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Why India Will Surpass China- Quality Goods for Less

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 27, 2011

India has developed the worlds cheapest laptop for $35. The funny thing is that while India tries to add value for the money for they seem to value their people, China is the opposite.

Take Eben Eren, for instance (I reviewed it and the T-3 here). lt is a Chinese company that makes a that costs about $750. I know a bit about it and the people who run it and were it not for the incessant purchasing of the tablet by the chinese communists for gifts and other perks, it allegedly would not be doing anything in the market.

Allegedly, eben eren has friends in the party, but little else. They have been on a store opening spurt, but I know of not one Chinese who owns one of these overpriced tablets.

The t-3 have good functionality but definitely do mot merit the price of 1 to 1.5 Ipads or 3.2 Kindle Fires.

The reason they are so high priced, I am told, is that the communist party members, who I am told, give them as gifts. As such, a gift need to be pricey to give both parties face. Thus, the party is subsidizing an overpriced piece of work that merits relatively few Chinese but the monied.

Ironically the name eben eren means ‘everyone can buy one’ or ‘everyone gets one’. This is ironic when we figure that over 3/4 of Chinese would have to work two years to buy one of these and the average chinese would have to work about 2 months to make that purchase.

To put this into perspective, the average household in america only needs to work around 3 months to purchase their average home.

The thing that India gets is that if everyone buys one then everyone does better. Everyone progresses and then India does better.

China in a fit of selfishness and lack of forethought does not understand this ideal.

Story here

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Funny Chinese Sign- Mrery Christmas

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 27, 2011

funny chinese sign

The chinese steal tech they do not understand ie, everything from darning needles to locomotives and then they try to learn Engrish, a thing they also fail to comprehend as well.

In this instance, they try to act civilized by showing that they understand that there is holiday called Christmas.

It is their hope that no one asks them to explain what it means for they will no doubt utter something about a day off work and foreigners and drinking.

Worse yet, try to ask their folks how they celebrated it over the ages

-in the 50 by land seizures then fighting off hunger pangs an they considered their neighbors kids for a light snack

-in the 60s, they cut the tongues from the mouths of teachers, it wasn’t a Christmas thing, it was merely what one did to ingratiate themselves to the party back then

-in the 70’s there was no Christmas for their god- Mao mao bit the bullet

-80’s by being assailed by a hail of bullets and Deng the Dwarf looked on

-90’s by feeling rally stupid as more foreigners came here and said , why the hell do you dress like that and do you think you should brush your teeth?

– in the 00’s by stealing land from the villagers then toppling their houses onto them when they hid….


Sounds harsh, but sometimes the truth is…..

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Brewskie on Religion and Typical Chinese Foolishness….

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 27, 2011

From Brewskie:China pollution
“Back again. Man, we’ve got some good stuff for you to graze on, as well as any naively innocent (yet gullibly stupid) faith-based worshipers of China.

China’s ready-to-eat cooked food must be really bad – I wouldn’t touch America’s shit!! In Guangdong supermarkets, nearly 40% fails safety food checks. A snippet of what lame sheep can expect when grazing salty, (sorta) well preserved delicacies:

“The Yangcheng Evening News said that 78.9% of the products that failed the inspection contained bacteria higher than legally accepted levels. Besides E coli, which is commonly found in contaminated food, the newspaper reported that deadly salmonella was also detected in bean curd sheets sold at a supermarket belonging to the Runhua Group in Zhongshan.

Additionally, three batches of cold dishes tested positive for boric acid, which came from the use of borax in food, even though the chemical is banned in food production.”


Second, real estate agencies are dropping faster than flies riding lobotomized cattle in landfill feedlots, blissfully snacking on circuit boards: 477 have recently died.


Third, with the eurzone in the toilet – and swirling down the rabbit hole more and more… – some are calling on China to step up to bat and bring the RMB to prime time: make it a full-fledged international currency. Not going to happen anytime soon. The chairman of the National Council for Social Security Fund, Dai Xianglong, believes it could take 15 years.


And with the eurzone getting gormandized in the landfill feedlot, and with China supposedly invincible, wouldn’t it make sense for China to flip a few bills out, and save Europe’s ass – it’s got $3 trillion in reserves, right? Is it like China borrowed against her reserves, splurged on advancements in sandy concrete and “wire rebars,” built Play-Doh-strength infrastructure?

Learn from history: in the 20th century, both 1920s US and 1980s Japan were the envied #1 creditor nations in the world; they possessed go-go economies that were suppose to outlive God, had trade surpluses higher than Mt. Everest. No, history doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes!

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Beijing Air pollution Watch

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 27, 2011

This site shows a live time report on how bad the ‘air with Chiense chareacteristics’ or NoX filled grime that we inhale, effects us on a given day. Today the sky is the color of baby shit and thus the pollution is only highly dangerous. 

As far as China goes, howImageever, this is like a day in the Bahamas…..

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China Invents 500KMH Coffin

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 27, 2011

Is it just me or does the new chinese high speed death by record breaking speed train, look like the ancient coffin pictured hereImage?


 look like the ancient coffin pictured here? At least in the photo below the guy had a shield with which to protect himself…..



photo from here http://www.sacred-texts.com/ane/mba/mba15.htm

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