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Fu Er Dai- Or Foolish Second Generation Chinese Ignorance

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 17, 2012

China has a thing called fu er dai or rich second generation. These are the offspring of communists and other thieves who have stole the land from their rightful owners.
They tend to be ignorant and ill informed with mis happen heads.

On a related note, some genius just sent this comment refuting the fact about the hideous Chinese smog.
Funny thing is that I have about 700 pics that show just how horrible the air is here.
“foreigner lie!! is not true. u.s. lie to make china look bad. fact is from Beijing’s Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau: In 2011, Beijing enjoyed 286 days of “blue skies,” or 78.4 percent of the year.

This is best air in China and our capital is blue sky and improve more and more!!! Like all CHINA!!!!! welcome to china!!!I so proud to be chinese! we are much better than the western citys! air and life is best!!! strong worldpower china!!! so proud to be chinese!!!! so, foreigners jealous to china and make fake numbers!! stupid foreigners!

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