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Photos of China’s Swill Oil

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 31, 2011

China has this stuff called gutter oil or swill oil. Swill oil is nothing less than oil that is removed from the plates and bowls of restaurants and then sieved and resold. The stuff is rancid and dank and although cigarette butts have been skimmed off. it is deadly with aflotoxin.
These containers shown here are omnipresent in China. They contain swill oil, or so I was told. The containers will be taken to a place then ‘purified’ meaning take out the large clumps of crap and repackage it as new.

4 Responses to “Photos of China’s Swill Oil”

  1. Brewskie said

    One of the “industries” you can long after the China party catches hangover.

  2. relief said

    That stuff is all over town

    • Brewskie said

      Yeah, so I’ve heard – in all sorts of towns.

      The funny bit is despite my presence on the blog, despite my commentary and links, I’ve never even been to China. My interest in the country started out of admiration (I still love her storied history); my moxie metamorphosized from learning about the country, talking to people.

      Glad I never chose to live there. It’d be like some goon marrying Laura Kaeppeler (the 2012 Miss America winner), thinking he bagged a prize catch, only to discover she has got a gooley case of hypothyroidism, causing her to blow up like Fat Bastard from Austin Powers; and now, she doesn’t have looks to compensate the Kim Kardiashian-level IQ prevalent in most Miss America winners.

      • Brewskie said

        Oh well, it’s not like the US stands perfectly on its own two feet. Currently, one of the front runners in the Republican race made a name for himself through talk of restricting access to contraceptives. Really? Is this where the country’s going to? People not working, student debt higher than the Himalayas, creaking infrastructure, an acute labor shortage in skilled professions (engineering, medical, computer, mathematics – believe me, if you have the right skills, you wouldn’t know there’s a recession; in N Dakota, where there’s an oil boom, there’s more jobs posted than unemployed in the state!) and bad education, but seriously, we’re talking about women’s access to the pill? And Sanitorium is being phony: this isn’t his lifetime position.

        Then there’s Newty, who did well in a Southern swing but has thankfully fallen out of favor. That dipshit fake persecuted Clinton’s infidelity when he was scorin’ on the side himself(along with the plenty Republican brethren doing the same); he even filed for divorce from a wife when she was a cancer patient! I blame pharmaceuticals for his mad blowout of ideas; when in Congress in the ’90s, he introduced legislation mandating the death penalty for even menial drug habits, such as a hippy with several ounces of Mary Jane, even though he pushed medical Mary Jane in his young early ’80s days. (He also favored the insurance mandate in the ’90s, and suggested a six-figure fine on anyone without insurance.)

        I’m not surprised he won in Georgia. It’s no wonder those righteous “moralistic” Christians can get their order right; the South has been nothing but a pain since the nation’s inception (the Southern states refused to ratify the constitution unless it explicitly allowed slavery). The country will be a lot better off when those learning-disabled “hallelujah!” belters learn to read the complete sentence of Commandment Six: “Though… shalt not…” Damn it, better hurry! Sweet Jesus doesn’t wait on Judgement Day!

        I remembered a guy who once described two bumper stickers he saw on a truck which sums up the South: one had a rendering of a fetus that said “All life is precious”; the other stated “Is there life after death? Steal this truck and find out.”

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