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Man Dies After Swallowing Water From a Swimming Pool in China- Fecal and Urine Content of 90%

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 27, 2010

File this one under “cheap Chinese who will do anything to save a buck, even if it includes endangering public health by not providing adequate safety standards….” well maybe thats too long , so file this one under “This is Chinese Living”, and if that file is too large then put it under “Truly disgusting story from China”.
The quick version is that a guy ingested some water from a swimming pool near Beijing and then died. The toxicologists said that urine and fecal matter made up 90% of either the water or what he ingested, it is unclear. They also stated that in China, it is not uncommon for people to bathe in public pools, so one can imagine the filth and stank that they must contain. I went to Sanya at a beach resort and witnessed a man take his kid to the pool to stand and pee. They were a short distance from their homes and decided it was better to urinate in the swimming pool then a nearby bush…
and as an aside, the Chinese guy quoted below is named “Lao Xing Ding Dong” haha, who names a child anything with Dong, let alone “Ding Dong”- his parents must be sadists.

Story and link:

“Hundreds of paramedics and doctors were in attendance at the Mao Mao Municipal Pool in the Eastern province of the city 23 km from the Olympic village on Tuesday.

One man was fatally poisoned when he swallowed a mouthful of the pool’s water which was laced with the urine and fecal matter of 47,000 swimmers in the gigantic Chinese public swimming pool.

“He was doing the breast stroke when a wave of yellow water entered his mouth. He swallowed the lot and he started choking and shaking violently,” one of the swimmers who witnessed the incident recalled.

The man died immediately after swallowing the deadly soup of urine and faeces that was in the swimming pool. The Chinese swimming pool in the Yao Stink district is able to accommodate 230,000 swimmers at one time and on Tuesday was at low capacity of just 47,000 eager swimmers.

A toxicologist noted after taking a sample of the water that even though there is a heavy concentration of chlorine in the pool’s water, the urine and fecal matter consisted of nearly 90% of the mix.

“You can imagine what happens when 50,000 odd swimmers relax their bladders or bowels in the water. Some of the swimmers actually use the pool to wash in as well because they do not have bathrooms at home,” Lao Xing Ding Dong told the Beijing People’s Daily paper.”

2 Responses to “Man Dies After Swallowing Water From a Swimming Pool in China- Fecal and Urine Content of 90%”

  1. Gowron said

    There was a documentary on Doctors without borders, and a Chinese American physician volunteering in China. One of his cases, involved a swimmer, who dived into the pool and ruptured his ear. and was infected instantniously with some sort of Menningitus like infection. He died a painful death, as the young medic know how to even remotly address this. He tried many things. OUCH!

    This is very ironic, because my people are gemophobes, and alot of our ancient cures (disproved by modern science now) such as Ear wax digging, lympo sanitizing (getting rid of the goobers, such as Phlem), and yeet hay (hot gas), involves teas and other such diets to occasionally flush yourself out and keep yourself clean. Key words :YOURSELF CLEAN. Damn the rest of the world.

    This selfishness is what I hate most about my people, the hiprocracy, first you’re supposed to do all these so called “Good Karma deeds”, but then you’re chasitised, for not seeking success in the wallet?

    in the context of hygene. You’re congradulated for keeping your immediate self clean, your house clean, but everything else can be a Chinese Youma Bardo hell hole. This attitude irritates me, as a born Canadian. This attitude of owning the place by new Chinese-Canadians, bringing their oafish selfish attitudes HERE, but the thing is eventually they do conform to their new world, if not their more liberal minded children will.

    I myself am happy to have been a Scout Chinese-Canadian, (see clumsy Kevin from Up. That’s my life, even looks like me too), but a caring for the enviroment, and it rubbed off on my mom, who at first didn’t care with the “I’m going to die when all this global warming future stuff happens”. Now she lectures ME about littering or not recycling, or picking up gross mainlander habits (ie spitting, chewing my nails).

    But heh, I’m the weirdo I’m allowed to be yooksoon. (grody), it’s in the Aspie handbook. Lol. I try to mind my habits and I do like when I improve and am clean, like a cat, and tidy, I’m as tidy as a dude can get put it that way, but goddamit. they have to do better than THIS.

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