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Living and Working in China-Chinese Companies are Wankers

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 25, 2010

Quick note, I just got a panic call from a good friend. A smooth talking Chinese company lured him away from his current job with the promise of a bigger salary. All went well, he left his previous position and started with the new firm only to get a big f**king put on him. What they did was tell him that in essence he will be responsible for the cost of his Visa, but really really over exaggerated that price, thus leaving him over a barrel. This means that what he thought was going to be a whopper of a salary has been turned into just another job, actually the same or less money then he made before. He has now signed with the new company so they basically control his destiny.
Chinese companies are like that, I have seen it time and again. They will do anything to get you here and then try to mess with you, or take advantage of you. I guess that is why the Chinese say that foreigners choose to work in China are idiots.

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