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China’s Credibility Crisis- Fake Data

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 17, 2012

I just read this and crapped my pants, “Ma Jiantang, director of China’s National Bureau of Statistics, recently said that some government officials had reported fake data, hurting the government’s credibility. Ma urged local governments to prevent the manipulation of statistics and punish such acts.” (see source below)

My take-
-Credibility in China . wtf? We don’t even expect it from you
-fake data hurting China. wtf? Lead, chromium, unlivable pollution, corruption, misogyny, lunacy, fear, insecurity, all of these are hurting China, credibility is the least of your worries.
-punish manipulation of data?wtf? that is how chicom thugs get promoted, by lies and falsified data. That and by keeping up to date on their bribes.


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