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Jealousy, Men and Chinese Subways

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 20, 2011

This morning, as with every morning, I took the subway to work. As the cost of living here, insofar as cabs is concerned, is quite low, but I like to take in the local scenery as it were. Thus, the Beijing subway is my weapon of choice for mobility.

The subway offers one an unbridled glimpse into the scarred mass that is the collective soul of your typical chinaman and woman alike. Frequently one will catch glimpses of lesbians making out, women punching men and two ‘nellie boys’ clubbing each other like ‘ballas’- all of which I have seen in the past week.

Today, however, I caught sight of another interesting Chinese phenomenon- rampant jealousy and ‘foreigner hating’. The problem is that your typical chinaman is built like an end-lamp and your typical chinawoman, being somewhat human, marvels at the body of a ‘real man’- foreigner.

Although I do not profess that all foreigners coming to China, your present author included, have a build like Adonis, they beat most anything found on the locals. Thus the impact is that for the wandering eye of the local chinese fe-males, the ‘zipper area’ of a foreigner is enchanting indeed.

The local men, of course, know this and act accordingly. When a foreigner is in their midst they tend to clutch their ‘jack-toothed’ women to their scrawny bodies in an attempt to shield her from this negative influence. What this behaviour accomplishes, however, is nothing less than make us a more inviting target.

Today, for instance, while on my way to work, I had the rarest of all Chinese experiences-I was able to take a seat on the subway. As luck would have it a seat opened on my right and a local mush-faced chinawoman proceeded to that seat, much to the chagrin of her man-friend. As she plopped her non-existent rear next to me, the man glared with rage.

His canary skin furrowed into a look of hate as he glanced at her and me, wondering who was worse. This being China, the group think pehrmone kicked in and other chinese men joined in the ‘glare fest’ at your cherubic author. In a country with 30,000,000 spare men, the thought of a foreigner taking one of their ‘goodies’ is deplorable indeed.

So the ‘man-friend’ of this woman is staring at me and doing the math. Here he is, not tall enough to ride the ‘widow-maker’ at the local fair and with feet the size of thimbles, and he’s wondering what he can do. Although it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog, a man who weighs no more than a bag of potato chips would not fare well against your normal human.

The woman to my side enjoyed the attention heaped onto her by the collective Chinese manhood as she settled in ever closer to yours truly. Being such a dashing individual, I have grown accustomed to such things. and possessing a healthy dose of the ‘instigator gene’, I have at times thrown proverbial gas on the fire.

But not today. Today as i sat there considering my fate and that of my fellow Chinese, I could do nothing. Here is a man, I reasoned, who like 1,340,000,000 is fighting for the exact same things. To us what is no more than a table scrap, is a meal to your typical person in China, thus why should I make his life more miserable. Day in and day out, this man comes face-face witht the wretched reality of what living in China is like, so why should I add to his misery?

Then I decided ‘to hell with it’. In China there are no innocents…..and chatted up the little fairy at my side


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Captain KimIs Dead and Gone

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 20, 2011

KJI the leader of North korea- communist Korea- part of the axis of evil has died.

Hmm, I have a question. Why is that of all of the communist countries, the least aggressive, ie Cuba receives some of the worst sanctions. With China stealing us blind vz IPR theft and sending their single disappointments to our shores, the case could be made that they are the true axis of evil. So why is it that Cuba is seen as being so bad?

Cuba did not fight against us in the Korean war
Cuba does not hack our databases into submission
Cuba does not steal billions of dollars from us vz pirated goods
Cuba does not send spies dressed as students, businessmen and government officials to our shores
Why is it that Cuba is the bad communist country?

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Samsung Moving Production Out of China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 20, 2011

Looks like the house of cards is tumbling down as Samsung is pulling production from China….

“South Korea’s Samsung Group has decided to outsource the production of its laptops to companies outside of China. Although 100% of its laptops are now being produced at Samsung’s Suzhou production line, Taiwanese firms will benefit from the decision to use manufacturers outside of China to produce future laptops.”

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Chinese House Prices Tumble Further

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 20, 2011

What a bummer to by a piece of crap home that not only lasts for as long as Spot, your little Beagle, but is also as expensive as sin. Well no more is that the case as China’s house prices are falling faster than the knickers of a KTV hussie at a communist party gathering.
What used to cost 2,000,000 in China can now be had for a mere 1,400,000 but sadly enough is worth about 23,000.
The Chinese, being Chinese, will still buy, however, I guess after so many decades of stifled consumption they are about as hard up as a one child boy from a Guizhou village….

excerpt from here
“The prices of newly built commercial units fell in 49 of China’s 70 leading cities in November, while prices of secondhand houses fell in 51 of the metropolitan areas, representing increases of 15 and 13, respectively, over the previous month’s numbers, according to data released by China’s National Bureau of Statistics on Dec. 17.
Reuters reported that the inflationary rate in China’s housing market fell 0.6 percentage points to 2.2% in November, after dropping 0.2 percentage points to 2.8% in October, the first-recorded instance of a two-month slide.”

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Bizarre Japanese Video

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 20, 2011

Here is a video from Japan (I Believe) but posted on a Chinese site. It is bizarre as the women seem to be treated as objects. Some guy with a phallic-looking haircut forces these woman to do odd things for fruit.
Cut and paste this link

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Brewskie Brings the HAHAAH on China’s Economy

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 20, 2011

From Da Brew!!! ( I especially like the reference to crowded Chinese school buses….)

“Ding-dong, China’s party is over – Paul Krugman is getting cold feet about the middle kingdom! Is it because Paul Krugman is an expert? Some of his essays are worth reading and his critiques of Dubya’s, economic policies, especially, were spot-on; in other ways, he’s an elitist, he’s secluded and many ways, clueless. He’s elitist, secluded and clueless on various ares like many economic high priests – libertarian loons, reactionary socialist, communists, right-wing retard lovers of large military and gargantuan institutions, laissez-faire intellectual sloths – are on current economic events, future economic trends.

I recall watching MSNBC talking brick heads ballyhoo the pollyanna of America’s growth from 2004-2007, in outer space about the time bomb on Wall Street. When the train wrecked, all skulls such as Stephen Roach (who’s mind is as empty as the South China Mall) instantly transformed and all acted as experts who knew all along about the pipe bomb in the pipe – was this an Orwellian moment where history incinerates like space trash getting “too close for love from the sun”?

Human psychology would explain such as a “reality distortion field” to save face w/ourselves, others. The semi-winded rant point: when the bandwagon’s front left wheel breaks because it’s overcrowded like a Chinese school bus… you know the “Hangover Part III: China’s Balrog Booze” is about to begin.

Now what’s the lesson about heavy economic slants? Simple: they’re all like harping religious sects, demonstrating pious intolerance beyond implemented mental fences. Why not look to history – America’s most prosperous economic decades: the 1950s and 60 – for guidance? (To Krugman’s credit, he tends to draw lessons there better than the extreme laissez-faire blowhards))


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