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Chinese Tourists, aka Global Menace Attack

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 2, 2015

Chinese tourists are known for a couple of things. First off, they redefine the term ‘rube’ with those big billed hats, one-size-fits-all shirts and incessant yapping. Indian corn colored teeth coupled with breath that could atomize coal make them a fan favorite for no one.

Aside from their utter lack of concern for aesthetic appeal, they are also known to be rude. Toting along Chinese civility with them wherever they go, the Chinese eat, spit and shit wherever they please. Aside from this their manners are on display as those howler monkeys foray into civilized lands.

Here is an example of the latter…

Two Chinese tourists argued and fought with a Thai traveler at Bangkok’s Don Mueang International Airport after the latter tried to stop them from cutting in line, reports our Chinese-language sister paper Want Daily.

The Thai passenger sought to stop the two Chinese women from cutting in line before the Lion Air check-in counter at the airport on Friday. The two women argued fiercely and the man found himself being chased around the airport as the two women waved their arms trying to hit him until airport staff intervened.

Staff took the women to the police station and arranged for them to take a flight back to China. Lion Air said the Thai man was scheduled to take a flight at 10pm on the day and the two women were scheduled for an 11pm departure.


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Corrupt Chinese Officials with Blood on Their Hands in New Zealand

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 10, 2014

This is just biz as usual for dirty Chinese commies:
Corrupt Chinese officials who have fled to New Zealand could be making large political donations to avoid being repatriated, Labour says.

Beijing authorities want to extradite what Prime Minister John Key has described as a “reasonable number” of Chinese from New Zealand to face charges of financial corruption.

Key revealed that President Xi Jinping raised the issue when he visited New Zealand last month.

Labour leader Andrew Little said today that when he was party president he had been approached by Chinese donors he described as suspicious.

Little did not accept their money, but said it was possible the money had found its way into the coffers of other political parties.

“They’re known to make political contributions to parties, I know because they tell us that,” he said on Morning Report.

“I know the fact that donations have been made because, certainly in the Labour Party when I was president, we were approached being offered handsome donations.

“We turned them down, but they would have gone to other places. We weren’t sure what the origin of their wealth was, and we weren’t satisfied, we weren’t comfortable so we didn’t accept the donation.”

National Party president Peter Goodfellow said the party disclosed all its donations in accordance with the electoral requirements.

There were no “explicit” background checks but Goodfellow confirmed a “small number” of donations had been rejected by National for various reasons – though none were related to the Chinese corruption scandal.

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Chinese Companies Inundating the USA with Fake Pharmaceuticals

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 9, 2014

If the Chinese would actually invent anything positive, they would be unstoppable.
Drug gangs in the United States are moving to new markets, with the help of Chinese factories. Their new target is counterfeit pharmaceuticals, and their new victims are the vulnerable: cancer patients, the elderly, hospitalized children, and folks who otherwise can’t afford medication.

Criminal organizations are being drawn to the allure of the new market, which brings less legal risk and higher profits than illicit drugs. Chinese companies, meanwhile, are operating with little oversight and outside the reach of U.S. law.

“Not only do Chinese chemical companies sell precursor materials to the Mexican cartels and synthetic drugs directly to the European and American markets over the Internet, but are also actively involved in cloned pharmaceuticals production,” said Robert Bunker, adjunct professor at the U.S. Army War College Strategic Studies Institute, in an email.

Cases of smugglers trafficking fake medicine are growing more common. In early October, three Texas residents were indicted for allegedly trying to smuggle at least 30 shipments of fake pharmaceutical drugs—close to 100,000 pills—into the United States from China.



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Problems When Dealing With Chinese Suppliers

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 15, 2014

If you are going to dance with the devil, you will get burnt. Read the following in order to minimize your ‘China stupidity’ exposure, or better yet, just go elsewhere with your production.


If you have experience in importing from Chinese suppliers, you know it’s very common that quotes are not handled with precision.
There are some basic yet deep-rooted reasons why suppliers in China quote incorrectly.
Precision: Suppliers in China do not quote with precision. The mindset is that the initial quote is not something that is going to make or break the project. The quote is viewed as sort of the starting point of discussion.
Details and specifications are not something firm that can readily be concreted and confirmed. Facts are “loose” and require back-and-forth.
Western buyer thinks: the quote needs to be as exact as possible so I can quote my buyer or rock n’ roll on these numbers so that we can close the job. Let’s get this right and get moving!
Chinese supplier thinks: here’s the quote and if it’s not exact or if you find any mistakes, holler back at me and we’ll get you fixed up.
From the suppliers’ mindset, nothing rides on that first quote. Whether or not you come back isn’t based on their quoting method.
The concept of going through an inquiry “with a fine-tooth comb” is not a common practice with suppliers in China.
The salesperson you work with from the supply company or factory doesn’t spend much time proofreading the quote or assuring they are quoting as per your specifications.
Continue here

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Hacking Huawei Meet Xeroxing Xiaomi, Battle of Chinese Thieves

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 28, 2014

Move over Hacking Huawei, there is a new thief in town! Say hello to my little Xiaomi.

For those of you who live in civilized countries with real humans, you probably never heard of Xiaomi. So here is a rundown:

From this site we see that Xiaomi is an Apple clone.

The creeper in charge of Xiaomi is named Lei Jun and he is a pathological Apple fan. A few years back he said he was waiting for Jobs to die so Xiaomi could take Apple’s place.




In any event, Xiaomi has come out of nowhere to be a major cellphone company in China. Not surpringly, such firms usually have communist party backing and of course, Xiaomi’s boss is not only a communist but a member of its legislature as well.

One does not have to tax their mind to figure who Lei Jun is backing. But if you are too dumb to figure it out then let me help you. Take a look at the Xiaomi company mascot, a communist soldier-themed rabbit.



If you look closely at the box the commie bunny is in front of you will see that he represents a pilot from 1921, the year the communist party was founded. Lei’s Red cred could hardly be less inconspicuous.

What has governments concerned is why Xiaomi is stealing customer data and shipping it off to Beijing even as we speak. This has been going on for months now and even in light of all the bad press, Xiaomi phines are still stealing.

Excerpt here

China has a company called Xiaomi which has lit up the cell phone industry. Its business model is to sell cheap smart phones with good specs to select groups at a time. Rather than selling vis traditional means, Xiaomi only sells online. Of course they cribbed this from Dell who had some it decades before, but Xiaomi adds a twist. In order to buy a phone one has to preregister. Yeah, you heard me right, and we are not talking iphones here. This Chinese startup has people convinced that their gear is so good that people in China prepaid just to be put on a waiting list to buy one. They now use this model, called ‘Hunger Marketing’ in southeast Asia as well.

The problem is that Xiaomi has only been selling internationally for less than one year and already Singapore, Taiwan, India, Hong Kong and Vietnam are upset about Xiaomi phones and data theft. F Secure proved that the Xiaomi ‘Red’Mi1S was copying the cyber sitters in Beijing on user data, notes, photos and more. Rather than cease and desist, Xiaomi sat on their hands,

This only served to anger those countries more and now Taiwan, Vietnam and India are considering bans of one kind or the other. The article below speaks to the threat that companies such as Xiaomi pose.

Excerpt from here

Informative eight minute video here. The two speakers discuss the dangers of The Indian Airforce using Xiaomi phones. Obviously It is not in India’s best interest to have data of their airforce personnel owned by Xiaomi, a Chinese firm. This danger is compounded by the fact that China has been increasingly pugnacious with all of its neighbors, including India. Aside from this, Lei Jun, Xiaomi’s founder, sits on the communist National People’s Congress. It takes little mental math to figure out where his loyalties lay.

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Rent Increases in Hell- aka China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 8, 2012

China has a lot of people. actually this is an understatement its like saying ‘rotten eggs smell bad’. Sure they do, but the word ‘bad’ cannot fully comprehend what their odor does to one’s senses.

In any event, the rent in hell aka China, has gone up dramatically. In some areas of hell, notably Beijing Shanghai and Guangzhou, rent has gone up over 10% in one month alone.

I guess I should look at the bright side. For this ten percent increase in housing price, one is guaranteed of living in a beaten down, dilapidated death trap which will crumble at the  mere signs of an earthquake. Setting this aside, one can also be assured that, absent a slight tremor, the little hunk of fecal matter that we call homes will be in a horrible state of disrepair within months of moving in.

In your typical Chinese gulag, the water pipes are the first thing to give up the ghost and then its the walls, followed by plumbing in general. All this is the China price, that cost we all pay for the privilege of living in one of the most repressive regimes on the planet….


“Prices rose most in Beijing, where prices rose by 13.86% from May, followed by Shenzhen, 7.56%; Guangzhou, 6.84%; and Shanghai, 6.48%, according to data released by real estate market researcher the China Index Academy.”

From here


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Photos of Why Chinese Should not Be Allowed In Ikea

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 7, 2012

I live in China so I am subjected to smog, cancer and fake food, and aside from that, Chinese. Chinese, in and of themselves, are not a bad thing, its just that their behavior patterns go better with the Jurassic period rather than the 21st century.
Here is an example of how the Chinese can even foul up a cool thing like Ikea.

This is the Ikea in Beijing.
Problem- 1

Too many people. And remember, when Chinese get together they do stupid things, like stand, gawk, rubber neck and act…Chinese

Problem 2 They fk stuff up. This couch is relatively new, but after a few hours of Chinese wear and tear, the thing looks like its had chemo.

The odd thing is that the Chinese do not realize that someone may wish to sit on this couch, so they dirty it up then take off.


Problem 3

3000 years of history and still uncivilized. As you can see, some chinese allowed their kid to urinate on the sofa, after all, it is some else’s problem isn’t it?

Yeah, Ikea has assloads of restrooms, but some Chinese thought it made more sense to allow their little burden to pee on the couch.

Problem 4

Chinese “Locust Effect”

Due to the nature of the beast, and I do mean that, Chinese ‘locusts’ are all around.

And being the industrious sort, they do what uncle Mao taught them, they take up resources and cause chaos.

Problem 6

They act Chinese. This is the reason for the angst in Hong Kong, in Singapore, and just about every place that these people are free to roam to now. The world is understanding the true nature of the Chinese spirit and sense of fashion, style and comportment.

The place looked like a war zone, scattered with bodies.


But this old guy took the cake. I guess all those years chasing down teachers and smashing the 4 olds , per Mao’s demands has left him a little weary.

I love how he is sampling the store’s wares.



I mean how many people can cut loose and take a snooze like this proud old lion?




And why not just lie back and kick off your shoes while your at it?



I dont know about the rest of China, but what I really want is to perch atop the gnarled foot funk that this old guy leaves behind when awoken form his slumber.

My question is:

Wasn’t this place a lot better under the rule of Chairman Mao?

Put these guys back in their cages.


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China, Price Controls and More

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 29, 2011

Great Comment from Brewskie
“What’s more is Shanghai home owners have been rioting over price discounts. Indeed, property developers are in deep trouble, as roughly 1/3rd reported negative growth in the third quarter; sales of Vanfound Real Estate, Yihua Real Estate, Hianan Haide Industry and Binjiang Group dropped more than 40%.


I also found out China’s in bigger trouble than I originally imagined. The crux the optimists like to lean on is the “$3 trillion in currency reserves crutch.” Yeah, the banks are in big trouble, and I figured the CCP would bail out the Big 4′s asses (for real this time, too, not shuffle it around debt as the last 2 times), but it wouldn’t cure the underlining suffrage at the base of the economy: namely, death in real estate, lower revenues collected by local governments as a result – along with the armies of people with money stuffed in property market related-vehicles – nor the wazillion suffering SMEs choked by dirty shark loan bastards. Historical case in point: did bailing out Wall Street banks cure America’s underlining economic problems – will employment and Main Street be revitalized soon? And $3 trillion in currency reserves is no Miracle Grow formula that’s going to shake Playdough-srength freeway ramps into titanium shape quickly, either.

However, leave it to “Genius” Jim Chanos to throw down the gauntlet: the reserves have liabilities, meaning, exporters who collected dollars exchanged transferred them for RMB at the PBOC, which they spent, meaning when China has to bail out the banks, she’ll have to print currency to save them (and what’s already suffocating many Chinese?). In a video linked below, this gets spelled out around 1:44; most of the video pertains to information China bears already know.


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Warning Explicit Video- Chinese Man Runs Over Toddler and No One Stops to Help

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 18, 2011

Here is a heart breaking video of a child who was run over. The sad thing is that not only the driver of the vehicle but 18 other people passed by the child and no one helped.

I would fast forward to the end to watch the reaction fo the people and not watch the poor child when hit.

video here  http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzEzMDY4OTcy.html

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Video From China Shows Why They Will Not Rule the World

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 15, 2011

check out the vid. Its boring until 3 minutes in for before that the guy just bangs at the window. Then the ladies scream and act stupid then the cops come and they are equally worthless and let the guy get away. Pretty funny in the end.

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