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Beijing Pollution 11-17

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 16, 2011

My lungs are dead, it feels like they are coated in cement. A colleague asked how I am doing and I said much better. The colleague said that the pollution should be less now for it is raining. I decided to go to this site http://iphone.bjair.info/ and alas he is right.
Beijing’s pollution is ONLY 183 or about four times what is considered harmful in ABC Anywhere But China.
Damn this place is fked.

2 Responses to “Beijing Pollution 11-17”

  1. Pizarro said

    Western companies should be blamed for China’s pollution:


    • wtdevflnt said

      Thanks. But if you believe that then should the USA blame Mexico for our drug problem?
      China is made up of ‘pseudo-adults’ who make decisions. If they, as a country, decide that companies can pollute then who is to blame?
      In addition, if you have traveled around China you will see that the worst perpetrators are not the foreigners, but the locals. I suggest you take a look at the rivers near Chongqing and the plants in Guangzhou before deciding with whom the blame really lays.

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