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Shits from Sickly Snails in China- Can China Get Food Right?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 23, 2011

Chinese must have the gastronomic constitution of a komodo dragon. They dump their sickly chopsticks which have not had the pleasure of a light rinse as they are passed from patron to patron- after all , China needs to conserve H20. The locals, however do not seem to mind such annoyances indeed it even seems as if swapping a bit of mouth mucous builds unity, why else would they cram their chopsticks Linda Lovelace’esque into their stagnant maws before then reaching into the communal pit to grab the last juicy piece of pork?
So it is miraculous, as least to your humble author, that this place has not succumbed to the bubonic plague or worse. With hygiene that would have been state of the art at a period of time where one ran in hiding from Mastadons and having a the great great great x10 grand father of the pigeon shit on ones head could be disastrous as pterodactyls were a monstrous sort. So had Charlie Chinaman been around then, and I am sure they claim to have, then they may have been thought leaders. Today they are merely Chinese.
Thus, when I read that snails in Shanghai are polluted, my first reaction was ‘so what?’. It would be more surprising to hear that they were actually from the sea and contained nutrients. But one must admit that had this happened in any other country the masses would have been keeling over dead and flooding the hospitals, but not here. These people, alligator-like can eat everything from chicken claws to mail boxes and come out smiling.
Story of toxic Chinese food here.

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