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Merry Christmas China Style-“Warning Graphic Photos!”

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas China Style-“Warning Graphic Photos!”

December 25, many countries are thinking of Jesus or presents or egg nog, in china, however, their concerns are different. The graphic photos below tell the story of how Christmas played out on Christmas night and the 26th in Yunhui of Zhaiqiao Village in Puqi Town of Yueqing City (photos from chinasmack.com).

A summary of the below is that a man who is a village leader in China died in an alleged traffic accident. Apparently the man was petitioning, which means expressing his dislike for something that the local government is doing, or was doing. While exercising this right, the man met with his untimely death. According to chinasmack, the man was held down and run over, and before this, the surveillance cameras in the area had been disabled.

According to chinasmack:

“A construction truck with the license plate number K5B323 (delivering materials for the Yueqing Lingang Industrial Zone reclamation project) hit Zhaiqiao Village villager Qian Yunhui. When the police rushed to the scene, Qian Yunhui had already passed away. However, some netizens posted completely different information on various well-known discussion forums and microblogs throughout the country claiming that, on the morning of December 25th, Qian Yunhui was held and pressed down to the ground by 5 people along the Zhaiqiao Village section of the Hongnan public road. Then, he was run over by a construction truck, which was driving in the wrong direction. Photographs that were posted afterward showed that there was indeed a construction truck with the license plate K5B323, crushing a man over his neck, the man’s body lay underneath the truck’s tire, a scene too horrifying to look at.

December 26th, this Wenzhou Net reporter contacted the Yueqing City Puqi Town party office by telephone. …. “This is just a traffic accident, but there are people with ulterior motives who are trying to link it with previous petitioning.”

….As of press time, speculation concerning Qian Yunhui’s death on the internet is still spreading. One netizen has posted a comment saying that “on the day of the crime, the surveillance cameras along that section of the road were dismantled”; Another netizen posted saying: “Qian Yunhui, in order to prosecute government officials for misappropriating 146 hectares of their village’s land, has been running around petitioning higher authorities [for redress] for six years, and has suffered imprisonment many times [as a result].” Even more netizens expressed that they hope the relevant departments will announce the results of the investigation as soon as possible.

The following photo was originally posted on this KDS post (Baidu cache) which has since been deleted:

Zhaiqiao village head Qian Yunhui crushed underneath a truck tire.

Additional photos:

Qian Yunhui crushed under a construction truck in Wenzhou, China.

Qian Yunhui crushed under a construction truck in Wenzhou, China.

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