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Self Conscious in China- Hating their Skin and Eyes….

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 10, 2010

China leads the Asia Pacific region in plastic surgery and my friend from Mexico said that they have a neurosis about their thick eyes and general Asian appearance here. I wouild agree, as they seem to like people with lighter skin tone, white being the best. In addition, they love the look of foreing eyes, hair and body shapes. They are in the pursuit of losing their Asian-ness as they try to appear more white… imho

“A survey conducted by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) has shown that more people went under the knife for cosmetic enhancements in China than in any other Asian country in 2009, the Mirror Evening News reported on Tuesday. Statistics from the ISAPS suggested that the United States recorded the most plastic surgery operations in the world last year, taking up 17.5 percent of the total, followed by Brazil. China ranked the third, accounting for 12.7 percent of the total, followed by India.

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China’s Harmonious Society- Man Kills Wife For Giving Birth to Only Girls

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 10, 2010

This guy is sick and a misogynist to boot. What a crazy place China is. from chinadaily.

Husband killed wife for giving birth to girls
The poor house of the dead family in Ankang city,China’s northwest Shaanxi Province on August 4, 2010.[Photo/CFP]

A man killed his wife after she gave birth only to girls in Ankang city, China’s northwest Shaanxi Province on August 4, 2010. Policemen announced a reward of 5,000 Yuan to local residents who help the investigation.

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Train Station in China- Train Station

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 10, 2010

This is a typical scene in China, tons of people moving like sheep to their destination (actually these people are upper middle class- so atypical).

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Another Mal-Adjusted One Child Policy in China Goes Bad…

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 10, 2010

Guest poster, Duwuam

China’s one-child policy people are maladjusted, suffer from a broader and deeper range of neuroses and in general can really suck. This excerpt from the chinadaily kind of corroborates this assertion. Some p*ssy whipped guy called in a bomb threat so that his ‘shorty’ would not go to the expo in Shanghai. Firstly the expo sucks, from what I heard, and secondly, it was probably a good way to get her nagging ass away from his house for a bit….or maybe its just me…


“ZHENGZHOU – A man was jailed Tuesday for a plane bomb hoax in Central China’s Henan province designed to stop his girlfriend from visiting the Shanghai Expo. Tian Yu, 21, was sentenced for one and a half years by the Gulou District People’s Court in Henan’s Kaifeng city.”

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Naming in China- More

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 10, 2010

In China, they will use their last name first, and then their first name. So in Chinese, they will say their name is Xiong Dan, or Deng Xiao Ping, in the former case Xiong is the family name and in the latter case, it is Deng.

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China’s Newest Export- China Sends Prisoners Overseas to Work!

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 10, 2010


By Brahma Chellaney

The Washington Times

Relieving pressure on overcrowded national prisons by employing convicts as laborers at Chinese-run projects in the developing world is a novel strategy China has adopted – an approach that is certain to create a new backlash against Chinese businesses overseas in addition to highlighting the country’s egregious human-rights record.

China executes three times as many people every year as the rest of the world combined, according to Amnesty International, which in 2008 estimated that “on average China secretly executes around 22 prisoners every day.”

China has evolved in important ways as a result of its economic “opening,” with the new social pluralism prompting the state to cut back on totalitarian practices. Yet, with its Soviet-style autocratic structure intact, there is little space for political pluralism. Those who challenge government policies or practices or stage demonstrations against official highhandedness risk long imprisonment.

The forced dispatch of prisoners to work on overseas infrastructure projects raises new issues regarding China‘s human-rights record.

Thousands of Chinese convicts, for example, have been pressed into service in projects by state-run Chinese companies in Sri Lanka, a strategically important country for China, which is seeking a role in the Indian Ocean. Sri Lanka sits astride vital sea lanes of communication. China – in return for being allowed to make strategic inroads – provided Sri Lanka offensive weapon systems that helped end the long civil war on that island nation. Now, Beijing is being rewarded with port-building, railroads and other infrastructure projects.

Chinese convicts also have been taken to a microstate in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives, where the Chinese government is building 4,000 houses on several different islands as a government-to-government “gift” to win influence there. So far, however, Beijing has failed to persuade the president of the archipelago of 330,000 people to lease it one of the 700 uninhabited Maldivian islands for setting up a small base for its navy.

The Chinese practice in overseas projects, including in Africa, is to keep the number of local workers to the minimum and to bring in much of the workforce from China. The novel twist is that some batches of laborers now being brought in are made up of convicts “freed” on parole for project-related overseas work.

The convict laborers, like the rest of the Chinese workforce, are housed near the project site. The Chinese logic is that if any convict worker escaped, it would be easy to find the runaway in an alien setting.

Chinese firms actually bring in more than just convict laborers and other workers at overseas projects. To help boost Chinese exports, they get all equipment, steel, cement and other construction material from China.

Such practices run counter to the Chinese commerce ministry’s August 2006 regulations – promulgated in response to the backlash against Chinese businesses in Zambia following the death of 51 Zambian workers in an explosion at a Chinese-owned copper mine – that called for “localization,” including hiring local workers, respecting local customs and adhering to safety norms. During an eight-nation 2007 African tour, President Hu Jintao made a special point of meeting with Chinese businesses to stress the importance of corporate responsibility in their dealings at the local level.”

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Breaking News- China Sends Prisoners Overseas as Cheap Laborers, Or Wait…

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 10, 2010

Oh, ok, dont worry about it. Did you hear that dirty rumor that China is using prisoners as manual laborers, to be sent overseas. Thus, they alleviate the problems of their jails being overcrowded, they get cheap labor and they get those vermine out of their country. But alas, the friendly chicoms have announced that this news is untrue, so we can all rest better now.

excerpt from Chinadaily:
“China’s Ministry of Commerce has denied foreign media reports the country has sent convicts to work overseas in a bid to reduce prison overcrowding, China News reported.

The official from Department of Outward Investment and Economic Cooperation, who did not disclose his name, branded the reports “groundless” without mentioning which foreign media ran the story.

He said Chinese companies must meet certain qualifications before they participate in projects abroad and employees working abroad should “master related skills and have no record of misconduct and crime.”

The official also said under the law of the People’s Republic of China on the Control of the Exit and Entry of Citizens, Chinese citizens serving a sentence or undergoing reeducation through labor are forbidden to go abroad.The official added that some foreign media with ulterior motives have fabricated rumors and should correct their report as early as possible”

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Forcing Communism in China-Chicom Channel

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 10, 2010

I am not anal retentive, but I have to once again address the issue of the chicom channel or channels. Chicom channels is what you can call TV in China which is basically controlled by the ruling communist party in China. It is called CCTV and basically is not really TV, but bullshit geared to make China look great and the rest of the world look like beggars, peasants, and barbarians.
At home I can avoid the chicom channel as I have a satellite (although it is illegal-but I live in China, so the definition of that word is ambiguous). The satellite allows me to view normal TV, or at least more normal than the chicoms allow me to view.
So, anyway, I was at the gym and was enjoying a good sweaty workout and my Kindle. When I tired of the Kindle, I turned on the TV attached to the walking machine and what greeted me but the Chicom channel. Understand, that I am at a pretty good hotel that is quite international and thus they usually pipe in the voice of reason, or western TV as I like to call it. But no, this gym had nothing but Chicom TV on my walking machine. Being the intelligent sort, I moved to the machine on my right, and there what greeted me was also chicom TV, and these machines did not even have a remote so that one could change channels. So again being the intelligent sort, I started to glance at the TV’s that littered the place, and much to my surprise, it was all on the Chicom channel.
I had an epiphany, it seems to me that China, being the intelligent sort really needs to utilize their media to overcome all of the negative images that one has while living and working here in China. So, if they bombard us with feels good images of the noble red army saving some little villagers in a mudslide, that we will forget the fact that 800 Chinese own about 16% her wealth, or the fact that over 90% of all millionaires are the children of communist party members…ok that was a cheap shot, as I’ ve provided those stats before, so let me try again. So, I had an epiphany, it was as if the communist party likes to show feels good images of China, or pipe in the worst news from the west, so that we will forget that Chinese babies are growing breasts due to shitty Chinese milk product, or the fact that once again tainted milk (the same from the scandal during the Olympics) has found itself on the shelves in China… or maybe that was a cheap shot.
or maybe, it was not a cheap shot at all. Maybe China deserves these backhands, as they need to take care of their people, most human beings deserve better.

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Little Little in China- Naming in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 10, 2010

In China the way to call a friend is either by repeating their last name, or to call them “little” and then their first name. For instance, if a person has the name Li Dong, with Li being the family name, you can call him Li Li (only if you are a good friend). Alternatively you can use the term xiao, which means little, (pronounced show , like shower) and call them Xiao Li, or little Li.
This convention, however , should only be used with good friends.

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