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California Universities Excluding Americans so Chinese can Study There

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 30, 2011

In an attempt at ‘hosing’ Americans in order to help China, California universities are making it easier for foreigners to study there which negatively impacts Americans’ ability to do so. As an example, Chinese enrollment in one school increased from 19 in 2009 to 200 in the past year,
The mandate of one school was “in 2009, University of California administrators told the San Diego campus to reduce its number of in-state freshmen by 500 to about 3,400 and fill the spots with out-of-state and international students”.

The reason is that Callie schools are suffering and need cash. So, instead of doing what they should, ie. teach Americans, they are doing the new ‘American thing’ and making a buck.

They lure the Chinese so that they can then be qualified for the jobs that Americans should be doing and then offer these same Chinese assistantships or PhD’s further ingratiation them into our system.
America is deeply flawed….
story here

7 Responses to “California Universities Excluding Americans so Chinese can Study There”

  1. Daniel Bos said

    They’re reducing the number of in-state students, who are paying half the regular tuition, not the number of Americans attending. So everyone is free to register out of state and still apply. They’ll just have to pay the normal tuition, instead of a heavily subsidized tuition…

  2. wtdevflnt said

    Thanks Daniel buts thats an oversimplification of the problem. For instance,why should one who is a resident of California and whose parents paid taxes all their lives not be allowed to attend a school in California funded by California tax money, just so one of the 200 Chinese can get in?
    The purpose of state funded education is to fund residents of that state. And to quote the article “While the San Diego campus is accepting more Chinese students, the decline in Asian-American enrollment may be a result of the total drop in California resident admissions”, so yes Americans are losing out to the Chinese.
    As for applying as an out of stater, in most states one must show residence of the state for at least 1 year to prove they are a resident, so ‘applying as an out of stater’ is a non sequitor.
    In addition,, why should someone who has a state provided right be inconvenienced at all so that a Chinese make take their spot (or any other foreigner for that matter).
    The fundamental principal of education in America was that all should have equal access to the greatness and things that have made us the……dare I say, best, um I mean great country that we are.
    So, as the story claims, if any American, such as the Korean mentioned, loses a spot to some Chinese who cheated their way through school, paid someone to write their college letters, falsified grades, and then paid another guy to take their TOEFL or IELTS, to me is beyond absurd.
    For the Chinese to mess up China is ok, it is their country, but when they do it to mine, I feel it a shame…
    BTW congrats,
    HOw is your driving?
    Is your blog dieing on the vine? Daniel’s blog http://blog.loadingdata.nl/

    But he may have been busy with big projects…

  3. Daniel Bos said

    I mixed up UCSD and USD (which is a private university). On the other hand, I couldn’t find exactly how much the state is sponsoring UCSD, I wouldn’t be surprised if that has been steadily going down the last years!

    • Daniel Bos said

      Never mind, in the article you mention it is shown that state funding has dropped from 301M to 227M, which is almost a 25% drop…

    • wtdevflnt said

      Usually the funding is substantial. IN US state unis they get cash from projects, from bitching/begging from alums and from the state. The real issue is (actually Nulle made a good point), but the issue is that America is doing a disfavor to her people. And it is not only the Chinese who benefit, but also illegal aliens- which is a subject beyond the scope. Bottom line is that they suck and we should ‘occupy’ such unis….

  4. nulle said

    if you think things are bad now…wait until CA can’t refinance its 20b in debt…

    payback time for the waste in mediCal and billions wasted on CA biotech institute

    couldn’t UCSD just open up more slots? or just raise tuition some more to cover the shortfall (~75M over 20k students works out about 4k a year, maybe jack up grad tuition)

    • wtdevflnt said

      Hey Nulle, too simple a solution for them. I guess it is much easier to pander to the likes of the kiddie commies who bring their ignorance and plagiarism instead of doing things like raising tuition, hiring more teachers etc. The good thing is that CA has ties with the commies, they built an extension to the New SF bridge, they will build a train line there and much more.
      I guess we, in America, must get used to what the Chinese have known for 62 years, communist party members are less than worthless sacks of waste whose progeny are less useful and intelligent than they are which leads this slime box to a state of constant chaos and uncertainty. Oh but the massages are back open now.

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