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Barbaric China WTF Are They Thinking- Guy Kills Cop Then Buys a Beer and Sits in The Street

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 11, 2010

Here is a post from Chinahush. This is crazy, a guy kills a cop in broad daylight with a few knives. Then the guy goes and buys a bottle of beer and sits in the street, presumably waiting for the other cops to come. My question are:

-Who sold the guy the beer? After seeing him cut up a cop, werent they nervous?

-what kind of beer was it, domestic or import?

-How did he act when he ordered it? Did he say something like “Wow, cutting up a cop really gives you a craving for a frosty one, hey, do you have Bud in a bottle?”

-Did the guy who sold him the beer actually give it to him or sell it. I mean who is going to argue with a guy covered in blood who is weilding a couple of knives that have recently been used…

China is cool but bizarre. Yes they have opened up, but have they really civilized themselves?


Summary: July 31 noon, a police officer in Dandong, Liaoning Province, was stabbed to death by a man. After the incident, the suspect armed with two daggers confronted the police. After the warning shots fired by the police had no effect, they shot him down, and after subduing him, sent him to the hospital for treatment. The officer stabbed died on the scene.

In Liaoning, China, a policeman lies on the street having been stabbed to death while his assailant sits on a beer crate at a distance.

After the assailant stabbed the police officer, he purchased beer and sat upon a crate.

The elder brother of the killer (white) tries talking to the killer.

Here, a middle-aged male motorcyclist wearing white appeared, probably the murderer’s elder brother, and he went up to intervene, but because of the distance, I could only faintly hear several sentences of dialogue. The murderer’s brother: “What are you doing? You’ve stabbed a person.” The murdered yelled: “So what? They deserve to die, all police deserve to die. Since I’ve already killed one, killing a few more would be even better. Each one that comes is each one that I will kill.”

Police officers have shot and subdued the killer.

With warning shots ineffective, the police open fired and brought down the suspect.

Rescue workers confirm that the stabbed policeman is already dead.

Paramedics rush to the scene, the stabbed police already dead.

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Spying on Us In Chinese Hotels

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 11, 2010

I recently stayed at a hotel in China, actually have stayed at a few. And it never seems to amaze me how my pc always acts up after such events. My inner child says its just my mind playing tricks on me, but my Chinese ‘comrades’ tell me differently.
It is a well known thing here that the Chinese will enter the rooms of unsuspecting foreigners, only to scour our hard drives looking for business secrets or ideas to ‘borrow’. As for me, they will be disappointed as I only have ‘shared music and movies’.. This does not seem to stop the chicoms however, as I have had to clean my laptop several times as it has had viruses implanted in it.
My work laptop never leaves my sight when I am in China, I know better, they can only try to tap into my personal one. I think I will photoshop some compromising photos of the current leaders with farm animals, I wonder what they would do then….

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China’s Hilton Resort Smells Like Ass

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 11, 2010

I love China and love to travel, but my last trip to a resort area in China was less than impresive. I went to a tourist area and paid quite a bit to stay at the HIlton. The funny thing is that the Hilton hallways stunk like ass or funk. I dont know if they recently repainted or what, but when you walk down the halls it smells like a greyhound bus leaving from the south side of Chicago. The smell is actually a volitivle mixture of butt funk and pencil lead or oil.
I have heard the Chinese say that they are upset as the cars like the Mercedes that are in China are not of the same quality as those that they drive in Germany, after coming to this Hilton, I wouild have to say that if it is representative of the quality of goods shipped to China, then I totally agree.

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Party- Koreans, Chinese , Malaysians, Americans, Aussies, Englishmen, Indians, Singaporeans….

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 11, 2010

These are scenes from a  party in China, no bullshit, just read, think and enjoy. This is how I processed the event, or maybe it was told to me, I guess it all depends on who is reading this, if its my colleagues, then I disavow any knowledge of it an it came from a friend, if it is read by the other 6.29999999 billlion people, then enjoy, sometimes the truth has to be told….

-Chinese just happy to enjoy the party without having the red guard kick the dog shit out of them for not carrying the little red book
-Singaporeans watching the Chinese and loathing them, with each percentage point increase in Chinese GDP they become less and less relevant
-Malaysians trying to fit in , worried that no one gives a f**k about their beautiful land, they scoot to the corner
-Indians, dancing singing, happy, thats just how Indians are, good rhythm and songs
-Australian trying to chase tail, bald head, not concerned
-Englishman big beer bellies, just enjoying, no hoodlums about to kick their ass, take their milk money
-Koreans trying to hide their hatred for all the other countries in region who are trying to take their piece of the pie
-me hiding in the corner like a vulture, swooping down keying in to their misery
-Chinese/American so drunk he cant talk, waving his arms to songs , banging people in their heads
-Indians singing songs that last as long as a soccer match
-Shanghai women moving to music that no one else hears, rhythm not a pre req for living there
-Bosses swigging 900 RMB bottles of China’s finest alcohol, the rest swig watered down beer
-Gay guy from Singapore/Malaysia trying to hide his sexuality but failing

Americans cocky, showing their swag, only 5% have a passport

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You Decide in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 11, 2010

My blog is like my life, somewhat scattered, a little ADD, so you can tell me what you want me to post, or ask me to inform you about something. Basically I just live here and blog what I see, so if you want me to focus on something , let me know…

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Dumbing Down English in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 11, 2010

In general China does a decent job with English, they study it for 12 years, so they have decent skills. The funny thing is that they are so disconnected from the world that they have litle appreciation for good or normal English.
Thus, when a Chinese comes back from the west, irrespective of their actual English skills, the Chinese assume that the person is an expert. To expose the idiocy of this fact, look at me, I have been here 2.5 years and my Chinese is like that of an infant, case closed.
But, I have seen countless one child policy Chinese who come back from Europe and who have worse English skills then those Chinese who have never left. I have been told that this phenomenon is due to the level of those students who go abroad(ie. they did not score well enough to get into the good universities and thus are poor performers and their English skills show this). I am not sure of the reason, but find it interesting to hear someone with awful English skills lecturing another about English word usage.

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Living and Working in China- Chinese in Meetings- They Say Nothing

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 11, 2010

When you come to China, and you should, you will find that in meetings they don’t say anything. they seem very non-participative. To a westerner, they seem disinterested , aloof and bored.
The reasons for this behavior are cultural. For Chinese, to ask a question during is to question the authority figure (the speaker), and in ancient times this meant death by the emperor. This is a legacy that they have not overcome as of yet. (Due to the Chinese insecurity about themselves in social situaions, they will say they have generally overcome this habit, so as not to appear backwards, but it is untrue.) Thus, when dealing with the Chinese, you really have to push them to interact, and usually this is fruitless as they wont.
The way Chinese think is that any disharmony in front of the group is horrible, thus asking a question is bad as it may expose a weakness in the logic of the speaker that he has not thought of yet. To the Chinese, each person is a pillar that holds up or supports the whole, and if one pillar does not do its job (ie asking a question instead of supporting), then the other pillars will do so as well. The end result , will then be anarchy and no support and an overall collapse, so they remain silent.
Compare this to the west where we generally think of comments from the crowd or disharmony in general to be equivalent to a ‘white hat hack’. A white hat hack, is internet lingo for people who probe your internet security and disclose your weaknesses so that you can fix them. They have no malicious intentions and either do it out of curiosity or kindness. Western meetings and interactions are similar. We pose arguments to flush out any heretofore unknown or un exposed problems. To the Chinese this is disrespectful.
I have taught here and work here, I have heard a number of executives inquire about how to go about changing this, my advice is to tell the group that you need their help in flushing out a problem, give them a week to prepare (they hate to get caught cold and are horrible at extemporaneous speaking), and if you do this, you may have decent results.

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