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Chinese School Tells Girls to Leave and Get a Hair Cut!

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 1, 2010

Chinese are bizarre, especially the ones from 40-60. To me, they seem to be deficient in many ways, ie logic, empathy etc. This may be due to how they grew up, but my friend James says that its DNA. Here is a story where teachers at a school in China, force students to cut their hair. This may seem odd to a westerner, as the people told to do this were women. I know that we too in the west have standards for haircuts etc, but to me, Chinese punishment is so discretionary that it is very odd.

From weirdasiannews.com

“Girl students with hairstyles that headteachers believed were too long, were expelled from class at a middle school in Guangzhou.

These students had to go and have their hair cut during school time in order to get back to class. A female student told the paper she was having breakfast when the teacher in charge of her grade saw her and said, “Is there fireworks on your head? It’s so ugly!”

In total, more than a hundred girls were told to leave school and shorten their hair that day. “I hate hearing headteachers say short hair looks active and is good for studies,” a girl said. In her point of view, a simple pigtail wouldn’t take a long time to do up.

Some students doubted why their teachers kept long and wavy hair since they employed such strict rules on students. A teacher at the headmaster’s office told the paper on the phone that “every school has its own regulations.”

Authorities at local education bureau said they had no specific rule on length of students’ hair, and “the ‘Daily Behavior Norms for Middle School Students’ is there for them to follow.”

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Not China, but India- Indian Teacher Gets Drunk Goes to School, Acts Up, Gets Fired

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 1, 2010

I respect Indians, the culture seems cool to me. I have yet to visit it, but will do so in the future. This is a funny story about an intoxicated Indian teacher named Nanda.

Apparently this man got drunk then went to class, presumably to teach. But while there, the feeling moved him and he began to dance and insult the students and some of the administration, the guy was fired.

in China I dont know what they would do if they caught  a teacher behaving as such, but I imagine a steam torch and mallet would be involved.

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China Cost- Toxic Chemical Spill Affects Another Province in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 1, 2010

Guangdong China, in the south is one of the most polluted areas of China. It is inhabited by many companies who in their desire to make money , are not paying critical attention to things such as safety and the environment. Lately, however, the northeast part of China has also had problems. In Dailian, there was a horrible oil spill that drenched the beaches with oil slicks. Now, Jilin, also in the northeast has had more than 7000 barrels of a toxic substance spilled into their waters. This toxic chemical spill has now moved on to Heilongjiang province, making it two distinct provinces in China effected by this toxic spill. China is on a collision course with something, I am not sure what that something is, however.
excerpt:” ZHAOYUAN, Heilongjiang Province – Tests show that chemical-tainted waters of a major northeast China river has flowed into Heilongjiang Province from Jilin where some 7,000 chemical barrels were initially swept into the river by floods last Wednesday, a senior local official said Sunday. The affected waters of the Songhua River entered Heilongjiang at about 7 pm Saturday, Du Jiahao, executive vice governor of Heilongjiang, told reporters at Guqia port, Zhaoyuan City, where the river crosses the border of Jilin and Heilongjiang.”

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China’s GDP- Not Even the Chinese are Sure of it…Credibility Problems in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 1, 2010

This is a sad but funny excerpt fromt eh Chinadaily. Basically it states that once again, the provincial level reports of GDP are inconsistent with the national reports. What this means is that the provincial level governents are fudging the economic growth numbers. The funny thing is that China has long been blamed for doing the same thing as a country. In an effort to save face and avoid embarrassment, they will publish statistics with little or no verification.
As China opens up, this lack of transparency becomes problematic and actually embarrassing. China would like to portray itself as somewhat legitimate, but when things like this crop up, the world just shakes its head in wonderment.

” BEIJING – The total sum of China’s regional GDP figures in the first half of this year was about 1.5 trillion yuan ($220 billion) more than the national figure released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), a strong indication that there is false reporting by regional governments, according to analysts, officials and media reports.
Reports of mushrooming local GDP figures have long been nettlesome. In the first half of 2009, for instance, the sum of provincial GDP figures stood at 1.4 trillion yuan – more than the national figure, calculated by the NBS independently. At the same time, nearly half of provincial governments reported double-digit GDP growth, whereas the national growth figure was only 7.1 percent.

The current GDP calculation mechanism asks local governments to calculate their own GDP before reporting it to the NBS for verification. For years, however, the sum of local GDP figures remained highly inconsistent with national figures.

Experts believe local government officials have long been deliberately inflating their own GDP figures in an effort to prove their strong stewardship of their economies.

Liu Yuanchun, a senior economist at the school of economics at Renmin University of China, said this phenomenon has been the inevitable result of a current political assessment mechanism – one which still depends greatly on local GDP performance to judge officials’ ability.

In addition, reliable numbers can be acquired only if local statistical departments are totally independent, he said. “If the statistical departments are under the management of local city or provincial government, how to guarantee the statistics are objective?” he said.”

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China Publicly Shames Prostitutes, Leads them Through the Streets With Long Rope

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 1, 2010

This story is from chinahush, but first my take on it and an overview. The issue here is that the Chinese government does some odd things when punishing them, and this is one of them. The government performs ‘shame parades’ whereby they publicly shame a person who commits an illegal act by dragging them through the streets on parade. This practice is as old as China, and probably came to a head during the cultural revolution.

From my point of view this is pretty crappy. If China is a ‘rule of law’ country like they like the world to believe, then they would never resort to these practices, the law does not call for stealing the dignity of anyone.

Also, why is it that the prostitutes are paraded around when the owners of the brothel sit in the air conditioning and are not affected by such ‘yellow sweeps’? How is it that prostitution houses can exist, and yet only the prostitutes are jailed?

Lastly, how is it that a country that is communist and thus believes in the equality of all people can have such a high percentage of wealth collected in the hands of so few, and these few happen to have connections to or be part of the government that supposedly is against such a radical disequilibrium of income? And if these filthy rich, as many say, actually got their wealth through ill-begotten means, vz corruption, then why aren’t these men and women paraded around the streets in a similar manner as these prostitutes?


Recently, Dongguan Police launched a “Creating safety, Welcoming the Asian Games” sweeping the yellow movement. (扫黄: [saohuang] sweeping the yellow: cracking down on pornography and prostitution industry) from which, a set of pictures of prostitutes being paraded through the streets stirred up some heated discussions on the Internet.


The local media website reported the news of two men and two women were arrested for prostitution and later confessed their crimes after further investigations. It also released these 3 photos.


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One Third of China’s 800 Richest are Members of the ruling Communist Party- Sketchy

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 1, 2010

This is from the Hurun report in China. The sketchy thing is that these 260 billionaires who are party members, make around 50 to 100k per year. So how does one who makes this much money amass a billion? Does the reason start with a ‘C’ and end with an ‘orruption’?

“One third of China’s 800 richest are members of the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and 38 were delegates to the National Peoples Congress. The British Guardian on October 15 described the CCP regime a “giant aristocracy” and noted the close connection between the families of Chinese political leaders and big business. “President Hu Jintao’s daughter is married to the former head of the internet giant Sina. The son-in-law of the prime minister, Wen Jiabao, reportedly runs the country’s most successful football team. The son of the former premier Li Peng controls China’s biggest power generation company, while relatives of Deng Xiaoping are believed to dominate the huge Ploy group,” it stated.

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China Fact-China’s Affluence, Just What Mao Was Afraid of- China’s alarming Income Disparity

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 1, 2010

This is a report from 2006 and it has only gotten worse. Income levels that are so hopelessly unequal, lead to very grave consequences.

the 800 wealthiest individuals in China, who have an average fortune of $562 million—double last year’s average. Their total wealth of $459.3 billion was equivalent to 16 percent of China’s gross domestic product (GDP) in 2006.

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Ugly in China- China Banned Beauty Pageants

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 1, 2010

The communist party was formed in China in 1949, Mao et. al. formed it, and to be honest he seemed to have some good ideas, but also made some mistakes. One of the things he banned, besides public ownership of everything from cars, to TV’s, was beauty pageants. Beauty Pageants were banned from 1949 until 2002.

My friend James, who believes Chinese are not that beautiful asked the question, “Beauty pageants were banned in China, but in reality they are not that hot, so has anyone really noticed their absence?”

I do not have an answer to his question.

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India’s China Envy

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 1, 2010

Good article about India and China from here
Some citizens of India, the world’s largest democracy, find themselves looking jealously at a neighbor with a very different sort of government: China.

Karan Thapar, an Indian columnist, recently took a trip to Beijing. He thought all the shiny buildings and wide, new roads were “awe inspiring.” But it was a painful kind of awe.

In the middle of the last century, India and China were in the same place economically. Now China is three times richer. Its childhood malnutrition rate is far lower than India’s.

Yes, Indians are free, Thapar says — free to be poor.

Partha Sen, director of the Delhi School of Economics, says that “democracy in an everyday sense, in terms of getting things the poor need, has clearly not functioned. Somehow democracy has failed us.”

Democracy moves slowly. People debate things. Infrastructure — roads, water, power — remains underdeveloped.

The Chinese government doesn’t have endless parliamentary debates and legal battles. It doesn’t ask a lot of questions. It does things — builds roads, trains, power plants.

“China invests a lot in infrastructure,” Sen says. “So China, they are on the ball. We are not.”

Eswar Prasad is an economist who has lived in both worlds. He used to be the head of the China division at the International Monetary Fund; now he advises India’s government.

“We economists think that a benevolent dictator — a benevolent dictator with a heart in the right place — could actually do a lot of good,” Prasad says.

The problem, he says, is that the economic record of dictators and single-party states is not very good. China seems to be an exception.

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You Come From a Long Line of Curs, Who are Begotten By a Long Line of Villagers- Put Downs in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 1, 2010

Put downs in China are odd to westerners. China is what is called a collectivistic society (read Hofsteeds) and the US is individualistic. Thus, in the USA you insult a person by insulting them or their being, their essence. You can things like , hey you are a dumb c**ksu**er! But the emphasis is on the fact that this person is the one who performs oral sex. Even if you say hey moth**fu**ker, you are not really insulting their mother per se, but this person.
But in China it is all about the family and the heritage. Thus, when they curse you, or really want to anger you, they will get your lineage involved. For instance it can be a rude thing to say “Hey you are the fourth in a long generation of iron workers” or you can say, (this is how you pronounce it) Tsaw ni chwen ja – this is saying screw all of your family.
The first time I saw this was on a BBS where both foreigners and Chinese were on. The foreigners hit the Chinese with the normal put downs, but the Chinese who were especially angered seemed to say things about one’s family and heritage. I was going to hip the Chinese to the fact that their put downs were less than effective, then I figured- screw it.

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