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Reality of a Chinese Laborer

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 28, 2011

Yesterday I went to a local ‘hole’ or restaurant for my ration of carcinogens and learn about China. I went with the guy who helped the probably now dead Chinaman, that I blogged about yesterday.
While immersing myself in the tasty poisons they offered up, I struck up a conversation with the dead guy helper’s new best friend, a local Chinese with no English skills. The Chinese guy has a dim-witted charm and shed light on the reality of being Chinese.
The laborer is 27 with no girlfriend and no hopes of one. It’s not that he’s ugly, after all, look around… but he cannot buy a house. Chinese women, being Chinese will not marry a guy without a home for there are 30 million extra horny dudes so they can be choosy.
This guy works 28 days a month in violation of China’s ‘laws’ for the princely sum of 1250 rmb or about 180 civilized dollars per month. And for this amount, he must put up with the loudmouthed locals who aside from stuffing the blood engorged members of a communist, have never done real labor. These nutsuckers who due to their poisoned lineage are either kiddie commies or their friends no nothing more than commie keester love and all the benefits flowing from it, a thing the dimwit does not possess. He’s from Jilin and due to a break up of his mom and dad he’s been thrust into the heartless reality of living in China.
As I listened to the guy I got bummed and then was like ‘Damn I need to quit eating chocolate, my hair is touching my neck fat’

One Response to “Reality of a Chinese Laborer”

  1. Brewskie said

    “Without a home” – precise words. Not saving up or looking to buy a home: MUST own a home. Kanye West should do a 2nd version of Gold Digger about picky Chinese women, and their horny hubs, who land in crappy homes that go to seed after a few years.

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