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China’s Tshinghua Dean Lies on His Resume

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 16, 2011

This excerpt shows more about academic fraud in China. The bottom line is that in China, pride and money govern everything. So, if China can get ‘face’ by making proclamations that are untrue, they dont care, as long as everyone believes them. Then, if found to be frauds, they claim ignorance. Ultimately the ‘credibility gap’ in China is so huge that it’s hard to take this place seriously. Maybe this is the reason that after reading about this advance or discovery from China, I sigh and look at the buildings that are collapsing a few years after thier construction and roll my eyes, and then get myself some Chongqing la ze zhi (sp)….

“…Tsing Hua University, widely known as China’s MIT. As the students and teachers walk and bicycle to and from classes here, it’s clear from the imposing new law school and other new buildings that the government is pumping a lot of money into this school to make it a world-class university. But the school’s reputation suffered when the assistant dean of the medical school here, was found to have lied on his resume. The dean cited another scholar’s research paper as his own, and falsely claimed to have been a research director at the New York University medical school. Tsing Hua quietly fired the dean in March.

Yang Yusheng, a professor of American history at the China University of Politics and Law, says that Chinese universities emphasized the quantity of academics’ published work, over their quality. He adds that the schools have failed to teach students the basics of how to research and study”

One Response to “China’s Tshinghua Dean Lies on His Resume”

  1. I wrote about cheating in China and around the globe last April.


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