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More Freedoms in China Being Withdrawn

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 3, 2011

Here is a good article that speaks to how the Chinese control the media and what they can report on.

from Reuters here:
“….some foreign reporters were harassed or beaten up by police over the weekend in Wangfujing, after an online message from abroad urged a pro-democracy gathering inspired by the “Jasmine Revolution” in the Arab world. Police smothered the designated area and no protest happened.The Foreign Ministry Tuesday blamed foreign media for the fracas for not following regulations and blocking a busy street without just cause.

Beijing likes to style Wangfujing as the city’s answer to Fifth Avenue in New York.

According to rules issued just before the Beijing Olympics, China allows foreign reporters to interview anyone as long as they have their permission.

But the government often interprets the rules to suit its needs. Tibet remains off limits apart from government-organized visits, and other sensitive areas have been “temporarily” closed”

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