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Communist Killers, Bo Xilai and Wife-the New Manson Family

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 26, 2012

Bo xilai was supposed to be the commies top three in its evil hierarchy, but he fouled up. No, he did not fail to fulfill his murder quota, he was allegedly responsible for 11 murders and the firebombing of an airplane(wantchinatimes.com). He did something worse. Bo xilai was corrupt and knew where all the bones were buried. This caused anxiety in the house of satan, so they took action and arrested him.

Oh yeah, his wife, gu kailai also killed a few people. Murder runs in the veins of all princelings and their vile offspring. The odd thing is that gu kailai supposedly killed one guy to protect her and bo’s little devil- bo guagua, who is still in the usa and allegedly in possession of their stolen billions.

The commies did not say how she was protecting little bastard bo, but the rumor mill is that the little bitchy bobo swings both ways. To civilization this is no big deal, but to commie princelings its too much to handle…

From wantchinatimes
Although the announcement repeated earlier accusations that tied the murder of Mr. Heywood to “a conflict over economic interests,” it added fresh detail, saying that Ms. Gu committed the crime in order to protect her son, Bo Guagua. The article did not mention Mr. Bo’s full name, suggesting prosecutors have decided not to implicate him in the crime.

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