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China’s Moral Compass Points Directly at Their Wallets

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 31, 2010

The chicoms are worried about the lack of morals that this place has, and anyone who has lived here is beyond worry and has lapsed into a sense of futility, it’s a lost cause. The following example may help to explain…
I was going to work and happened to be people watching, in China this is a fascinating hobby, what these people do, defies physics logic and usually common decency. So I was on one of those little rickshaw motorcycles and watched as some lady was peddling her way to work. She was next to a three wheeled trike-like thing that is commonly used to deliver groceries etc. The lady was no athlete and had no sense of balance, and as the trike approached, she got nervous and crashed. The trike driver, being what we in the west would call a human or responsible human with a conscious stopped to help the lady. After all, she’d taken quite a tumble, and had banged her head pretty hard on a concrete abutment.
My motorcycle rickshaw driver and I stopped to see if she was ok, the wreck was pretty violent, but remember, it was 100% her fault. The lady gets up, and as typical in China she had lost face, she had banged her head in front of many people and felt stupid. We rushed to her aid.
The lady was wobbly and rubbing her roundish head, her hair askew like errant springs in a Goodwill sofa, and she quickly began to jabber.
From what I could tell, this woman who was semi- conscious began to complain of all things! She didn’t thank the man nor us for stopping, but began to look for scape goats. First, she tried to blame my rickshaw for the accident, but we were 50 meters ahead, and I actually had a photo of this. When she saw that this logic would not work, she attacked the trike driver and insisted he pay her for the accident.
To any human or anyone who has lived in a civilized society, this is absurd, but this is China. I have seen people poked with an umbrella or briefcase and demand remuneration for their bruise and inconvenience. So, this rag-doll headed skank was trying to shake down whomever she could. She demanded that someone pay her for her miscue. The upshot was that the rickshaw guy and I got pissed, we defended the trike driver and quickly the crowd dissipated leaving the old nag alone with no cash, nor self -respect. We had tried to help her, in some places this is called being a good Samaritan, but this is China, another world another universe. As we left, the lady cursed us and banged on her bike screeching at us, indicating she’d been wronged, no one even looked back, we’d collectively been shocked.
My observations:
-who gets up after being concussed and the first thing on their minds is money
-is this why Chinese never help one another, I mean who wants to be shaken down for a good deed
-where in the hell are the morals in this place? I honestly never believed such depths of depravity could be reached…

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Chinese Mob- I mean Typical Chinese Crowd

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 31, 2010

Its one in the same after all…

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My Chinese Hospital Visit Part 3- The Blood Letting

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 31, 2010

No lie, this is true, stuff like this cannot be made up.

This is part 3 of my rant about my visit to a Chinese hospital/emergency room. The place is a military hospital, and I’d checked in, although my name was too long for the designated name space (part 2), and had already been checked over by two docs wearing flip flops, Bermudas and generally looking like surfers. I’d paid less than US 70$ for the whole thing, xrays etc, so I was happy, despite the fact that I still had not seen anyone wash their hands, nor seen a proper set of scrubs. A guy left me waiting, told me the docs would be back after lunch. I wandered to the end of the hall where I saw a sign saying “nurses on duty”. Being relatively intelligent, I figured that this meant that they were working, but this is China.

I popped my head in the door and was greeted by an immobile Chinese nurse, whose face was stuffed with rice, and what looked like ragweed. Her method for chewing was more like ‘mauling ‘ then any other word that comes to mind. Her fat tongue was manhandling the food as she opened her lips , stuck in her thumb, made some room and piled in more rice. After gasping, I asked if she were actually on duty. Opening her mouth caused rice to tumble out of her maw, which I guess to this woman was akin to a mortal sin, so she clammed up at once. I watched the spectacle of her eating, fascinated by the symmetry of it all. I guess she got angry, thought she’d have to share, so she took off, slammed a door, leaving me alone. Despondent, I went back to the emergency room and waited. Oh yeah, in China they close the emergency rooms.

After a few hours and more than a few odd stares, the docs filed back into the room, oblivious to my travails. The doc in the Bermudas must have forgotten who I was and began to check me again, I showed my receipts and he remembered. His partner said I needed to have blood drawn and ushered me away.

I go across the hall and enter a small room what is dimly lit. In the back are two ‘technicians’ I suppose. They see the doc and me and start to giggle like school kids. The guy is in jeans and the lady in some cheap poly skirt. The doc with me addresses them and the lady pushes the guy towards me, says she doesn’t speak English. The two joke and mock argue for a few moments as I watch. They are saying they cant draw my blood as they don’t speak English. That’s far from my criteria for the act. To me it merely takes opposable thumbs and a a modicum of coordination, a blind person may be able to do it, but most certainly a deaf mute could but these are Chinese they are nervous.

They play ‘rock paper scissors’ and the guy loses, he walks up. His head is big looks more like a dumpster than something a brain is stuck in. He’s nice enough, smiles. The process now is complicated as he is behind some little glass, kind of like a bank tellers window, or the place that you pass your cash through at a Quick trip in a bad part of town. There is this little slot, and I must inert my arm and hand.

I look at the doc to see if its ok, he pats my shoulder. I don’t trust the chicom and say I can puncture my own finger if its blood they want, he says never mind. The big headed guy pulls out an implement to poke my finger. When I say implement, I mean it. Usually to draw blood they use some little benign needle, jab you and its done. But this is China, they do it differently. The guy pulls out what looks like a mini pogo stick and winds up the sonofabitch. The thing starts to spark and whir, I was like wtf, give me the needle, I can do it. The doc smiles comfortingly, and the maniac with the head grabs my hand, I am ready to tussle, yank it back. I said, that maybe we had a misunderstanding, maybe I don’t need my blood drawn.

“Laser “ the doc says and points at the implement. “no shit?” I say, he nods, I like adventure so I say ok.

That thing stung like an sob. The head held it over my finger and then there was a sonic boom and blood gushed from my finger, it was horrible. I don’t know if it was a laser, but that thing smashed something into my finger causing a torrent of blood to spray the counter. Then the head, who had on no gloves began to suck up all of my blood, presumably to test it. I began to think of blood borne illnesses and wondered why the head was not wearing gloves. By the time I began to inquire, I was hustled back to doc Bermudas, or maybe to the xray, I was unsure.
– to be continued

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Doing The Diaper Thing in China- Family Photo in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 31, 2010

This warms my heart. On this spot I have seen people urinate , babies defecate, and both of them regurgitate, but alas it looks like someone is doing the right thing. This Chinese couple is actually using diapers and changing them instead of allowing their kid to Spackle the pavement with waste.

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Chinese Passengers Forced to Push Broken Down Jet They Were Riding On…

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 31, 2010

In Zhengzhou China, a plane was inoperable or stuck and the passengers were asked/forced to get out and push the thing, no shit!
“Passengers on a Chinese Shandong airlines flight were asked to get out and push after their plane broke down shortly after landing.
The CRJ7 airplane with 69 passengers and 7 aircrew members flying from Guilin to Zhengzhou broke down before it could taxi to the passenger terminal.

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