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China and Abortion

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 22, 2010

From a study about China and abortions of female foetuses. Time to Pray.

“Sex-specific abortions remained extremely commonplace,…”

The study said the key contributing factors to the phenomenon included the nation’s family-planning policy, which restricts the number of children citizens may have,…

The Global Times said abductions and trafficking of women were “rampant” in areas with excess numbers of men, citing the National Population and Family Planning Commission.

Illegal marriages and forced prostitution were also problems in those areas, it said. The report said the study urged the government to relax the so-called “one-child” policy and study the possibility of encouraging “cross-country marriages.”

China first implemented its population control policy in 1979, generally limiting families to one child,…exception of… ethnic minorities and other groups. It has said the policy has averted 400 million births.”

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