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Dog on the Menu in China-

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 31, 2011

Chinese don’t like to admit that they eat dog, at least admit it in front of foreigners. For instance a colleague and I went to a local restaruant and she cackled saying dog was on the menu , ‘Dog! I want some!” she yelled.
I was like, “oh”
‘oh I forgot ” she said. “we usually dont like to eat dog in front of foreigners, during the Olympics this was told to us…

I respect the fact she respected my wishes and it is her counry and she can eat as she wishes, but I found it odd that in front of ‘foreign friends’ Chinese will not usually admit that Chinese do eat dog. For instance, in one university I visited, a woman from Shanghai adamantly denied that Chiense do eat dog. To me the real issue is that they should be honest. If they are going to eat it then why deny this fact? Are they that neurotic? I could see if they were trying to ease our discomfort as my friend, but to steadfastly deny it? No wonder this place has little credibility.

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