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Annoying Chinese Roomates

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 22, 2012

Here is a good find from The King. The background is that mainlanders can be pigs. They define sanitation as spitting in the wastebasket and not floor, and Hygeine to them is shitting on the floor and not the bed. In addition, they are cured bastards. Each day I hear them squawking on their phones while they are in the bathroom stall pinching a loaf. Really? You are so important that you have got to call someone while you are squeezing a pinkie?

What I do when I see such things, is flush all of the toilets in tandem , just so the other party knows that this guy is taking a dump while he talks to them. Sadly enough, the other guy or girl is probably doing the same thing. I read some books from the mid 1900s and they said that even then, the Chinese were pigs. What can you do?

Here is the link and below are excerpts. King You rock!


gross chinese roomates


The things that they cook are so nasty. They frequently leave meat out on the kitchen counter for several hours. One time it was squid. One time it was beef tongue. Another time it was a rack of lamb. Every time this guy cooks it stinks up the apartment. I bought air fresheners to try to combat the smell but they don’t really do much

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