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The American Perspective on My Chinese Haircut

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 17, 2010

A while back I cut my hair at some local Chinese ‘salon’. The result was disappointing for me and humorous to many. The ‘hair stylist ‘man thinned my naturally wavy hair, snipped it, and then ‘straightened it’ with some foul smelling toxic chinese hair substance….
So, when I went home my brother didn’t recognize me, and the general consensus of my family was that my hair looked like a wig, a bad wig….
After hearing this, and being of the curious sort, I set about to udnerstand if my hair did in effect, look like a wig. My methodology was to ask every memeber of the sales staff who assisted me in my many purchases that I made if my hair did look like a wig, the unoffical results are as follows:
-hair dresser, kinda (she then rectified it)
-store managers, kinda
-store clerk, not necessarily a wig but the texture does not look human
-family, definitely a rug
-some said I look like a chinaman (I am of Irish, German and Slovak blood)
-the rest of the people, “you mean its not a wig?”

Due to the grace of all that is good, a local hair stylist spent hours snipping, lathering, chuckling, smirking and analyzing this fine head of hair and did her best to make it look human . I kind of like it, but the only odd thing is she ‘lightened it’ which means that she made parts of it look orangish and thus it kind of resembles the stripes on a Cincinnati Bengals helmet now, but my Chinese friends say it looks “Fashion” (their pigeon English way of saying ‘cool’)

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