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Rant on Killer Chinese Food and Goods

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 10, 2012

Here is part of a rant by the BrewMan, it basically comprehends living in China. Adultered food, poisonous puppy products and toxic toys for tots…
The Hero of the Midwest….

“Leeks sprayed with copper sulfate:
Purina’s Chinese-sourced poisonous doggy treats not suitable for mosquitos:
Deadly, dastardly duck (or is that “goose”? ;) )
25,000 toys snagged in Houston port:
The police crack down on “organized cheating” in schools – why, does China want to deflate its phony patent stockpile?
Finally, Beijing’s air quality has gotten so bad, it’s no longer willing to count “blue sky days” in its assessment. Sounds like US schools whose students have gotten so bad, they’ve resorted to handing out plethoras of “A’s,” and hardly any “F’s.”

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