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Return of the Red Guards- China Cracking Down on Wanton Capitalism

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 25, 2011

In a move taken from the Chinese playbook of the 60’s, uncle chicom wants to keep the masses, or ‘peasants’ as the Chinese ever so politely call them, happy. Beijing is supposeldy going to prohibit ads for luxury items, as these things are scandalous or show the evil capitalistic ways of the west, or so they say. In reality, the move is probably that they want to preserve order and with all the turmoil in the middle east and such, uncle chicom doesn’t want to remind the average farmer in China just how crappy his life is and how low he has sunk in comparison to his ‘comrades’ who whiz by in expensive toys……

from here
Beijing’s communist government, faced with a widening gap between rich and poor, moved to make the issue less visible by banning outdoor advertising that promotes lavish lifestyles in the Chinese capital.

Promoting “hedonism, lavishness and the worship of foreign things” on outdoor advertisements such as billboards will be prohibited in Beijing by April 15, the city’s Administration for Industry and Commerce said in a statement on its Website. Ads that are in “poor taste,” contain vulgar language and advocate “aristocratic lifestyles” will also be banned.

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