speaking in human tones on a cell phone.

If we had to fight these guys then I’m staying so i can stake my claim on a villa in New New York (formerly known as Beijing), American style….

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2 2 Panda Rabbit Eating Noodles

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 2, 2012


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