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Chinese Camel Toe

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 28, 2011

Not to be rude, but what is up with all of the ‘camel toe’ in China? For those ignorant of this term, google it or just imagine what I am referencing. The women here, especially those who work out quite often sport a wicked ‘camel toe’. For some reason they hike their cheap sweats so far up their ‘junk’, I fear a surgical procedure will be in order to remove them.
Back home this practice is usually found in low class trailer courts, as opposed to the other ones, and laundro-mats, or areas with a lot of immigrants who stuff too much bulk into too little clothing. I lived in Brazil before, and they did this to appear sexy and in Brazil maybe it is. But, in China it just looks odd.

[delya +8 hours]

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My Favs- Off Topic

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 28, 2011

I am bored so I will tell you about my literary tastes.I am always looking for new writing to check out so if you like what I like or want to suggest anyone, please let me know.
My Favs in no order-
Tennessee Williams
William S Burroughs
Hunter S Thompson
Lee Child
MIchael Connoly
John Grisham
Gregory David Roberts
Charles Dickens
Mark Twain

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Uncle Chicom Controlling the Media

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 28, 2011

Here is a little history about the ruling communist party of China and their desire to control pulic opinion via the media

excerpt from here:
” On July 20, 1999, the CCP and Jiang Zemin declared their suppression of the populace who believe in “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance”. Jiang said, “How could it be possible that Marxist theory, the materialism and atheism believed by our Communists would not be able to defeat F G’s teachings?” “If indeed that was the case, wouldn’t it be a big joke?”[19] This time, the CCP learned the lesson of being sanctioned by the international communities after the “June 4” Mxxxre in 1989, and it also put into use its knowledge of torturing people and the cruel means that it has accumulated over its history of near one hundred years. In the persecution of Fn Gg populace, the CCP has gradually changed from an overt way to a covert way, so the persecution has appeared to be even more deceiving to the public. Over the nine years, the Foreign Propaganda Office of the CCP Central Committee has been actively following and participating in the persecution; it has used many means, such as holding press conferences, having culture exchanges, using internet, radio, and television, publishing books and other materials, etc., to spread the lies to the international societies so as to defame Falun Gong, incite people to hate Falun Gong, justify the crimes that the CCP has committed against Fn Gg practitioners and use various means to make the international communities keep”

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Chinese Sneaks, Songs and the Ignorant American Government

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 28, 2011

Here is a snippet about the song that some Chinese guy played for meeting of the winner of the ’09 Nobel prize (Obama) and the man who heads the regime responsible for imprisoning the winner of the ‘011 Nobel Prize (Hu). The story is about some chinese guy who for whatever reason is now also a citizen of the land of milk and honey, which presumably means he will not die of cancer at an early age, had access to legitimate schools, and will have health care that is worthy of its name.
In any event, this pianist played some song for Obama that had some pretty anti-American undertones. Ignorant of how the Chinese think, Obama saw nothing wrong with it as he announced after taking a deep hit, “well, done”clap clap , “splendid” he clapped. The thing is that the what transpired is typical of how the Chinese function and do business. Thus, you should read the excerpt below that explains the significance of the act.

But if you have no time to read this and must rush off to the dollar store to purchase something that you ‘really need’, I totally understand….sarcasm intended.

excerpt from “A State Insult with Chinese Characteristics” here:
““My Motherland” is still famous in China; indeed, it is well-known to practically every Chinese adult to this very day. Unfortunately, this political anthem and its significance were evidently unknown to the many members of the administration’s China team—the secretary and deputy secretary of State, the assistant secretary of State for East Asia and the Pacific, and the National Security Council’s top two Asia experts—who were on hand at the state dinner and heard this serenade. Clueless about the nature of the insult, they did not know to warn the president that he would embarrass himself and his country by not only sitting through the song, but by congratulating Lang Lang for it afterward.

The “My Motherland” incident, for its part, may only be a foretaste of what lies ahead in U.S.-China relations. Note, for example, this week’s New York Times front-page story “China Grooming Deft Politician as Next Leader,” announcing Xi Jinping, the Chinese vice president and politburo member, as heir presumptive to Hu Jintao. Xi is lauded as “a brilliant politician” who “came to hate ideological struggles” and is known for “his conciliatory leadership style.” This is the same urbane pragmatist who delivered a speech in Beijing last October commemorating China’s role in the Korean War, a war Xi described as “imposed by the imperialist aggressors,” while Chinese and North Korean troops were waging “a war of justice to defend peace.” Xi even trotted out the long-discredited Communist lie that Americans used germ warfare in the Korean conflict.

This Orwellian rendition of the origins and conduct of the Korean War augurs ill for U.S.-China relations on many counts (not the least of these being the prospect of cooperation on denuclearization in North Korea—in Xi’s telling, the supposed victim of a U.S. surprise attack in 1950). Xi’s diatribe reveals a lingering and deep-seated animosity toward the United States, and suggests that China’s rising generation of rulers will be less shy about advertising (and perhaps acting upon) such sentiments than their predecessors.

If American policy makers are to avoid unpleasant surprises in their dealings with China in the years ahead, they must pay far more attention to official Chinese pronouncements, commentary, and doctrine. All too often, American security specialists—and even China watchers—are inclined to disregard official Chinese speechifying as so much boring palaver. The problem is that in a controlled society, official words matter. Sometimes, even songs do.”

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China Announces Small Shops Are Responsible for Shoddy Fireworks…

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 28, 2011

In the snippet from the chinadaily, the ever transparent Chinese government declared that small Chinese shops are responsible for producing faulty fireworks. After publishing this report, they buried the one that proves that large Chinese companies, especially one’s with a high level of State backing are responsible for nearly all of the toxic milk, toys, dry wall and other goods to flood our shores.

“Beijing – The latest national governmental investigation into the safety of fireworks production found that more than half of the fireworks made by small workshops are unsafe, despite the country’s best efforts to protect the public, a senior official said.”

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China Admits its Ill-Equipped to deal with Public Crisis

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 28, 2011

Damn the Chinese have a ton of problems….

” SHANGHAI – Events that constituted a “public crisis” occurred every five days on average in China in 2010, and the country needs to become better at dealing with them, according to a report from Shanghai Jiao Tong University.”

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California Can Thank China for Its Pollution….

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 28, 2011

from Julie Cochran – Economic Warlords

” Some studies indicate that more than 25% of California’s pollution may be traced across the Pacific to China’s factories.203 Scientists studying this phenomenon report that plumes of aerosols and pollutants stretch up to three hundred miles wide and six miles deep; once aloft, these toxic rivers can circle the globe in as little as three weeks.”

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The Party, The Website- In China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 28, 2011

from The Party: The Secret World of China’s Communist Rulers (Richard Mcgregor)

“the Party still does not have its own stand-alone website. Lu Weidong, who teaches at the party school in the old revolutionary base of Yan’an, dismissed my query about its absence as redundant. ‘All the important media is owned by the Party,’ he said, ‘so we have no need to set up a website.’

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Wow A lot Of Chinese Have Died…. But Hey Did You Hear that the Apple Store in Bejing is a Success…Anger Rant

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 28, 2011

This is an angry rant that boiled up in the farthest recesses of my ‘dark region’

Big businesses are whores and those of us who support them whores as well. Nowadays its fun to be politically correct, claim racism is being eradicated at its very roots, we do after all have a black, I mean African -American president- who has taken a half-stop forward for the race. But that’s not the point here. The point is that we are basically full of shit. We like to complain about Wal-mart and the chicoms and fear their rise, but at the end of the day we do little to lower our ‘Chinese footprint’. I could forestall any moronic comments about ‘dude everything is made in china’ , by pointing out that the land of milk and honey is still the worlds biggest manufacturer (the chicoms count mining in this figure and the rest of the world does not), and I agree that most toys are made in the land of cadmium and lead. but we can still try cant we?

But the brutal reality is that cash is king to American big business. I saw this article where Apple’s Beijing store is outselling the one in downtown New York. Instead of focusing on pent up demand and opining as to the reason behind this, i will remain mum and say that the corporate whores guiding the land of milk and honey really do not care what is happening in the bowels of the world and oftentimes we dont either.

So, disregard this and all previous as well as ensuing posts and buy a Disney cup from Mickey D’s and lick it from stem to stern and then lay your bloating skull on your down pillow and dream of a pleasant tomorrow.

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China’s Strategy To Brainwash the World – China’s Propaganda Machine

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 28, 2011

Interesting excerpt on who  China tries to manipulate with its media .

excerpt from here:

The research group of “the research on efficient foreign propaganda” of Xinhua News Agency believes “The main targets of foreign propaganda should be the middle and upper class in the target countries, including politicians, people in business circles and intellectuals because they control either the political or the economic power and have the influence on the ideology and public opinion of those countries. Our media outlets responsible for foreign propaganda should focus on the mainstream media in the target countries. Based on our own features and characteristics, we should enhance the communications and collaboration with them. Especially, we should make friends with the famous people in foreign media. We should have intimate relationship with them, and do well the work of foreign propaganda with their help.” [35]

“Moreover, overseas Chinese and Chinese students studying abroad are another group of people deserving attention from overseas propaganda departments… Presently, there are over tens of millions of overseas Chinese and Chinese students studying abroad; many of them have become part of the mainstream society, sometimes even quite influential elites. Foreigners generally learn about China through overseas Chinese. Therefore, overseas Chinese bridge China and the outside world in a unique manner.” [35]

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