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Beijing’s Pollution Today Almost Off the Charts- 420!!

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 16, 2011

I am attaching a screen shot of today’s pollution index in Beijing at 7:20 pm. It is 420 which in civilized terms, is about 8 times worse than horrible. It is so bad outside that you can feel the air. I have a bad cough from the increase in pollutants, and going outside is like punishment.

The chicoms complain that the US embassy posts these results, for the chicoms tell chinese truth or they do not report the real numbers. Take for instance the other day, the measurement was like 200, which is awful, and the Chicoms called it moderately bad.

A pollution index of 420 is like wading through molasses, you can feel o2 deprivation a bit and your eyes are scratchy. Washing ones hair should be undertaken twice per day and a mask should always be worn. In all honesty, you can feel the air today.
I noticed they have stoked up the coal burner just to the north of Beijing and that could be the reason that it has been so horrible the past few days.
The sad thing is that these people do not demand more so they deserve what they get.

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