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Idiotic Chinese Announcers and Football

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 30, 2011

I love American football, after all, it is the only true game of football. Unlike that other one where guys run around in little shorts complaining about a kick to the shins, NFL players are ‘ballas’ and real men.
The problem is that in China they dont show much football, well, because Chinese one child policy people don’t care. The reason is that their undescended testes have not formed enough testosterone to endow them with the build of anything resembling a man, and the molly coddlng of their ancient grandparents has left them without a spine.
So, I’m watching American football, aka the only real football and some idiotic Chinese (redundant) announcers are trying to figure out the game. Their chuckling and hem hawing as they foul up their explanation of the action and rules. The funny thing is that people in their age range, late 30’s early 40’s grew up at a time in China when schools were just re-opened- yes China closed down all schools from 1966 to 1976. So these guys, aside from getting the worst education possible, had little to no interaction with humans and the outside world, let alone playing sports.
So, the Chinese, in typical Chinese fashion, attempt to discuss things for which they are ill-equipped- others would be technology, love, respect. laws, morals, ethics, innovation etc. 

The announcers, however, do their best to memorize what the humans said, and then rebroadcast these thoughts in a true Chinese pirate fashion. The funny thing is that their timing is off, they misquote, they misinform and basically show how little they really know.
Perhaps China should stick to its knitting, do what it does best.
Casitgate her people while proclamiing undying love for some figurehead then hating what they and their country has become.
Oh yeah, the photo shows Chinese hygeine or civility. The twins photo’ed here are urinating and or defecating in front of a business office and bank.
This is not a park, but merely the front lawn of a place of business . To put this in context, it would be like opening your window in the morning to see two Chinese kids using your front lawn as a toilet as their decrepit mom, known as ‘old yeller’ by her  crinkled and less than useless spouse who hails from a village where water, is a thing that now contains more aresenic than a Chinese battery but less than Chinese air, hails from…
This is the real China, 4000 years old and beyond all hope.

2 Responses to “Idiotic Chinese Announcers and Football”

  1. Daniel Bos said

    NFL players “real” men? You’ve got to be kidding me… American Football (who came up with that name anyway? A better description would be “Handegg”) is nothing more than Rugby for wussies!

    • wtdevflnt said

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Hmmm had you said any sport but rubgy, those would be fightin’ words. But rugby, hockey, MMA and boxing are real men sports, so I agree with you on that end.
      BTW , I agree, but its not us who say ‘American football’ , its you Europeans. For us, there is only one Football game in the world. God Bless the Red White and Blue!!!!!!!!!
      Daniel, who spends too much time on G+ can be found at http://www.loadingdata.nl

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