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Chinese Cannot Innovate

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 17, 2013

If it weren’t for messes, human rights abuses and a mockery of justice, the Chinese could not innovate a thing.

Here is a scholarly look at this truism.


BY JACK DINI – China ranks 151st out of 181 countries in the World Bank’s annual survey of environments for entrepreneurs. “China has a long way to go before it will be anything like the US in its ability to foster innovation or entrepreneurship,” says Daniel Altman. (1)

Yet hardly a week goes by without a headline pronouncing that China is about to overtake the US and other advanced economies in the innovation game. Patent filings are up, China is exporting high-tech goods, the West is doomed. Or so goes the story line. (2)

So, what is innovation? According to Wikipedia, “Innovation is the development of new customer value through solutions that meet new needs, unarticulated needs, or old customer and market needs in new ways. This is accomplished through different or more effective products, processes, services, technologies, or ideas that are readily available to markets, governments, and society.”

As Steve Lohr reports, “Innovation is a tricky thing to measure. Patents are the most widely used yardstick, but they are an imperfect gauge of innovation at best. A November 2011 report by Thompson Reuters tries to draw a more accurate link between corporate patent filings and real innovation. It does so by measuring not only the number of patents a company files but also the influence, global reach and success of its patents. The result is a list of the 100 most innovative companies in the world, not ranked, just in or out. Most of the names on the list are no surprise. Forty percent are from America, including IBM, Apple, Microsoft, Boeing, Exxon Mobile, and Intel. One surprise! Not a single Chinese company is on the list. Yet China has become the most prolific patent filer in the world, pursuing a national plan to become an economy based on innovation rather than imitation.” (3)

Yet there is less here than meets the eye. Over 95% of the Chinese applications were filed domestically with the State Intellectual Property Office. The vast majority cover Chinese ‘innovations’ that make only tiny changes on existing designs. In many other cases, a Chinese filer ‘patents’ a foreign invention in China with the goal of suing the foreign inventor for ‘infringement’ in a Chinese legal system that doesn’t recognize foreign patents. (2)



11 Responses to “Chinese Cannot Innovate”

  1. quoter said

    read the only comment from a chinese flat tit on that article, being chinese she is driven by a hopeless inferiority complex and wishful dreams

    “What a significant article about China’s innovation! Although you have written up a valuable things about China’s innovation that they are struggling but one thing I just want to say that still China is the top one of the country in the world and they have ability to prove that and already they have proven that they are the number top class country in the world. So I think that just a matter of time to recover this situation and hopefully they will originate surprising things for the world in near future as well. Thanks for the valuable article. ”

    LOL, yeah ok why do always chinese say that garbage? noone else in the world makes a clown of themselves like the chinese.
    ok true: the chinese have invented gun powder (oh shit the arabs did it, not them–chinese just ignore this fact), toaster, car, democracy, harmony, space travel, cars, soap, toilets, planes, computers, tanks, food, morale, submarines, culture, IP, poems, beer, noodles (oh shit the greeks did it, not them–chinese just ignore this fact), deo spray, toilet paper, japan, time travel and oxygen. but what else did they invent?

    megalol. china is the biggest joke and greates disgusting hole in humans history. that’s truly their OWN original invention.

  2. quoter said

    oh shit! CCTV just showed a “documentary” (with chinese characteristics), “explaining” why china is the leader of innovation in the world (“we have the greatest amount of patents in the world=chinese are the most innoative and superior to the west. LOL)” and how foreigners stole all chinese “high tech” in the 19th(!!!!) century (china was a stone age country at that time, just like now) ! Oh shit..whenever you think that things can’t go lower…the chinese will even take it to a new ridiculous lowness and primitiveness…

    • Te sad thing is that the Chinese know it is untrue that China cannot innovate, but Americans do not believe this.

      • Quoter said

        Do not forget the Europeans 😉 Don’t be so US-centric my dear friend.

      • Yeah, didn’t mean to exclude Europe. I just did not want to sound like I know so much about Europe since I never lived there and dont want to be a poser…

        I am reading a European report about innovation which shows China is shit.

        Here is the link

        Click to access patentstudy2012_EUCCC.pdf

      • Quoter said

        yeah that’s it. typical europeans. when they analyze something they do it right. hi Germany 😀 yeah that is a great pdf, thanks.

        one of of m friend in china who has a company was visited by chinese gov thugs last week. it was a raid. they stole all of his docs, bank account PINS, IP and said that his company is not respecting chinese law. in fact that guy followed chinese “law” by the letter. he is now bankrupt and a chinese company took/stole his marketing idea and is now selling it as its “own” idea.

        that guy was then pushed to leave china or faced to spend time in a chinese prison. he left china.

        I recommend you guys who have a company in china to leave and open up a bank acount in hongkong….

  3. True said

    I saw this too. It is time to leave China.

    • Quoter said

      it is yeah. forget that cheap chinese pusies.chinese girls are easy to fuck but u’l pay high price. a friend if mine (belgian) was almost beaten to death in shanghai by dozens of chinese so called “men”. he was drunk and said that chinese have no respect for people and humanity. That is a silly thing to do in china (is it??), but is that a reason to beat one guy? And in this case 14 chinese against one foreigner?

  4. intermezzo said

    *lol* that logo looks likes a nike sperm. it’s such a tasteless rip-off. only in china.

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