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Another Case of Industrial Espionage from a Chinese

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 23, 2011

America has masochistic tendencies, or so it would seem. China is hacking us to death and sending people to bring back US secrets ‘1 grain at a time’ and we do nothing about it.

The news is filled with things like Chinese hacking into our databases, our military and just today into a US business lobbying group. And what do we as a country do? Nothing but support the axis of evil and thieving communist vz taking weekly trips to Wal-mart and such.

As if all that were not enough, we now have more Chinese students in US universities than those of any other countries. True enough most of them are duds and could not find their ass with both hands, but surely they know how to steal and copy, after all, they are Chinese.

This article talks about a Chinese guy who stole business secrets worth millions, a thing the Chinese should patent. In the country of Kleptomaniacs, this sort of thing is the norm….

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