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Words of Wisdom From China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 25, 2010


This is a sign from a Chinese school. They are so arrogant that they do not realize how badly their English sucks, so they have signs like this. Actually this one is funny in its own way. .

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Chinese Pic Nic On a Beijing Subway’s Steps

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 25, 2010

These ladies were camped out in front of the subway stop. I don’t know what their goal or mission was, but they seemed to be quite happy just sitting and shooting the breeze. The bags in front of them are typically what the farmers or poor rural residents in China carry all of their belongings in. They pack into the subways with the colossal things and greatly annoy the well-heeled Beijingers. I think they seem pretty cool and peaceful.

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Beijing Subway Drama

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 25, 2010

Beijing subways are like little soap operas, when you cram 20 million people into such tight quarters and force them to use the same forms of transportation, things will happen. Here is what a Beijing subway is like..
Twenty year old Chinese men, bone thin skin drawn tight on their faces, anger supressed in their eyes. China one policy children, holding hands copping a feel in the crowded spaces, boys trying to look hip or punk, girls with make up smeared on their faces like an impressionists idea of what beauty is supposed to be.
Overweight Chinese ladies glowering at those occupying a seat, still pissed at the noveau riche and their lot in life.
Sixty year old chinese couple, sweaty shirts, backs humped over from the years of oppression and injustice metted upon them, look of resignation in their eyes, already dead, but still breathing. Fifty year old guy fury in his eyes, product of the cultural revolution, still cant get used to waiting in line for things and beating those who dont caarry their little red books, a product of the red army who like stone-cold killers without a war , have no life to live.
Thirty year old lovers, guy stands close to his woman as she steals a peek at the foreigners maybe trying to catch their eye. The guy has to put up with this, this added worry heaped onto that of buying a house, a car, providing for his kid, truly neurotic..
Other eighteen to twenty five year olds, spaghetti thin arms, hair set up like Elvis Costello, or Rain, or any Korean, Japanese, anything but Chinese. Thick glasses, heavy lidded eyes, trying to look cool, but not making it, too fidgety, too insecure, their own fear giving them away. Indian tourists, big brown faces split in grins, used to the crowds, just happy to be alive. Me an inch over six feet, a good 6 inches taller than the average male, and a hair more than that for the average female, towering over them looking down upon them literally but not figuratively.

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Chinese Hospital Post- Wait Till Tomorrow,

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 25, 2010

Sorry I am too tired, but I was there today as well, will explain tomorrow….

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Living and Working in China-Chinese Companies are Wankers

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 25, 2010

Quick note, I just got a panic call from a good friend. A smooth talking Chinese company lured him away from his current job with the promise of a bigger salary. All went well, he left his previous position and started with the new firm only to get a big f**king put on him. What they did was tell him that in essence he will be responsible for the cost of his Visa, but really really over exaggerated that price, thus leaving him over a barrel. This means that what he thought was going to be a whopper of a salary has been turned into just another job, actually the same or less money then he made before. He has now signed with the new company so they basically control his destiny.
Chinese companies are like that, I have seen it time and again. They will do anything to get you here and then try to mess with you, or take advantage of you. I guess that is why the Chinese say that foreigners choose to work in China are idiots.

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Poster Boy for All That is Wrong With China Today- Milk Producer’s Monstrous Cha-Cha’s

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 25, 2010

This is a dude, and those are some big jugs he is sporting(see below for my earlier post on this guy). The guy to me is basically what is wrong with China. I dont mean to be an ass, I just find it to be poetic justice, like something something from that TV show “Twilight Zone”. In that show there was always a moral, like poetic justice for the villain. And I dont know this poor guy, but I do know China and how they operate, so my suspicion is that this is natures way of getting justice ( I have heard this man has no innate hormonal imbalance, and the suspicion is that this may be from things he ingested or fed to animals.) Thus, per the Twilight zone, the bad that we do will come back to harm us. So, lets say for instance, this man or farmers similar to him were involved in somehow adding things to their milk products (this is merely to prove a point, but in no way am I accusing this poor guy), but if they did so, then one of them developing this problem is a pretty fitting punishment.The crazy thing is that China is like a fantastic soap opera where you never know what will happen next. For instance, in China, the only one’s that seem to be growing big chests right now are the 53 year old dairy farmers like the guy below and babies from 4 to 15 months old.
The kids cannot help it if they are fed shit that fouls up their systems, but the adults are a different story. The justice is that this man is a dairy farmer, and the Lord strike me dead if he doesnt deserve my abuse, but I just think it is appropriate to see this kind of thing.
A doctor checks Guo Qingpo's breasts before surgery (Photo: Rex)A doctor checks Guo Qingpo’s breasts before surgery (Photo: Rex)

So to me, I hope the guy is fine, he actually got the breasts cut off, and I hope he didnt suffer much. But, it seems that this photo to me symbolizes two things.
1- One of the reasons this place is so great, I mean how in the f**k does a guy grow a rack like that? Where else in the world can you get live entertainment like this!
2-The symbolic nature of this event re instills my belief in a sense of justice that guides the world and keeps us all in balance.. call it what you like, but that big force is not messing around and showing us all that in the end no matter how big or important we think we are, we may one day grow Dolly Parton breasts like this guy.

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Northeast China and Two Airplane Disasters

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 25, 2010

The northeast part of China just had two plane crashes. One involved a jet that crashed, and no one knows why, the daily news sources say it broke up in mid air, but that seems odd. And then in the same area, a plane overshot the runway and wrecked, injuring 20.
As China fly’s more these problems are bound to happen. The real issue is that based upon their disdain for spending money on maintenance and things like that, one has to wonder how dangerous air travel in China will become.

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